Les Amis Boarding School AU
  • can you imagine tho
  • they would get in so much trouble
  • Les Amis using the library as their hangout spot, and being shushed regularly by the librarian because this is supposed to be a quiet space. Nevertheless, the librarian is soft on the boys, taking a particular liking to Jehan, who helps pick up stray books and catalogues them
  • Enjolras being more than disappointed that the unruly Grantaire is his roommate but growing to like him, even if Grantaire wakes him up at approximately 5 AM by shouting “GOOD MORNING, VIETNAM” at the top of his lungs
  • Les Amis using their free periods to think of the weekly pranks they perform every Friday, directly after school, which has landed them in trouble countless times, yet Gavroche does not back down. The entire school praises them for their creativity, and begins to look forward to their weekly extravaganzas
  • Combeferre taking tons of classes and extracurriculars without a problem. Les Amis always ask him how he does it, and Ferre just shrugs.
  • Enjolras thinking that school will be completely boring and that he’ll always hate it like most kids do, until he joins the debate team. He discovers that he’s even better than he thought, even becoming the captain by popular vote from his teammates. Les Amis all go to his debate competitions, offering flowers
  • Bahorel being the star of the football team because of his strength, so everyone assumes that his strength is the only part of his personality. Rather, he bakes cupcakes for the teachers every Monday to help them get out of their morning funk, But, since the school is extremely competitive, he’s a block of indestructibility when game day comes.
  • Montparnasse avoiding failing art by calling everything an aesthetic (“Montparnasse, why did you just punch a hole through your canvas?” “Aesthetic.”) You can always locate Jehan cackling in the background
  • Grantaire finding out that you can make clubs if five people are willing to join them, thus devising the Potato Wedges Club (where they reminisce on their love for potato wedges and, every Friday, have a potato wedge feast) and begging Les Amis to sign up
  • Eponine assuming she’s rooming alone, until Cosette walks in, brightness and all, and apologizing for being late and getting lost. However, Eponine files no complaints surrounding the fact that she has to share her room, finding Cosette to be the most beautiful girl she’s ever seen
  • Feuilly being such a teacher’s pet without realizing it. His friends all remind him of this, but he can’t really see it
  • Joly opting to shower after everyone because he’s worried that being in a space of tons of dirty boys will get him sick somehow. It is because of this reason that he abstains from field sports, but he thoroughly enjoys swimming, and is actually very good at it.
  • Musichetta chilling under the bleachers during soccer practice while she watches Bossuet make a fool of himself on the field
  • Montparnasse winning Prom Queen and refusing to take off his tiara for at least a week afterward
  • Feel free to add on
Les Misérables (1935), directed by Richard Boleslawski

[movie in german] [english version]

  • They included the scene where Cosette sees convicts for the first time and this is so important
  • Valjean is a boulevard dandy #headcanon confirmed
  • The speech about the reform of the prison system is not from the brick, but I like it. Let’s just hope they give this part to Javert before his suicide too
  • I’m not even sure the prison dude is supposed to be Marius but if he is, that’s literally the most OOC introduction ever (Yes he is Marius.)
  • Honestly there’s only 30 minutes left and they haven’t introduced the Amis I’m worried
  • I’m not even sure the girl from the inn is supposed to be Eponine but can they please making her such a horrible irrational person???
  • Marius is so OOC omfg
  • Wow Javert is such a dick
  • okay we got the Amis (or at least the triumvirate I think???)
  • omfg Valjean don’t be angry (that I don’t like) you’re more of a jealous lover than a loving father NO
  • does Cosette know Valjean is a convict?
  • it’s not okay that they replaced Gavroche with Eponine. I mean, I love Eponine, but GAVROCHE
  • Eponine. is. not. Marius’. Secretary.
  • Now it’s Eponine and Valjean who seem like the couple WTF IS THE END OF THIS MOVIE???
  • Javert should not look so smug in face of death
  • I’m sorry but Eponine’s death is just… hilarious??? You have all these realistic gunshots and the one that kills her sounds like a weak rubber duck???
  • Oh hey look Javert is in the sewers too ( I don’t even remember if he was in the sewers in the brick
  • Oh hey look Valjean says goodbye to Cosette before he goes to England
  • and the end
  • the end was seriously underwhelming
  • Valjean was amazing (and so was Monseigneur Myriel) but the rest was just eh
  • and finally WHERE WERE THE THÉNARDIERS???? (not that I like them but ?????????????????????)

Satisfied: Eponine, Marius, Cosette

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