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Morality ~ Chapter 11 ~

Morality: a Link x Reader x Dark Link story.

Description: This story focuses on Hyrule, a kingdom in an advancing world. Link rules this kingdom alone, his parents gone and Damian [Dark Link], his older brother, disowned. Link and his lover, Zelda, a commoner, plan to marry soon, but days before the wedding, his long forgotten brother enters the scene. At the exiled prince’s side is (Y/N), who replaces Zelda in the blink of an eye. She takes the stage as Zelda, the king’s lover and soon-to-be queen of Hyrule. As she does her best to play her role and complete her mission, troubles arise and eventually, even her own heart begins to interfere. Eventually, all she has worked for, all she’s done up until now, becomes nothing but mere particles of dust to her; she begins to wonder. What is right, and what is wrong? Whose side is it that she wants to stay at? Who is it that she must betray? And lastly… can she do it?

Important: Morality is a story that combines aspects from multiple games of The Legend of Zelda series. This ranges from characters to locations to objects. Thus, I ask readers to keep an open mind as the story unravels; I apologize in advance for any confusion if say, you don’t know a character or place. Because honestly, I have no concrete plan for this story. I’m a bad writer =w= I just wanna have fun with this.

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Chapter 11 - Word Count: 3433

Warnings: Strong language. Also Tingle.

“Greetings, Your Majesty. How may I serve you?”

Link nodded in approval, a thoughtful hand to his mouth. “Impressive, Mr. Latun. To think you did all this at your old age.”

“Ah, I had nothing to do with it. Those Bomber youngsters did a good number on the poor thing though. Guess curiosity got the best of them,” Mr. Latun chuckled, thinking back to the opened crate. He couldn’t be surprised though. Nearly nothing could slip past that little gang.

“I had some other engineers help me with the soldiering and such,” the old man told the king. “Your programmers took care of what used to be in there. Now it’s the same as any servant android for the castle.”

The android that Link’s men had caught had been, in a sense, rebuilt, its old programming and weaknesses tossed away and replaced by more useful algorithms and such. It could now function much smoother than before and was fitted with more recent technology, Hylian technology. It was no longer an android of the kidnappers’. It was now a proud, Hylian android of the castle. Its hologram was taken out and kept for inspection, while the robot itself was given a brand-new appearance of metal.

“I must ask, Mr. Latun, where did you get the idea for the android’s appearance?” Link examined the robot with sharp eyes, “It’s much more human-looking than most…”

Its eyes were still a blood red, and its hair was still the same white. However, its appearance now resembled a woman, tall, thin, yet well-built, it seemed. Its eyes, though still the same disturbing red, now had a new gleam in them, a righteous gleam that did not seem fit for a machine.

“You’ve heard of the Sheikah, haven’t you..? They used to guard the royal family ages ago,” the old man told Link with a smile, “before these androids and all this fancy technology came along.”

“My father told me about them every now and then,” Link nodded once.

“He said they were once skilled assassins and criminals, stealing and killing in the shadows whenever they pleased. No one knew how they did it. They would travel from kingdom to kingdom, wrecking havoc. When they came into Hyrule though… the king at the time offered them a deal. If they guarded him and his family and any future generations, they would be paid a generous price. They would see no need to cause such distress in his kingdom or any other one ever again.”

“You paid close attention to those stories, eh? Good for you,” Mr. Latun said, pride blooming inside him at the king’s memory. “What else did he tell you?”

“…In the end, we were the ones to betray the Sheikah,” Link said, quoting his father.

“Once our technology began to surpass the Sheikah’s capabilities, we saw no need for them anymore. We tossed them away,” Link said sympathetically, “and the king at the time threw them all into dungeons, and they were executed by groups for their ancestors’ crimes.”

“Indeed… It’s a sad story, is it not?” Mr. Latun said with a melancholic smile, “They say the king was afraid of what the Sheikah could do if given the technology to come and wiped them out before they could hope to.”

“They were only a few survivors who managed to escape from here,” Link said, feeling his heart squirm under the weight of sorrow.

“Yes. I met one of them, you know,” Mr. Latun said with a smile. “She came to Termina to seek refuge, and my town took her in with opened arms, clueless on what she was. She was a lovely, young lady, tall and thin, yet so strong and fit. Her time spent in Termina was a joyful one, for both her and the town.”

“Is this what she looked like then..?”

“Yes. Her name was Impa,” Mr. Latun said in a reminiscent manner, bringing a gentle hand to the android’s arm.

“Forgive me if it does not please you, but… I was hoping perhaps, I could reignite an old part of the royal family’s history.”

“No, it’s fine…” Link said, admiring Mr. Latun’s reason behind the new changes. “The idea is quite nice actually. Tell me, this android, did you have it outfitted with defense and fighting mechanisms as I requested?”

“Yes,“ the old engineer nodded, "with the latest technology your kingdom has to offer.”

“Good. You’re dismissed then,” Link said with a wave of his hand, “I’ll send a maid or a butler your way soon.”

“I’m happy to be of service,” Mr. Latun bowed down as far as he could without any strain before leaving the king’s study. “Come along, Impa.”

Impa, the android, followed dutifully behind Mr. Latun, closing the door once it had stepped out of the study.

It’s been a while now… Link thought, gazing out the window.

How are Ravio and Zelda not back yet..?

“I hope my suspicions were wrong…” he muttered to himself.

It’d be a shame if Davar truly was an accomplice. She was a kind woman, he could tell, at least on the outside and to Ravio.

Perhaps they’re just catching up, Link tried to assure himself, Ravio’s probably warning her to be careful and offering her a safer place to be right now.

Little did he know, Ravio and (Y/N) were just outside the castle walls.

(Y/N) stayed seated on Epona, looking down at Ravio, who was leaning against the horse, trying to control himself. Passing guards paid them no heed, for every time one looked their way, (Y/N) was quick enough to wave them off.

“Ravio, there’s nothing wrong in crying for a loss,” (Y/N) tried to comfort him. “Davar.. wouldn’t have wanted to see you like this.”

“I know, I just…” Ravio trailed off, his face covered by his own hand. “I don’t know how to feel… She.. She helped in kidnapping you somehow..! But, she was a really good friend of mine too… And now she’s gone. Did our friendship even mean anything to her?”

(Y/N) lowered her eyes, trying to fight the shame that struggled to overcome her. Unbeknownst to Ravio, his so-called “friend” was right there, right next to him, listening to him grieve over her supposed death.

There were times when she enjoyed him, his company, for he really did sometimes make her world brighter. He made all the lying and deceiving more enjoyable, more worthwhile in a sense; she could never tell that to him.

Those nights when she couldn’t help but explode over her “customers,” he was there. He was there to listen as she ranted on and on about the imbeciles she lived with under the bar. He would listen and make jokes off of her complaints and insults and laugh it all off with her. He never knew that everything she fed him was lies and twisted truths.

Until now.

And now she had to stand by and watch the results of her deceptive nature.

She hated it.

“Ravio, Link must be worried now,” she said, trying to raise her voice to a more audible level. “We should go back in.”

“Right…” Ravio said, bringing his sleeve to his eyes. “Um, Zelda? I know it’s not my place to ask this, but…”

“But what?” (Y/N) asked, the ghost of a frown on her face.

“How come… How come she was shot and you were stabbed? Why didn’t…” Ravio’s voice wavered, and he forced himself to continue. “Why didn’t you both just get shot..? Did they even know who was who? I’m asking this because.. I don’t really get it. It doesn’t quite line up.. you know?”

“That was Davar’s plan.” (Y/N) was quick to answer, too quick almost.

“She wanted us to dress similarly and to the point where identifying us would be impossible. That way, if we were found out, there was a 50% chance I’d still make it out. If I was still wearing my dress, per say, there’d have been no chance of success.”

“But that still doesn’t explain it! Why was one of you shot and the other stabbed? Did the guy run out of bullets or something? And why was one of you taken away? Why didn’t they just leave both of you? It doesn’t make any sense!” Ravio exclaimed, taking fistfuls of his hair.

“I don’t understand…” Ravio uttered, “Why… Why was..?”

Averting her eyes, (Y/N) silently pitied the servant before her. As he continued to mumble to himself, her sympathy grew, much to her disgust. Eventually, that natural sympathy got the best of her.

She slipped off Epona quietly and embraced Ravio. Almost immediately, Ravio tried to push her away.

“Y-Your Majesty! Yo-You don’t have to!-”

“Just let me do this…” (Y/N) said softly, tightening her grip on him. “Please. I can tell you need it…”

Ravio stood there silently, sniffling once as he tried to restrain himself. (Y/N) let her forehead rest upon his shoulder as she loosened the hug.

“I’m sorry,” she whispered. That set him off.

Those two words had his face buried into her shoulder, weeping and sobbing for the loss of his friend and how things had turned out. Clinging to her, he muttered apologies and incomplete sentences non-stop; as he did so, (Y/N) stood there, letting a few stray tears of her own roll down her cheeks, silently and soundlessly. They hung onto her chin, clinging for dear life until finally, they gave up and let gravity do as it wished, staining themselves on Ravio’s clothing as droplets do. She didn’t move a muscle, despising herself and scorning her actions.

To think, her first action that resembled that of a true friend’s was only done after her “death.”

How ironic, she thought. She was certain now.

Fate was a cruel mistress.

In time, Ravio had calmed himself; he apologized once again, bowing to show his sincerity as he wiped his last few tears away. (Y/N) only nodded with a smile to show she accepted his apology, and together, they led Epona back to the front gate of the castle. Ravio sent a guard away with Epona and escorted (Y/N) into the castle and back to Link’s study.

Ravio, and by extension, (Y/N), stopped before the door, filled with sudden hesitance.

“…Ravio?” (Y/N) spoke softly, “If you want, I’ll go in alone.”

“No,” Ravio hardened his gaze, grabbing ahold of the door handle. Suddenly, the handle moved; Ravio gasped, letting go as the door swung open.

“There you are!” Link sighed, flashing them a smile of relief. “What took you two so long?”

“We… had some complications,” Ravio smiled sheepishly before slipping past Link and into the study, (Y/N) following close behind once Link stepped out of the way.

“What happened?” asked Link, furrowing his brow as he closed the door. “Did you find out anything?”

Ravio met Link’s eyes for a moment then looked away, shutting his eyes.

“The Davar that helped me was the same Davar that Ravio knew,” (Y/N) stated. “Whoever her accomplices were are gone now. They had a lair underneath that bar she worked in.”

“She owned that bar,” Ravio corrected her.

“There’s no denying it then,” Link said, sullen.

“Maybe.. she was forced to keep it all a secret,” Ravio uttered, “Maybe.. they blackmailed her or kept her hostage or…”

“That’s likely as well. Her bar was on the very outskirts of the city,” Link stated, “but we can’t say for sure until we’ve looked into it more. Did you find out anything else?”

Ravio slowly shook his head, his eyes downcast.

“I see…” Link looked back to the board on the wall.

“Ravio, why don’t you retire for today? I’ll have Fi carry out your duties.”

“What?” Ravio’s eyes widened, and he looked up at Link. “N-No! I’m fine! I don’t want to..” He trailed off, losing his confidence.

“You’re not in the right emotional state to continue looking into this with me,” Link said objectively. “When you’re better, you can come back.”

“No!” Ravio exclaimed. “I want to stay! I have good reason! I have to find out the truth about Davar!”

Link locked eyes with Ravio, his eyes dark and Ravio’s bright and steadfast. By habit, Ravio’s sudden boldness crumbled; the servant cowered where he stood.


Ravio looked up. 

“Take Zelda back to her room first.”

“Yes, sir!” Ravio said with a grin, exhilarated by Link’s approval of his request. He then went to the door, opening it and bowing. “Your Majesty.”

“Wait, Ravio,” (Y/N) held a hand up before turning to Link.

“Link, dear… do you.. do you still want to visit the Kokiri Orphanage this Sunday?”

Taken aback by her question, Link turned around with wide eyes.

“Zelda, you should be focused on resting. We can visit the orphanage any time we want. I don’t want you to strain yourself.”

“But, I’ve been gone for so long,” (Y/N) gave him a soft smile, “and I have the feeling you haven’t been there in a while either.”

She was right, miraculously. The orphanage that he and Zelda visited every Sunday had been neglected since the day of her kidnapping. Link had received numerous letters from the children there as well as the staff and the owner of the orphanage. All of the letters spoke of their concerns and how they wished Zelda would return, so they could see her again.

To think, she would actually ask about that… Link thought with a smile of his own, a spark of hope beginning to glow inside of him.

“Alright,” Link agreed, “we’ll visit this Sunday, but we won’t stay for long. I don’t want you straining yourself.”

“I know,” (Y/N) said, keeping her smile. “Thank you, Link.”

She walked up to him, placing a hand on his cheek as she leaned in. Before their lips touched, she stopped, looking up into his eyes. Link was shocked, stunned even. Swallowing her hesitance, she gave him a quick peck on the lips before quickly stepping back.

“S-Sorry,” she stuttered out shyly with a smile before dashing out of the study. Giving Link a wink, Ravio shut the door behind him. A chuckle left Link’s lips, and he smiled at the cute attempt made by his supposed lover.

“What was that, Zelda?” Ravio nudged her with his elbow, a teasing smile on his face.

“I don’t know…” (Y/N) groaned lowly, covering her burning face.

“You have to admit, that was pretty cute,” Ravio snickered. “Come on, I should get you back to your room.”

“That’d be appreciated…”

He led her straight to her bedroom, eager to delve into the investigation.

“Should I have Fi come back and watch over you?” he asked as he opened the door for (Y/N).

“No, I’ll be fine,” (Y/N) said as she entered her bedroom, facing him, “but.. Ravio, are you sure you want to do this? You can give yourself some time if you want. Link even offered it..!”

“No,” Ravio said with a crestfallen smile. “Nothing’ll change if I just sit around sulking, right? Don’t worry, Zelda. I’ll be fine.” He then shut the door, and (Y/N) dropped the caring facade, letting out a long sigh and throwing her head back.

“Oh… That was terrible,” she complained, going over to her bed and flopping onto it. “I need to learn to get casual about these things…”

Dispirited, (Y/N) lifted her head just slightly. The slate still rested on the pillow she left it on after leaving. Sluggishly, she reached out for the slate, sitting up properly after she grabbed it.

“Looks like that orphanage thing was a good idea after all…” she mumbled to herself.

Before Ravio came to take her to Link’s study, she was looking through the slate’s contents and information. It turned out to be just a planner, but it was helpful nonetheless. It kept track of all the important events Zelda had planned. Astonishingly, she had planned up to a year in advance. Just from the planner, (Y/N) learned and confirmed many theories she had that circulated around the blonde’s life. She confirmed and learned of Zelda’s and Link’s weekly orphanage visits, birthdays of Zelda’s loved ones, special occasions, and so much more just from one slate. She had to give Zelda credit. If it wasn’t for the Fi android, (Y/N) would’ve never been able to learn so much.

It gave her confidence in her mission’s success, but there was still the matter of Link himself.

“I have to learn how to get close to him,” (Y/N) hissed to herself. “I can learn all I want about Zelda’s life, but if I can’t figure out how to live it like she did, then this is all pointless..!”

Sighing, she shut her eyes, letting herself fall onto the bed, her head on her pillow. Holding the slate before her, she swiped and tapped at its surface repeatedly, wondering if she had passed over anything important.


(Y/N) sat up immediately, her breath caught in her throat.

What was that? she stuck her head out from the curtains that surrounded her bed, her eyes glancing left and right.


Her eyes darted to the glass French doors near her bed; she cautiously got off her bed, sneaking over to the window.

What the hell?! she gaped at the strange, plump man dressed in green on the balcony connected to her room.


“Ah, greetings, Your Majesty!” Tingle jumped up onto his feet with an ebullient grin. “I have brought a letter for you!”

“A… letter…” (Y/N) said in disbelief, trying to comprehend what was happening.

“Yes… Thank you.” She unlocked the French doors for him as he reached into his navy blue knapsack and took out a typical envelope, handing it to her.

Who sends letters anymore..? (Y/N) examined the envelope.

There was no hint of the sender, much to her suspicion. It didn’t even have Zelda’s name on it to inform people of the recipient.

And to have Tingle send it at that… she thought, narrowing her eyes.

“I’m afraid I can’t stay for long, Your Majesty,” Tingle bowed with his trademark grin as (Y/N) looked up from the letter. “There is work to be done!”

He climbed up onto the railing of the balcony, his arms stretched out.

“Wait, Tingle, don’t!-” (Y/N) exclaimed, reaching out for him.

“Tally ho!” Tingle jumped off, and she nearly screamed, bending over the balcony railing to see him, only to back away quickly as he rose into the air with his mysterious drone.

“Until next time, Your Majesty!” Tingle called out to her before turning to the city, flying off of castle grounds.

Breathing heavily from the rush of adrenaline that pumped through her veins, (Y/N) sighed loudly.

“Damn that Tingle… He’s gonna give someone a heart attack someday…”

The envelope still in her hand, she brought it up to eye level, staring at it. Suddenly, Dark came to mind, and her heart dropped.

“Could it be from them..?” she muttered with a bit of hope, pointless hope.

Clicking her tongue, she strode back into her room, locking the French doors. She then pulled the curtains for the door together, blanketing her room in darkness. She flipped a switch on the wall, and lights flickered on, illuminating the room with plenty of artificial light.

Going over to the bed, (Y/N) picked at the sealed envelope, successfully opening it and taking out the letter. Much to her surprise, there was another piece of paper inside as well.

“Weird…” she muttered as she unfolded the first letter.

Hello, Traitor. I hope you’ve been doing well. How is your new life with His Majesty? I hope you remember the purpose of your mission. You may have abandoned it by aiding in Zelda’s escape, but miraculously, you’ve created the opportunity to redeem yourself. Remember what your purpose is. Do not get carried away. I wait for your results. If you dare betray us again, you will pay dearly.

“Vaati…” (Y/N) had a wry smirk, gritting her teeth. “Of course.”

She could never mistake his handwriting for anyone else’s, nor that way of writing, for that matter.

“And this letter must be from Ganon…” She snatched up the other piece of paper.

“Let’s see what insults he has for me…” she trailed off, instantly recognizing the handwriting.

Acia’s Cafe, Sunday, 7:00 P.M.


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