At this point everything with a cop character makes me think of Javert, so here it goes: Les Misérables in a Stranger Things AU

  • Valjean is a mayor of a small town with an adopted daughter acquired in mysterious circumstances, because nobody can stop me from messing up the timeline
  • Actually please let me call it Hawkins-sur-Mer, I don’t care if it doesn’t make sense, let me have it
  • Cosette is friends with Marius and some other kids, aka the entirety of les amis
  • Until one day Cosette disappears
  • Javert eagerly takes the case because it’s a nice opportunity to find out something about the mayor that suspiciously reminds him of a certain convict
  • Les amis decide to look for Cosette on her own but instead find another, quite confused girl in the woods
  • On her arm there is a tattoo saying EP09, so they make it into E-P-O-nine
  • ”We call her Epo-9” “Isn’t it pronounced Éponine?” “…wait, this name actually exists?”
  • Éponine turning out to have telekinesis and all that fun stuff
  • Marius is very set on the idea that she can help him find his BFF Cosette
  • Want to make it more fun? Cosette has a similar tattoo: C07 on her arm. She was nicknamed Cosette from Valjean’s first language, Italian, where 7 is sette, though her real name is Euphrasie (I’m not desperate to make it work at all, shh) (EDIT: APPARENTLY IT WORKS WITH THE FRENCH PRONUNCIATION OF 7 AS WELL, THANKS @24601error-prisonernotfound) 
  • I’m torn between making Mabeuf the person who finds EP09 first and then gets killed and making him the amis’ teacher (…alternatively the amis having a teacher named Lamarque)
  • In general, amis being way more numerous than the Stranger Things kids, Javert having a way lower empathy level than Hopper and Valjean having way more money to buy Christmas lights and hang them all around his house (and being way more willing to personally fight whatever monsters are there)
  • …okay I just don’t have set designs for les amis and didn’t feel like making them now

I’m so sick of this stigma that theatre geeks’ favorite musicals can’t be High School Musical or Les Mis or Wicked or Phantom or Hamilton or any other popular musicals. Like. There is a reason it is popular, and that’s because it’s good.

hi all!!! since this inktober i’ve found myself blissfully between one job ending and another beginning, i’m gonna have another crack at finishing a les mis comic. i’ll be doing a 1-2 page comic for each day and each prompt, then turning the whole thing into a little zine. so here’s a pile of amis to serve as cover art. see y'all october first!!

I love how 155 years after Les Mis was published the impact is so great that we are still gaining souls to The Cause™
Like I’ll be scrolling through tags or whatever and see people’s drawings and they’ll be like “started reading les mis for the first time and decided to draw Cosette,” or “I just watched Les Mis and why did no one tell me there were GAYS this is amazing"
Somewhere out in the universe Vicky HugeHoe is cackling with glee because even a century and a half later he’s still making people Fucking Miserable™

Little Les Mis™ Things

-the beginnings of the barricade songs
-Thenardier calling Cosette by the wrong name
-“Little he knows, little he sees”
-the three part counterpoint at the end of a heart full of love
-the three part counterpoint at the end of a heart full of love reprise/everyday
-“Thinks he’s quite a lover, but there’s not much there”
-when the “JAVERT!"s match up in the confrontation
-the feeling in your chest when everyone starts singing in the finale

-gavroche singing the women’s part of drink with me in the les mis movie

Les Misérables
  • Valjean: i stole fucking bread
  • Javert: five years
  • Valjean: i tried to check on my family you piece of shit
  • Javert: fourteen more
  • Valjean: im free
  • Javert: technically,,,, you're not,,,,, but ok,,,,
  • Bishop: hey u look like ur having trouble come over at my place
  • Valjean: fuck it
  • Valjean: *steals*
  • Javert: ffs you wouldn't be in jail if-
  • Bishop: no it's cool i gave him that shit
  • Javert: oh.
  • 20 years later or smth
  • Valjean: aye im mayor now
  • Fantine: i have a daughter you inconsiderate imbeciles
  • Fantine's boss and coworkers: fuck you
  • Fantine: i don't want to do this
  • Valjean: u don't have to
  • Valjean: hey kid u want some candy
  • Cosette: fuck yea
  • Thénardiers: you want her? go have her
  • 20 more years later i think
  • Éponine: i lowkey love you
  • Marius: im oblivious as shit. ooOO a HOT girl
  • Cosette: ooOO a HOT guy
  • Marius: hey, take me to her
  • Éponine: ok
  • Éponine: (kill me)
  • Enjolras: REVOLUTION
  • Grantaire: you're gonna get us killed, moron
  • Grantaire: (but you're my moron)
  • Les Amis de'lABC: we died.
  • Éponine: me too
  • Javert: sTOP R I G H T THERE
  • Valjean: *gives Javert guilt trip*
  • Javert: oh
  • Javert: oh shit
  • Javert: *kills himself*
  • A year later I think
  • Marius: all my friends are dead
  • Cosette: i love you
  • Marius: love u too
  • Valjean: im dying
  • Cosette: please,,,, god,,,, no,,,, enough people have DIED already
  • Fantine: hey old pal. ur awesome
  • Éponine: u protected my crush. ur awesome
  • Bishop: ur awesome
  • Everyone: we're all awesome!!