Trying to summarize Les Miserables is hell because everything connects and you have to make sure you show all of the connections or you’re going to have to risk feeling like, but what if they don’t understand Eponine’s ultimate goodness

Les Amis (+ co) as things my best friend has said
  • Enjolras: "Watch the baby, it's brand-new."
  • Combeferre: "Lettuce is just a really weird shrub."
  • Courfeyrac: "Is it even possible for someone to be 100% straight?"
  • Joly: "Fish aren't very calming."
  • Bossuet: "I would probably drop my child in coffee."
  • Grantaire: "Boom, slam, the slap of my heart..."
  • Bahorel: "I could take the hulk on with a shoe."
  • Jehan: "Are you just now getting your third sense?"
  • Feuilly: *hears their name mentioned* "Wait, who's that?"
  • Marius: *takes one sip of chai tea and coughs for 2 minutes straight* "I JUST DIED."
  • Montparnasse: "I was born to rob people."
  • Eponine: "Who the FRICK is vacuuming?"
  • Cosette: "I will never date a guy named John (/Jean)."

Not a lot of drugs, not a lot of crime, not a lot of write-ups in the New York Times

i feel like this is a good moment to remind everyone about the in the heights eater bonnet performance, which was a take-off on “one day more” from les mis feat. lmm as a rapping enjolras (complete with xylophone vest) and karen olivo as sexy javert. it is, somehow, exactly as amazing as it sounds.

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: People interpreting On My Own as an unrequited love song are completely missing the point of the entire song, not to mention Eponine's character. Why do they do this why must I see this all the time? The point of the song is flat out her saying that she's not in love with Marius at all, but rather the IDEA of being with Marius ffs. It has nothing to do with unrequited love. She's basically saying "I have nothing to live for and I'm lonely af so it looks like my fantasies are the only thing keeping me alive at this point." Eponine is in no way a simple victim of unrequited love, she's a victim of shitty circumstances and abuse who feels like NO ONE loves her and when this guy was nice to her she attached herself to him despite not ACTUALLY being in love with him at all. Fuck unrequited love, the love was never there, and THAT is what makes Eponine such a tragic character.

Satisfied: Eponine, Marius, Cosette

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