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Can you please do Eposette and 94? Thanks!

“What did you just say?”

“What did you just say?” Eponine asked, steading herself on her broom.

The wind must have been playing tricks on her, because she could have sworn that Cosette had just-

“I said you were cute!” Cosette said.

Eponine didn’t have time to process her words that Cosette had already kicked the ground and blasted off to the other side of the arena, leaving Eponine to stare at thin air. What did-Did she say that on purpose to distract her? Was that what it was? Did Bahorel come up with this?

Montparnasse snapped his fingers right next to her nose, and Eponine started back to reality.

“What the fuck are you doing?” Montparnasse asked, his Quidditch goggles settled on his hair like a fashion accessory. “The match’s about to start!”

“-first match of the season: Gryffindor against Slytherin!” Grantaire’s voice confirmed, reverberating across the arena. The crowd cheered. “And if that isn’t Slytherin chaser Enjolras flying by, hair flowing in the wind like a beautiful-”

Eponine shook her head, as though to put her thoughts back in place.

“Are you okay?” Montparnasse asked, his tone changing from annoyed to concerned.

“I’m fine,” Eponine grumbled. “I’ll be right there.”

Whatever that was, she’d have to have a word with Cosette afterwards about Gryffindor’s methods of distraction… if this was what that was.

les amis as dramatic things i've done for not a single good reason

Enjolras: cried through the entirety of UP while on a class trip to ohio

Combeferre: had a breakdown lasting at least 2 hours because the ending of The Book Thief made them so sad

Courfeyrac: shoves things in his mouth people tell him he can’t. “things” include: a small apple, a paper air plane, a paper plate, a peeled clementine

Jehan: got a stink n poke tattoo on complete impulse in the middle of a local punk show

Feuilly: was having a bad mental health day so he made cookies and accidentally fucked them up while taking them out of the oven so he threw them out and cried on his kitchen floor for 20 minutes before making the next batch

Bahorel: actually physically threw up because his favorite musical artist showed up to an award show looking so good

Grantaire: took a bite out of a small pumpkin for the sake of “art,” really just wanted to see what it tasted like, then proceeded to paint eyes on it to make it look like a face and sold it for $5

Joly: made his friends walk the entirety of an amusement park because there was a dinosaur ride and they didn’t find it in time and he almost started crying

Bossuet: accidentally bought an album of 22 songs about america at midnight of the 4th of july and had to call their dad and explain that they just wanted the national anthem to make a funny snapchat

Gavroche: stole jellybeans  by dumping a container of them into his hand, most of them spilling onto the floor of the store, then shoving his hand into his pocket and running out

Marius: was walking around Time Square in the rain w/o a hood, found the top of an umbrella w/o the handle and held it above his head until he got back to his hotel

Eponine: completely body checked the catcher guarding home plate during a softball game, said “sorry,” then turned and went to her dugout w/o helping the girl back up

Cosette: DMs her favorite youtuber every friday asking them if they wanna hang out that weekend

Musichetta:  ran away from her group during a field trip in NYC because she really wanted a snowcone

For Les Mis wlw/women appreciation week 2k17. I didn’t have time to write an entire fic so here’s an excerpt from a Merlin au that I’m working on. 

“Eponine?” Azelma asked, suddenly appearing in the tent. “What are you doing?”

Packing. While Eponine’s thoughts raced after her decision to leave, her hands were busy placing her few belongings in a bag along with all the bits of food she had saved up in case something happened.

“I’m leaving,” she answered. “I can’t live here doing this with them anymore.”

“Eponine…” Azelma said, scared but understanding.

“You can come with me,” Eponine said. It wasn’t part of her plan, but leaving Azelma behind wouldn’t be fair to her. Although Eponine didn’t think her sister would come, it didn’t hurt to try. In her perfect vision of the future, Azelma would be far away from the influence of their parents too.

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Okay Elise but the real question that no one is asking is what would a modern eponine's style be like? Who would be her style inspirations? Would she even care?

Oh my I’ve seen Eponine depicted with so many different styles though? From punk to street chic, greaser, denim… I’m the worst at coming up with fashion choices for fictional characters, because I’m very bad at designing? The only person I can really “dress” in my mind is Jehan BECAUSE of their wacky fashion choices.

I think Eponine would need something practical though. Definitely pockets. Probably pants or something she can run with because she’s got places to BE. Definitely aviator sunglasses. Probably picks and chooses stuff in Parnasse’s wardrobe

I’m so sick of this stigma that theatre geeks’ favorite musicals can’t be High School Musical or Les Mis or Wicked or Phantom or Hamilton or any other popular musicals. Like. There is a reason it is popular, and that’s because it’s good.

Little Les Mis™ Things

-the beginnings of the barricade songs
-Thenardier calling Cosette by the wrong name
-“Little he knows, little he sees”
-the three part counterpoint at the end of a heart full of love
-the three part counterpoint at the end of a heart full of love reprise/everyday
-“Thinks he’s quite a lover, but there’s not much there”
-when the “JAVERT!"s match up in the confrontation
-the feeling in your chest when everyone starts singing in the finale

-gavroche singing the women’s part of drink with me in the les mis movie

Les Amis as Cards Against Humanity Cards

Enjolras: the violation of our most basic human rights
Courfeyrac: liberté. égalité. beyoncé.
Combeferre: Harry Potter erotica
Grantaire: some douche with an acoustic guitar
Jehan: bees?
Feuilly: a grown man crying at a movie
Joly: embryonic stem cells
Bossuet: the World’s Worst Human Being
Bahorel: the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Marius: the “shy kid in the corner”
Eponine: the feminist agenda
Cosette: Girls Gone Wild
Musichetta: aggressive Legolas hair flips
Montparnasse: smoking 1000 cigarettes just so you can sound like a dalek when you talk