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Wanted to ask whether you had any hc about what tattoos or piercings the Amis and friends would have - like what they are, where they are, stuff like that. I can't find your old hc about it so if you don't mind, I'd love to hear your thoughts! 😙🌸🌼

Ooooh, sure thing sugar! :) xx

Enjolras: Has a fleur-de-lis tattooed behind his right ear, ‘liberté’ on his chest and a bellybutton piercing with a French flag on it.

Combeferre: The boy is covered in tattoos! Paisley sleeves, a table of elements on his lower back, 'égalité’ on his wrist, lavender on his right lower leg, clockwork on his left thigh. He also has his nose pierced.

Courfeyrac: 'Fraternité’ tattooed on his right shoulder. His cheek dimples are pierced.

Jehan: A daisy chain around his ankle, the entirety of “O’ Captain, My Captain” tattooed across his back in typewriter print. His ears are pierced and he frequently wears glam earrings.

Feuilly: Covered in watercolour tattoos that practically drip down their body. A work of art in themselves. Shell of their right ear pierced and a smiley piercing.

Bossuet: Had a four-leaf clover tattooed on his hipbone, although it got infected and now looks a little like Shrek. No piercings.

Joly: Has a cat dressed as an astronaut on eir shoulder because we’re all going to die so what does a little space feline matter? No piercings but wears clip-on earrings.

Bahorel: A pin-up on his right bicep, a butterfly tramp-stamp, a star tattooed in the inner shell of his ear and an 'R’ in cursive tattooed on his ass from where he lost a drunk bet with Grantaire. Right ear lobe pierced.

Grantaire: Has the Little Dipper constellation tattooed on his thigh, a bookshelf across his ribs, 'Courage’ written on his shoulder in Hebrew (he’s Jewish), a taco on his mid-back and “SNAZZY BAZZY” across his foot from where he lost a drunk bet to Bahorel. Stretcher in right ear, septum piercing.

Marius: Tattoo of the intro bars of Cosette’s favourite song (All I Want Is You from the Juno soundtrack) across the back of his neck. No piercings.

Cosette: “I love you” written in all the languages Marius speaks in his handwriting tattooed across her ribs. A lark on her wrist. Pierced ears.

Éponine: The Serenity prayer across her ribs, a garter tattoo on her left thigh. Has pierced ears, nose, septum, nipples and clitoris.

Musichetta: A heart tattooed in the corner of her eye and a Ziggy Stardust portrait on her calf. Corset piercing on her side.

  • What she says:I'm fine
  • What she means:People interpreting On My Own as an unrequited love song are completely missing the point of the entire song, not to mention Eponine's character. Why do they do this why must I see this all the time? The point of the song is flat out her saying that she's not in love with Marius at all, but rather the IDEA of being with Marius ffs. It has nothing to do with unrequited love. She's basically saying "I have nothing to live for and I'm lonely af so it looks like my fantasies are the only thing keeping me alive at this point." Eponine is in no way a simple victim of unrequited love, she's a victim of shitty circumstances and abuse who feels like NO ONE loves her and when this guy was nice to her she attached herself to him despite not ACTUALLY being in love with him at all. Fuck unrequited love, the love was never there, and THAT is what makes Eponine such a tragic character.