Les Amis & Co as things my photography professor has said:
  • Enjolras: “Please, sit on the floor! Chairs are for the bourgeoisie!
  • Combeferre: “I swear that book is beautiful! When I was reading it I was so absorbed that I forgot to have dinner.” 
  • Courfeyrac: “Maybe using the word “daguerrotype” at the pub you will charm some girls. Or boys, heaven forbid I try and give you limits.” 
  • Grantaire: “Trust me, don’t cut the photos after a bottle and a half of Prosecco if you want to do a decent job.” 
  • Joly: “You can play chess on the top of a skyscraper but at least bring a scarf.” 
  • Bossuet: “I seem cool just because the only time I slammed my hand on the desk to silence a class I broke my pinkie. I try to avoid it.”
  • Jehan: “I think a man in a dress can only be admired and respected” 
  • Bahorel: “Don’t hang out with law students. It’s bad for your mental health.” 
  • Feuilly: “You have to present a project. Or two. Or three.  Or how many you want, it depends on your willpower.” 
  • Cosette:  “I don’t even know your names but I want all of you to be safe.” 
  • Eponine: “In a few months the idea you have of love will change. And many of you won’t regret it.” 
  • Musichetta: “I’m just a man. You should ask a woman, they understand things better”
  • Montparnasse: “If you’re thinking ‘this is bad’ you’re probably right, but try and convince you of the contrary.” 
  • Marius: “I was walking on a beach and I saw a branch so beautiful I had to take it home. Now it’s in my living room. Who has never done it?” 

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I am in need of cutesy Gavroche and Grantaire headcanons save me

  • Grantaire and Eponine take Gavroche trick-or-treating that year
  • Montparnasse would have done it but he’s ~working~
  • Les Amis have a grown-up Halloween party afterwards, and though no one is trying to patronise Gavroche, they may as well spare him the sight of a drunk Courfeyrac stripping off his sexy bunny costume to lewd music
  • Though Gavroche would pay 5 kinder eggs to see that
  • Listen, they’re on a budget here. Grantaire came as a mommy using cheap toilet paper, Eponine is Jessica Jones because that doesn’t require much effort and Gavroche is a zombie-ish, thanks to Grantaire’s artistic skills and dollar store make-up
  • “One candy per person…… Yeah right.”
  • “Son… It is time for you to egg your first house” “Dont call me son.”
  • A rich kid made fun of their costumes and Grantaire had to hold back not one but TWO Thénardiers, and those are FEISTY
  • They watch Saw together afterwards and Gavroche keeps saying it was awesome, especially when the screen is 95% blood
  • Eponine and Grantaire made it late to the party because Gavroche kept counting his candy to make SURE they wouldn’t steal any on his sleep

Another stupid idea about Enjolras and Grantaire, pls, I need someone to stop me.

Everybody knew that before Enjolras throw a punch he want to talk his way out of trouble. He might be furious but he never really want to hurt anyone. He is just like “yeah, sure, let me show you where you’re wrong buddy. Oh wait why you’re so angry chill out for fuck`s sake” *someone tried to punch him* “I’m so done” *fight started*.
Grantaire always thought that it was funny. People see enjolras as furious force of nature that destroys everything. Yeah, he is but first he would warn you that it is just bad idea. Enj doesn’t know why no one ever listen.
So there was this one time when R was on his way to home from college and he spotted his father on another street. R told himself “abord mission” and he walked into the nearest shop.
His father threw him away when R was in high school because he caught him kissing with neighbor son. Grantaire wasn’t really angry. His father hated him even when he didn’t know that his son liked boys too. After that his father move out of the city and R didn’t saw him until this goddamn day. You can have an idea why he didn’t wanted to met this man again. He didn’t know why he was in city but he didn’t wanted to find out. He just started to recover. He found friends, his study was successful, his job was enough for him, he have his small apartment. Everything was finally okay.

He didn’t tell les amis about his father. I mean, they knew.about whole thing, but they didn’t know that fucker was in city again. He thought that he wouldnt met him again, Paris is big city after all, but he did two weeks later. He was out with les amis on friday night. He was arguing with Enj about a movie they just saw and R accidentally bumped on someone. When he turned to apologize he realized that it was his father and he already know he was fucked. He wanted to run and les amis didn’t know what happened `cause they never saw his father and they didn’t knew that it was him. His father recognized him and he started speaking to him. R couldn’t move, couldn’t speak and then his father started to be mean to him because he didn’t saw any reaction from his son. R was looking at his shoes. Les amis took R away from his father but man was still shouting at his son and Jehan almost hit him because how dare he speak about their friend like that but Joly and Bossuet caught them before they could do something stupid but no one was looking at Enjolras and, oh boy, they should. They didn’t saw Enjolras furious face. He practically trembled with anger. In one second Enj was beside Grantaire with his hand on R`s wrist like he wanted to send him some physical comfort and in another he punched his father so hard they could heard nasty sound of broken bone. Everyone were shocked but few seconds later Bahorel separate Enjolras from R`s father (not before he punched fucker few times) because three more seconds and man would have to go to hospital and Enjolras already had few meetings with police.
“Don’t you dare talk to him like that” enjolras practically growled at man “If I discover that you tried to contact with R, if you tried to speak to him, to touch him I’m gonna do so much more than just hit you”.

Grantaire couldn’t understand why Enj did what he did. He asked him about it when they were in Musain in their small box. They never could fit there so people where sitting on each other laps and they took few chairs. Cosette, Eponine joined them an hour ago and everything was okay. Enjolras was beside counter waiting for their drinks and when R asked him why he was so angry but when he spoke to him his voice was soft and gentle.
“R how can you be such an idiot. This fucker was talking shit about you. I couldn’t just let him do it. You’re my friend for fuck`s sake. You did so many things for me and for the rest of us. I know that you want to looks like you don’t care but I know about every small thing you ever did. I know that you let Gavroshe and Eponine sleep in your home when their parents are shitty again. I know that you’re the one that took care of those dickheads who were bullied Jehan year ago” he stopped for a moment and he looked at his hands. “I know you took when I had nasty fever few months ago and `Ferre was visiting his family with Courf`. R you’re kinder than cruelest thing that’s been did to you. You’re worth so much. You’re better person that I ever be and I’m proud that I know you and can call you my friend".
Grantaire almost cried there. He felt gentle touch on his hand. He felt warm skin against his. It was a moment when he discovered that his little crush wasn’t crush anymore but love full of power.
And when he was looking at Enjolras half an hour ago there was small hope that maybe he wasn’t alone in this.

  • *classmate gets in trouble for talking when I was also talking*
  • me:who am I? Can I condemn this man to slavery pretend I do not feel his agony this innocent who bears my face who goes to judgment in my place. Who am I? Can I conceal myself forevermore pretend I'm not the man I was before and must my name until I die be no more than an alibi. Must I lie? How can I ever face my fellow men? How can I ever face myself again?
A Summary of Les Mis Songs
  • Look Down:*rhythmic and dramatic grunting*
  • At The End Of The Day:everyday is a shit day
  • I Dreamed A Dream:life goals
  • Lovely Ladies:the immediate shielding song (but so catchy)
  • Who Am I:i must question who i am. i am a number.
  • The Confrontation:surprise bitch. bet you thought you saw the last of me.
  • Castle On A Cloud:dream house
  • Master Of The House:LET'S GET TURNT
  • Stars:i must get the bread man
  • Red/Black:pretty boys who sing about justice
  • In My Life:cosette, you're such a lonely child
  • A Heart Full Of Love:hi girl behind fence i like you
  • On My Own:notice me senpai
  • A Little Fall Of Rain:i like you marius. *dies*
  • Bring Him Home:i need to make cosette happy this boy seems to do it
  • Empty Chairs at Empty Tables:where are my friends. oh they're dead.
  • Epilogue:*intense crying*
  • What she says:I'm fine
  • What she means:People interpreting On My Own as an unrequited love song are completely missing the point of the entire song, not to mention Eponine's character. Why do they do this why must I see this all the time? The point of the song is flat out her saying that she's not in love with Marius at all, but rather the IDEA of being with Marius ffs. It has nothing to do with unrequited love. She's basically saying "I have nothing to live for and I'm lonely af so it looks like my fantasies are the only thing keeping me alive at this point." Eponine is in no way a simple victim of unrequited love, she's a victim of shitty circumstances and abuse who feels like NO ONE loves her and when this guy was nice to her she attached herself to him despite not ACTUALLY being in love with him at all. Fuck unrequited love, the love was never there, and THAT is what makes Eponine such a tragic character.

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