Does anyone else ever get so angry about the wasted potential of what could’ve happened in the alternate timeline?

Like we could’ve seen how the Vortex Club kids treat their actual friends, did some digging to see how Max treats people when she’s one of the popular kids, and see how the nerdy children act if you’re not their friends.  There was so much character depth that could’ve been eplored and it makes me so sad it wasn’t.


Star Trek DS9 : Explorers 3x22 - Nope, Bashir is definitely a Human and we all want to see Erit.

Bashir : Excuse me.

Elizabeth Lense : Yes ?

Bashir : We were at medical school together. Julian Bashir.

Elizabeth Lense : You’re Bashir ?

Bashir : You sound surprised.

Elizabeth Lense : l thought you were Andorian.

Bashir : Andorian?

Elizabeth Lense : Someone pointed out an Andorian at a party and said that was Julian Bashir. lt was New Year’s Eve at Bruce Lucier’s, four years ago.

Bashir : l did go to that party. With my friend, Erit. He’s Andorian.

Elizabeth Lense : All these years, l thought you were someone else.

Bashir : Didn’t you see my speech at graduation?

Elizabeth Lense : No, l was in backstage waiting to give my speech. l was so nervous l almost passed out.

Bashir : l know the feeling.

Set of :  Reference to the Andorians in all Star Trek Series

Eploring limits

Original Imagine: Imagine Tristan fucking you while you suck off LucienImagine Tristan telling you you’re a naughty girl and deserves to be punishedImagine having a threesome with Tristan and Lucien, Imagine Lucien calling you naughtyImagine Lucien ordering you on your knees to suck him off 


Reader Gender: Female

Word Count: 3318

Warnings: Smut, BDSM, Bondage, Threesome, Oral sex, Anal sex, double penetration, sex toys, orgasm denial, spanking

Author’s notes: Part two of Do you trust me. It’s a separate story, but if you want to know how Y/N ended up in the position in the beginning of the story, the explanation is in part one. And yes, I did set up a part three at the end of the story, I couldn’t help myself. I’m putting the same additional warning here as for the original story: Everything happening is consensual, and I really took my time achieving that, but we all know Lucien is a master in manipulation, and he is using that on her. Tristan isn’t any better than Lucien in that… Which doesn’t mean they do anything she doesn’t want, but if you’re easily triggered by some kind of manipulation in relationships, you might want to skip this one shot (because guys, as much as I love Lucien and Tristan, they’re  not exactly one of the nice guys… they can talk their way out of anything, so they  can talk their way into someone’s bed as well)

 You opened your eyes, not knowing what had exactly woken you up. You were disoriented at first, but when you saw a familiar figure sitting in a chair, dressed only in a robe, looking at you as if he wanted to keep the image in his head for all eternity, it all came rushing back to you. You tugged your hands, still tied to the bed. Lucien. The ropes. The sex. The mind blowing sex, you had to admit. You looked at the bag that was still standing next to your bed, innocent looking, but you were quite sure there were things in there that you hadn’t even thought about using before.

And… Your gaze fell upon someone else, someone who had just entered the room. Someone who had made the noise that had woken you up.

You panicked slightly, but you noticed that your blanket was covering your naked body, something Lucien must have done while you slept. Just like cleaning up the blood… and healing you, although you could vaguely remember him doing that before you fell asleep.

“Welcome back to the land of the living, my dear…”, Lucien said, smiling again, like he always did. “I hope you don’t mind me inviting my friend over.” He nodded to the figure still standing at the door, clearly taking in the scene he had seen before him. Tristan.

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