Here’s a sonnet I made out of found material online. It was taken from the cesspool of personal ads from Craigslist. Now if you don’t mind, I’m going to go wash my hands.





I am looking for someone to be with,

I am good looking and available.

I prefer someone younger than myself

someone who is tall, and charming, and stable.


Thought I would give this thing a try.

We will just have to play it slow to start,

and I’m about 6 foot tall with brown eyes,

looking for a girl with a big heart.


If you are still reading this, you must know

I need someone to connect to, and to talk to.

Please describe yourself, and attach a recent photo

Looking for the girl of my dreams, it could be you.


Message me for an amazing connection.
If you are serious, then let’s see what happens.


Poetry in Lived Spaces

Last Thursday I was able to attend the conference held by Laura Shackelford titled Poetry in Lived Spaces. Basically what the speaker was talking about is how poetry and literature is available anywhere and everywhere. In every lived space there is a piece of poetry. She felt that this was a very important subject because as she explained it “once someone solves the unicorn, we can move on to other legendary creatures”. E-poetics is a creative, literary practice that entails working through its own. It is able to open new ways to new experiences. Once you go on the internet you can basically go everywhere. E-poetics is part of the world of the internet, so it must mean that they are also in every single aspect of our technological surroundings. They can even be found in ads, like most recently the advertisement created by Apple. It is poetry in a commercial, to be more specific it is a beautiful e-poem created for the use of marketing. This is simple proof that e-poetry and digital media have created a new ways to enjoy and make poems, no matter for what purpose is made out of them.

With all this new technology and innovating ways to view this vast new world, one can ask themselves, how can print based literature compete with digital literature? Sure the people that feel better holding a concrete book in their hands and like to feel the page as they turn it to the next will always be loyal to print based media. Yet, how loyal can they actually be? Convenience is key and e-poetry/digital media is convenience done right! E-poetry is all about perception and how a person is able to manage this new type of technological advance. Yet we can all agree that it has become mainstreams to a certain point and it’s become part of the a contemporary world filled with lived spaces.

I was dumbfounded when you went away

So, things are better to be cleared away

Deep inside I was turned off

Like the love we try to cut off

Wearing a long face ‘cause of the words left unsaid

You lay everything down like a dead

With heart and soul, I’d never change my heart

Just let me be the one to break it without getting hurt

Firefighter In The Making..

the career path you’ve wanted since you were a little girl scares me..

you’re such a courageous sweetheart..

I can’t bare to think of any damage done to your soul, seen by your aiding hands..

you’ll be great at what you do..i can see it already..

keep promising me it’ll be ok..

I may be convinced someday..just stay the same..

it troubles me to think your mind will change..

I’ll be here though..as long as you’re here with me..

a bad ass in the making..if not already.