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(same anon) Do you have any headcanons for Gavroche and Montparnasse? Apologies for asking twice in a row about these two!

  • Eponine sometimes leaves Gavroche to Montparnasse’s care when she didn’t manage to get a responsible adult to look after him. And Montparnasse is like:
  • “Wait you want me to babysit him?”
    “Oh Parnasse, you’re adorable. He’s here to babysit you. You’re all out of Get Out of Jail Free cards”
  • Gavroche often goes through Montparnasse’s closet like “Awful.” “Who even wears that?” “To quote the wise man: ‘no.’” “And the Lord said: Let there be ugliness”
  • Gavroche also puts on Montparnasse’s clothes to spite him and improvises a cat walk while Parnasse runs after him like “No! Take that off! It’s Jean-Paul Gauthiern you animal! You’ll ruin it with your sticky fingers!”
  • Other than that Montparnasse is quite protective of Gavroche, even though Gavroche hardly needs his help. “If anyone bothers you at school, you tell me, eh?” “What for? For you to comfort them after I kick their ass? How thoughtful of you.”
  • Gavroche tried wine for the first time thanks to Montparnasse. Let’s just say “Yikes” is an understatement
  • Montparnasse gives the best pedicures, come on. Gavroche could get great toes if only he STAYED PUT FOR MORE THAN 5 SECONDS
  • Typical “repeating everything the other is saying but with an annoying accent” game to irritate the other