epona x link

Eternal Destiny {Link x Reader}

       People knew the legend of the Hero of Time. Everyone knew. Parents would tell their children, and they would tell their own children, and on and on. The Hero of Time, dressed in green and with the Master Sword by his side, defeated the evil in Hyrule and saved the princess of the country, Princess Zelda. It was told to all the inhabitants of the country, by the books, that, in other words, the Hero and the Princess always stayed together. They’d marry each other, have children, and that was told generation to generation. Even when they were reborn. Some people would get curious how the reborn Hero and Princess had always the same name, but it was not questioned. Perhaps it was a sight in which the couple would always be together, forever - through time and space.

       It was no exclusion in the present. Twenty years ago, the Hero was reborn, exactly with the same hair color, exactly with the same eye color. He was named Link, with blonde locks and beautiful cerulean eyes. His family was unknown. What the people of your village knew was just his name. He was found on a small basket underneath a white cloth, crying in the rain as a woman in her last forties brought him in. The lady adopted him affectionately, as she always wanted a child in her arms. She and her husband had always tried to get their own but it was in vain. Although the child was not in the same blood, it was theirs now. And they were glad for having such a gift.

       The child grew and grew, making several friends around the area. He was brave and always protected them from anyone, anything. He didn’t give up easily; if he failed or lost in anything, he’d try again, over and over again until he reached what he wanted. His shyness was also something people called adorable. He wasn’t exactly mute, but he hardly spoke. He’d sometimes answer with simple yes’s and no’s, as well as ask if something was wrong. Even with that, it was obvious to him that actions spoke better than words.        Perhaps more than his characteristics made you his friend. Best friend, even. In fact, you were the first one he approached, with a small tint of pink in his cheeks. You were both six, at least. You helped each other if needed and were glad to have each other. As you grew up, he started practicing sword-fighting, while you trained archery. While doing so, you started feeling weird and thought of one small obvious conclusion.
      Your heartbeat raced faster when you saw him. A small blush appeared in your face while seeing him smile at you. You frowned slightly when he gave his attention to other girls who flirted with him, jealousy running back and forth in your veins. Even when they tried to flirt, he didn’t seem really interested but would smile nonetheless, as if to make them believe they were winning his affection and love. As well as time passed, he seemed to stalk follow you wherever you go, claiming quietly that you’d be safer with him and his protection. Although you could defend yourself and your brain told you to make him go away, your heart took care of the situation and made small blushes appear in your cheeks as you accepted his offer. You didn’t usually believe your eyes, but you seemed to get the impression that your sweet smile and acceptance to this painted his cheeks in pink.
       One day, the peaceful atmosphere changed. Your friend was forced to leave the village without a small farewell to save the country as it was told to you by the elders. Days later, you left the village yourself, in search of Link. With your bow and arrows, you walked through the woods, fighting against any monster that jumped out to attack you carelessly. You’d easily win, though small scratches and injuries stayed in your arms and legs. After a long time that seemed eternity but short in reality, you found Castle Town, busy and energetic as ever. You walked around the zone and finally spotted a tint of green in the crowd. You approached it, a excited grin in your face, and patted the boy’s shoulder. He turned around and looked at you wide-eyed. You laughed a bit before being embraced against his chest. You smiled and closed your eyes, taking the scent of nature he carried now. You patted his back and pulled away, showing the so-sweet smile that made his cheek flush a bit. You took his hand in yours and soon started walking in the town, both oblivious to the knowing look from some old men and women.
       Clearing your throat, you started a conversation, not minding the fact the boy wouldn’t probably answer you, “So, it’s your duty to save this country from evil and darkness, isn’t it?” Link glanced at you and nodded, making a small sound of agreement. You both stayed quiet before you stopped and grabbed both of his hands, a determinate look on your face, “Let me help you.” He stared at you surprised and seconds later, a small smile appeared and he nodded once more, making you cheer a bit and hug him again. You’d help him no matter what happened. And so, you joined him in his journey to save Hyrule, helping him in the fights against the dark creatures in the path. Nothing could stop both of you. Part of you knew it wasn’t a quest for you, but you wanted to help him, from the deep of your heart, even if you got injured, for him. You’d get information and talk to people, since he didn’t speak much. There were times when he asked you to stay back while he did what was needed. It made you feel useless but you knew he was doing it for you own good.
       Weeks passed and you finally took your attention to the sky. How much you were oblivious to look up and stare at the darkness in the sky. Perhaps it was a little dark when you took off in search of your hero but now, it was obvious something bad was coming up. You sighed and saw a blur of your village in distance, arms around Link’s waist as he rode Epona through the woods. Your–his quest, was ending and he’d go to save Hyrule, like the Hero of Time did generations back. As soon as you reached the village, both of you got off and walked deeper into the area, greeting and waving at people who smiled and cheered at the sight of you. Though some people did the same as the ones in Castle Town and shared a knowing look, while some glared at you jealously as both of you held hands once again, small blushes on your faces. You reached his adoptive parents’ house and followed him inside, seeing him being “crushed” by his mother’s arms while his father just grinned and patted his son’s back, leaving you to stand awkwardly by the door. Moments later, the attention of the couple was pushed to you and they looked at their adoptive son, then back to you, starting to laugh and already claiming both of you being lovers. This brought at least fifty shades of grey red to you and Link’s faces.
       After explaining to them you weren’t lovers, Link prepared his things and left the house. You put your bow and quiver over your shoulder and followed him, only to be stopped by him. You raised your eyebrow curiously and he simply stared back seriously, holding your shoulders. Then he shook his head and mumbled, “You can’t come.” This statement made you wide your eyes, but you narrowed your eyes and put his hands away, trying to tell him that you could handle it and you could help him. Hell, you’d die for him if needed! But nothing seemed to help the situation, for that he shook his head once again and turned away, mounting Epona and leaving you behind with crystal tears in your eyes that refused to leave your (eye color) orbs. And so, you stayed back, staring off the distance with your head bowed to the ground.  It was painful to see him leave; you swore you saw your scars reopening.
       Days passed while you sat in your house, refusing to leave and you prayed and cried for him. One day, you looked out the window and smiled at the clean blue sky. It reminded you of Link’s eyes and it only made you feel even more sad. You stepped out the house and stared at the woods opposite your house, silently concluding you were going to see him. Now, wherever he was, whatever it took you to see him. So you ran through the forest, bow and quiver in hand. You hardly could handle your tears and your big grin as you heard horse gallops in distance. He was coming. And he did. As soon as he saw you, he stopped Epona and ran to you, a big smile in his lips. Link hugged you so tightly, yet so gently. You smiled and sobbed into his chest and breathed out how much you were worried and how much you missed him. Soon another gallops were heard, making both of you turn around to see a pure white horse approaching. You saw a young woman sitting in its back, in a purple dress and with jewelry around her forehead. You tensed, knowing exactly who it was.
        Princess Zelda got off her horse and walked up to both of you. Quickly you bowed, greeting her formally, but she smiled, “No need for formality, my friend”, and started talking to you so normally and casually you started to feel relaxed. She seemed to pay more attention to the hero, however, and he didn’t seem to mind at all, nor did he act like the same he did when those girls flirted with him. He smiled sweetly and “talked” back. A small thought came up to you.
        They were both the reborn spirits from the legend. They were eternally destined to be together. What were you? Nothing. Just a side character in the stage, standing awkwardly next to the main characters who people cared about. Nobody cared about the side characters. You were helping the story and you were not someone needed to the end of it. With a frown, you walked up ahead and entered the village, leaving the lovebirds behind. In fact, it seemed like they didn’t even knowledge your leave. This made you angrier and once again, pure and intense jealousy, along with sadness, raced in your veins. Before you entered your house, you saw the small letter you never read before Link’s return. Picking it up, you walked in and slammed the door shut, small tears running down your cheeks. Reading it with some blur in your eyes because of the wetness of your tears, you accepted the offer wrote on the letter as soon as you finished. You were going to accept the job your uncle offered you, working in a inn as a waitress. Your uncle lived in Castle Town and he seemed to be worried about you living alone for such a long time since your mother passed away a year ago.
        Perhaps if you left, the action of the story wouldn’t be changed. You could live with your uncle and leave the main characters to fall in love, live together, marry each other and have their children. You looked outside for a second, seeing them talking and walking towards Link’s house, Zelda waving off the formality from the villagers. You picked up your bow and quiver you left on the wooden floor and put them over your shoulder, walking to your room and pulling out a bag from your wardrobe. You put some rupees on a smaller bag and put it inside the bigger one, as well as putting some clothes and shoes into the bag. You walked out the house, a frown still on your face but you were stopped.
        Link grabbed your wrist and pushed you slightly, making you glance at him blankly, though your eyes flashed anger and sadness. He furrowed his blonde eyebrows and spoke quietly, “Where are you going?” You stayed quiet before opening your mouth and smiling sarcastically.
        “My uncle sent me a letter to go and see him next to Castle Town. Maybe I’ll go and stay there for a while”, in the corner of your eyes, you saw Zelda speaking to his parents who smiled at her politely, “Well, since this is a goodbye, I hope you and Zelda stay well and happy together.” The hero stared at you and held your hand in his.
        “I-I…”, he hesitated before putting his other hand on your cheek and your attention was on him once again. He leaned forward but you quickly pulled away.
        “No, Link. Y-You can’t”, you shook slightly as tears appeared on your orbs again, “L-Look, you are the hero. She’s the princess. Through time and space, since the legend of the Hero of Time, his reborn spirit was a-always destined to be with the princess’s. You… can’t change an eternal destiny. You’ll live happy together, b-better than with me. As much as I love to be with you, I-I’m just a third wheel on your way. You have to be with her.”
        Tears also appeared in his cerulean eyes as he stared at your form leaving the village and walking down the woods. Yes, perhaps he was to be with Princess Zelda, but it certain didn’t say it was impossible for him to stay with another one. Someone he truly loved. Someone who loved him back, as you claimed. If you gave him the chance, perhaps this eternal destiny would end and you both would be in each other’s arms. But now, you were leaving. His lover, along with a stolen heart, was leaving, and he just stood there, doing nothing. The pain in his eyes was evident while tears finally ran down his cheeks. He wanted to go after you, but he just couldn’t. An invisible force was freezing him in the spot.

        Oh, how much he desired to change the legend just to be with you.