Suddenly I realized that EponinexCosette was a ship.

Then I thought about poor Marius and where he would be in that mess (probably off making out with Courfeyrac((what, no thats crazy))(((seriously tho))))

Then I imagined a scenario (modern au)

Marius and Eponine are at a coffee shop. The barista is a very pretty blonde, looking at them with interest. Marius is immediately smitten by his sudden love for her. He studders and awkwardly orders, Eponine rolling her eyes. She orders and they pay, and seeing no one else in line, Marius attempts to flirt with her. He manages to get her name, Cosette. She writes down her phone number on a slip of paper and, with a wink, slides it across the counter.
Straight to Eponine.
She takes it with a wink and a smirk to Marius, who deflates and walks in shame to pick up his coffee.

(Also this is a thing pretty much from Tobuscus. Except its a bit different and les misified.)