eponine is that one of grantaire's shirts

so i saw this post and i didn’t want to actively make it les mis related, so i’m making a specific post with the idea i had

Imagine Eponine one day being super tired and asking grantaire for help to look after gavroche. R is The Best Friend Ever so he doesn’t even hesitates and goes to her house as soon as he can.
When he gets there Gavroche asks R if he can see R’s tattoos. Grantaire takes his shirt off so he can show all of the tattoos on the upper part of his body to Gavroche. Gav is amazed and starts asking Grantaire questions about the tattoos like “did it hurt?” “what does this one mean?” “when did you get this one?”, until he asks “why are all them black and white?”

R shrugs. Gavroche asks “you don’t want them to be colourful?”. And that’s when R has an idea. So he gathers all the colourful markers he can and hands them over to Gavroche with a smile saying “be my guest, kiddo”. gavroche’s smile is priceless.

That becomes quite a habit for the two of them. Whenever they’re indoors or in a more private space R gets topless so Gavroche can colour most of his tattoos. If they’re in public spaces, Gavroche settles with colouring just the ones on Grantaire’s arms.

Places where Grantaire has thrown up:
-a fake potted plant
-inside of his own shirt while he was wearing it
-during more than one les amis meeting
-eponines toilet
-jolys toilet
-courfeyracs toilet and on some of his floor
-a childrens park after 2am which he proceeded to cover up with woodchips
-enjolras’ boots

Les amis headcanons

just random headcanons (part 1/??) 

  • After Enjolras, Joly is the prettiest of the group
  • Caravaggio is Grantaire’s favourite painter
  • No one can say no to Cosette (and to Courfeyrac)
  • Bossuet never read Harry Potter. When Feuilly and Combeferre find it out, they buy him the seven books. Bossuet loves them and starts to read them everywhere, even at les amis’ meetings, making Enjolras mad (“France before wands, Bossuet”)
  • Jehan owns a little rabbit
  • Enjolras does not follow football (European football), but when there’s the world championship, he becomes the hugest fan, screaming at his tv about historical facts “Take that Germany, this is for that time you invaded France during the 2WW”
  • When he was six, Bahorel wanted to be a sailor, his idol was Popeye
  • Joly owns two lovebirds.
  • Coufeyrac serenaded to Jehan singing him “La vie en rose”
  • Courfeyrac and Gavroche meet once a week to play videogames (sometimes Bahorel joins)
  • Eponine has something like ten t-shirts of her favourite bands
  • Marius has Paris Saint Germain’s sheets
  • Grantaire keeps on his night table a pic of all his friends, taken the day they organized him a surprise birthday party. In his wallet, he keeps the only existent picture of him and Enjolras alone (Feuilly took it, and Enj believes he deleted it)
  • Eponine and Marius are the only two to know that Cosette has her belly pierced. (Eponine because she went with her when she did it, Marius because.. it’s quite obvious)
  • Eponine used to wear pink clothes when she was in middle school. No one knows it.
  • Joly only wears blue sweaters (with multicoloured shirts)

(My english is terrible sometimes, I know :’D, btw, hope you enjoy them) 

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punk! amis during the 1970s, think eyeliner and doc martens and piercings, the sex pistols etc, particularly enjolras and combeferre can you imAGINE

thank sweet jesus (i’m so sorry i had to do everyone)

  • combeferre’s in ripped skinny jeans tucked carefully into doc martens and a scuffed leather jacket and by all rights he should look scruffy and unkempt but he still looks put together and, like, wholesome 
  • courfeyrac in chipped pink nail polish, covered in piercings, and he has one of those tall, grease-reminiscent haircuts with a couple pieces curling across his forehead 
  • jehan’s in ripped fishnet tights, frayed short shorts, and a baggy t-shirt. their hair is wild and so is their makeup, carefully applied in pastels and wine reds 
  • bahorel’s all leather jackets stretched across his shoulder blades, wolfish smile, white t-shirt just a little too tight to be decent, bruises scattering his cheekbone
  • joly and bossuet are a joint act, heavy eyeliner and bracelets crawling up their arms, switched back and forth along with musichetta, ripped clothes held together with safety pins. they switch out clothes, bossuet’s baggy on joly’s small frame and joly’s too tight on bossuets 
  • eponine is all black, ripped clothes and coats of eyeliner and lipstick and spiked chokers, cropped hair dyed pink and green and blue in chunks, military boots and fingerless gloves 
  • grantaire with h e a v y gold eyeliner, think cinna from the hunger games but smudged and smeared and stunning. ripped t-shirts with offensive slogans, leather jackets, piercings, tight leather jeans
  • enjolras is scruffy and grungy and gorgeous, all red leather jacket and heavy back boots and eyeliner applied with a light hand. his hair is scraped up into a messy bun, curls escaping at random, and his eyes burn like stars trapped in a human center. when he stands on a table to deliver his speeches, no one can help but stare 

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Agony (from into the woods) grantaire-enjolras and marius-eponine

Enjoltaire/Mariusponine- Agony- Modern AU (AKA The one in which Eponine and Grantaire are competitive BFF’s about being whiny, pining, babies.)

Grantaire was unusually early for the weekly Musain meeting for people who cared too much about things that would never change. He could have called it a Christmas miracle, but in reality he didn’t have anything better to do. This season always made him extra lonely, and being stuck in his tiny apartment all by himself was not helping things. 

Grantaire wasn’t the only one early, he noticed. Sitting by a table with her head in her hand and a mug of untouched coffee, Eponine was watching Marius put up Christmas decorations with Cosette.

Sliding in across from her he greeted her with their standard half hearted wave.  “Merry fucking Christmas to us, right?”

Eponine shot him a glare. “Don’t talk to me about it. At least your crush isn’t lovestruck with somebody else.”

“Excuse you. I’ll have you know he’s lovestruck with the holy trinity- France, Equality and Justice for all guys, gals, and non-binary pals.”

“Yeah well at least you don’t have to watch him make googly eyes with them.”

“Clearly you’ve never seen the way he looks at a French flag.”

Eponine, not one to back down from a challenge, stood up. It was a meaningless gesture supposed to be powerful but even with her small heels and standing whilst Grantaire was sitting she was still only an inch taller than him. 

“Mine only sees me as a friend.”

Grantaire rose too, towering way above her. “Yeah, well that’s at least something! Mine see’s me as a nuisance and a waste of space.”

Eponine stood on her chair.

“Don’t act like you know the agony!”

Grantaire one upped her by climbing up and kneeling on the table, ripping open his button up shirt in a dramatic fashion. “Bitch, please! All I know is agony!”

“What on earth are you two doing?” Enjolras’ voice came from the door. He was staring at Grantaire with wide eyes. 

Grantaire froze, his hands paused in an awkward position holding open his shirt, as he realised his chest was puffed out. Slowly and ashamedly he climbed down from the table. Eponine had already retaken her seat, an unbearable smirk barely hidden by the mug she rose to her lips.

“You planned that all along, didn’t you.” Grantaire muttered disdainfully, hurriedly buttoning up his shirt. “You knew I would do that the moment you said agony.”

“Yup.” Eponine said smugly. “I also had the advantage of facing the door and seeing him coming from a mile away.”

“You’re evil.”

“An evil genius perhaps.” Eponine said with a softer smile, nudging his shoulder and nodding her head towards Enjolras. “He can’t stop looking at you, and he’s blushing.”

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Hey! Sorry if you've talked about this before and I just missed it but what are the ethnicities of the characters in World Ain't Ready? I was kinda maybe thinking I'd like to draw fanart...? (Maybe) Also any ideas of what the characters look like and how they dress that isn't in the text would be useful too... if you don't mind I mean.

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Dallas Les Mis - Reviewing the Barricade Boys

So a friend and I went to see the Dallas production of Les Misérables yesterday (I’m sorry! I live here!), and although I want to write about EVERYTHING in the show I’m afraid my review would become pages long. So, I will just write a very detailed review of everything concerning the barricade boys (I love every character, but these guys are always my favorites). SO HERE GOES:

            Okay, so Enjolras (played by the very handsome John Campione) is the first of the revolutionaries we see, and he first appears in a plain white tee, a brown aviator jacket, and tight brown jeans. He has curly, messy brown hair and is slightly unshaven. He stands at the back of the stage and inspects the Paris crowd as he’s singing during “Paris/Look Down”. Marius (the adorable Justin Keyes) wore a brown/gray suit and black tie. The other students during that scene were located all around the stage holding various picket signs with sayings like “FAIR WAGES FOR ALL!” and “NEVER SLAVES AGAIN!”

            The “Red and Black” scene opens up with all of the students crowded around a long table at the Musain. Combeferre, wearing black rimmed glasses, has his macbook out and is typing out something. Some of the others beside him, including Feuilly, are quickly jotting things down into notebooks. Courfeyrac stands behind the table making what appears to be a very serious phone call. Grantaire (Christopher J. Deaton) sits behind the table next to Courfeyrac, and is doing nothing productive, of course. He drinks from a flask occasionally and laughs at everyone being so serious. He wears bright yellow skinny jeans and a light green hoodie. Enjolras stands directly beside Grantaire until Marius shows up. During this scene and “Do You Hear The People Sing?” all of the students rush out enthusiastically into the audience and begin quickly handing out red flyers to various audience members, smiling and making friendly eye contact with all they meet. The flyers have several different sayings printed on them (I ended up with three which say “Fair Wages for All!”, “People Before Profit!” and “Clean Water for All!” Some of the flyers appear to have liquid stains on them). At one point, as they each run through the aisles, all of the remaining flyers are thrown like confetti into the air, and anyone sitting on the floor near the stage was showered with red paper.

            During “Do You Hear The People Sing?” all of the students crowd together and the impressive choreography makes it appear as though they are marching and protesting as they passionately sing, with picket signs raised high. It was a very creative change from the original Broadway version, and it really made their characters slide into the 21st century very smoothly.

            As the barricade scenes arrive, Enjolras had a minor costume change. He now wore a gray/blue vest over his white tee shirt, and he put on a red beret. The other revolutionaries didn’t change costumes, although several of them did smear their faces with red paint.

            The barricade consisted of large metallic sheets, wooden planks, chairs, etc., and it was lowered from above the stage. Eponine (the charming Elizabeth Judd) was shot by a soldier in swat gear as she climbed over the barricade. Marius and Enjolras rush towards her as the others stop what they’re doing to watch. Blood soaks through her white shirt as Marius holds her.  After “A Little Fall of Rain” a gurney is brought over by Grantaire. He is pushed out of the way by Marius, who wanted to carry Eponine away himself.

            “Drink With Me” was heartbreaking as always, as Enjolras watches from a distance as each of his friends sing their parts. (Unlike in the 25th Anniversary DVD, Enjolras and Grantaire in this production do not make close contact during the scene, but instead they look sadly at one another for a long moment). However, for any E/R shippers out there (like myself) there was a very endearing moment during the fight on the barricades in which Enjolras takes a brief moment to step away from the fight to instead frantically help Grantaire bandage up a messy leg wound.

            As the barricade boys died one by one (and I became a waterfall), the soldiers arrived wearing black swat gear and helmets. They creep through the center aisles aiming terrifying guns towards Enjolras, who is by now the last of the revolutionaries still alive. Although Enjolras is hurt badly, he still has enough strength to stand before he is shot. As he falls, blood shoots through the air and covers a part of the stage, which (to further torture me) remains there for the remainder of the show.

            Once the fight is over, an eerie silence descends over the dimly lit stage. The swat team inspects the scattered bodies strewn everywhere, and the sounds of a walkie talkie is the only noise filling the theater for an emotionally horrible long minute.

            The dead students remain on the stage for the following two scenes. “Turning” was one of the most emotional scenes in the whole show. A few ladies (who seem to be nuns) arrive slowly to look at the dead boys lying on the other side of a yellow crime tape barrier. The swat-looking soldiers forbid the nuns to get too close, but halfway through the song the tape comes down and the nuns go to kneel beside each of the students. They bring candles, flowers, and stuffed animals to rest beside them (Enjolras was given a candle and a blue stuffed animal rabbit). One of the boys beside Grantaire was given a little brown teddy bear. Grantaire was given a candle and flowers. Marius slowly arrives supported by hospital crutches to witness the nuns leaving. He sings “Empty Chairs at Empty Tables” looking directly at the bodies which have still not been moved from the stage. At the line “phantom faces at the window” each of the students rise and walk into a soft white light illuminating a far corner of the stage. They each put their arms across their hearts in unison before slowly vanishing one by one into the dark aisles.

            During the epilogue scene, Enjolras and Gavroche appear behind Valjean, along with Eponine and Fantine. The rest of the boys do not arrive until the finale reprise.

Again, I apologize for not writing a full detailed review of the entire show, but again I don’t think I would ever stop writing! I sincerely hope that this production will be put on DVD for all of those who cannot see it live. It was a truly mesmerizing production. I am hoping that because of all the positive reviews that this production has been receiving that it will soon be performed in other cities and countries as well, for I honestly believe this unique version of Les Misérables deserves a larger audience. 


okay so i saw les misérables on broadway today and oh my god it was just so amazing and i cried in the imperial theater and my mom got worried about me but let me talk about broadway gav for a second because i just have to talk about him


After the hug R turned around and knelt down to gavs height and talked to him and they did that multiple times throughout the show and it got me EVERY SINGLE TIME

Gavroche sat between grantaires legs when R was sitting on a barrel drinking and they fell asleep like that

Gavroche and R were best buddies and from this point forward gavroche needs to be in more enjoltaire fanfiction im sorry i dont make the rules

gavroche flicked off javert after “only goes to show what little people can do” and it was great


Okay i put those two there because shits about to get sad

During a little fall of rain gav was just standing there all alone watching eponine die then R came and stood next to him and held him close and gav turned his head away and cried into grantaires shirt

After Eponine died and they carried away her body gav picked up ep’s hat and looked at it for a second then gave it to marius and it hurts because he just saw his older sister die and he gives the las t relic of her left to marius, the boy he knew she was in love with

The second attack was 1000000% more painful

Grantaire and gav had one last little kneel down talk and i think it was r trying to talk gav out of doing it

When gav went out grantaire turned away from the barricade and after the first shot all of the amis were like nononononononon- but then when gav went back to singing and all the les mis were filled with relief r pumped his fist and cheered and enj got really excited and cheered too which was really cute

When gav got too the top of the barricade and was shot he fell into enj’s arms and grantaire almost immediately took gavs body and from what i remember his body language was sort of cold to enj like he blamed enj for gavs death and that kills me

Grantaire holds gavs body and yells “WHY????!!!” And continues holding gavroche till i think the last battle starts then carefully places his body on the ground

gavroches body is the last one to be picked up by the cart im pretty sure there might have been another amis on the other side of the stage but i cant be certain because at this point i was weeping

during empty chairs at empty tables gav and grantaires candles were next to each other

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fairtylale-AU with les mis? :)

So you know what’s underdone, as an AU? The Six Swans. Read it here on SurLaLune if you like.

  • The Amis got turned into swans because of revolution–perhaps the king is a sorcerer and it’s so much neater to turn revolutionaries into animals than it is to bother killing them. So they get turned into swans!
  • The only two who don’t are Marius and Grantaire–Marius somehow escaped the spell, and Grantaire sort of missed the revolution, but they saw what happened to their friends, and they track them down, and at night they’re human again and they ask what they can do to undo the spell. So they’re told that for seven years they can’t speak to anyone, not even each other, and they have to make a shirt for each Ami who’s been turned into a swan out of stinging nettles. Also possibly Eponine? I don’t want to leave Eponine out, maybe she joined the revolution for Marius, and in one of those ironies Eponine hates in her life, she’s ensorcelled and he isn’t.
  • (At this point Enjolras probably expresses some disbelief that Grantaire would have the staying power for this, but Grantaire sets his jaw and says “You’ll see” and those are the last words he says for seven years.)
  • At some point Marius meets Cosette, and he’s madly in love, of course, but he’s trying to help his friends, trying to save them, so he pines after her and she pines after him and doesn’t understand what he’s doing to ruin his hands so badly, but she takes care of him and then when she meets R she cares for him as well, even if one or both of them always disappears at night and they’re always silent and always weaving strange shirts like they might run out of time.
  • I’m not sure if there would be the whole thing with their lives in danger, but the seven years come up and the deadline is so very close and one of the shirts doesn’t yet have a sleeve, so Enjolras of course makes everyone else take one first and Grantaire puts the unfinished one on Enjolras when there are only minutes left and leaves him with a wing and his first words in seven years are “I’m sorry.”
  • (His second words in seven years are “I love you too.”)

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Can you imagine an au where Enjolras is like a cop or smth and he is used to arrest drunken guys, small thiefts or "vandals" who spray the walls of public buildings. And Grantaire has a crush on him so he purposely lets himself get captured by cops, especially by Enjolras because he finds it really fun to annoy the young cop during the ride to the precinct and everyone at the precinct starts to ship them and other cops dont even arrest Grantaire, they leave him to Enjolras.

Eponine grins the moment she sees Grantaire walk into the precinct, flanked by Joly and Bossuet. “What did you do this time?” she asks him.

“Nothing,” Bossuet answers on Grantaire’s behalf. “He saw us patrolling and made us give him a ride to the precinct so that he could annoy Enjolras.”

“Bribed us,” Joly corrects. “There were donuts involved. So I guess technically he’s here because he attempted to bribe police officers.”

“Attempted?” Grantaire asks. “More like succeeded. You have icing sugar all over your shirt, and you said that you’d even throw in the cuffs if I got you iced coffee.” He grins when Eponine laughs as Bossuet flips him off. “So where’s Enjolras?”

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which panic! songs do you think best correspond to each ami?

Let’s get this out the way : Montparnasse. ALL MONTPARNASSE. Every single one.

BUT, you know those music videos you create in your mind then you listen to music? I have loads of those relating to les Amis so I’m going to make a little list here. It’s the kind of stuff I would 100% cosplay and film if I had the money/equipment :

Hallelujah : Typically a party thrown by Courfeyrac, just the whole clique being happy and having a big get together andd being happy

Victorious : Oh my god okay hear me out friend : Canon era, the barricade is being built. It’s all badass and fighting scenes. During the chorus “Oh we gotta turn up the crazy”, Enjolras, Combeferre and Courfeyrac are walking in slow mo with their guns towards the barricade, looking rebellious and determined

Nearly Witches (Ever Since We Met) : Reincarnation AU in which Grantaire is on stage and sings the song. And at the same time, you see all the different timelines Enjolras and Grantaire lived together but never really together. Grantaire is so intense it hurts. Of course Enjolras is in the audience and he remembers the timelines as the song goes by and suddenly, there’s only them in the room and they kiss and everything is perfect

House of Memories : Basically the theme song of Forget me Not. It’s the FnM. It just is

Hurricane : Enjolras and Grantaire fooling around, being finally together and happy with their relationship. It’s my n°1 happy Enjoltaire song

Death of a Bachelor : This Jehanparnasse ficlet 100%

The Ballad of Mona Lisa : Kind of Steam Punk AU in which Eponine is the head of Patron Minette. Just… Badass Eponine fighting and kick ass

Crazy = Genuis : One part is Grantaire singing on stage in a black waistcoat, white shirt, looking very swing, 50s. The other part is canon era Grantaire doing the craziest shit in the Musain to impress a very unimpressed Enjolras

Sarah Smiles : I imagine Jehan singing this song talking about Montparnasse. They don’t really know where they stand on the relationship line and it’s a big confused mess and Jehan needs answers you feel me?