His mourning is cut short in a little café just outside of most civilization, at the sight of a shock of dark hair and an all-too-familiar smirk he thought he’d lost to the sound of gunfire and the hushed whisper to ‘go, run, I’ll distract them.

His questing fingers find bandages around her middle when he pulls her to him (and oh, she must want to be caught, she would slip away like water otherwise) but she only smiles as she reaches up to trace the side of his face with delicate fingers.

“Oh, come on, bourgeois boy, you didn’t think I’d leave you behind, did you?” she breathes, and then her lips are pressed against his and words no longer matter, just the feel of her in his arms.

Of Sand and Distant Shores [18/?]

XVIII – Night
Summary: Éponine was displeased enough to be escorting Marius’ future bride on the voyage. Capture, even by such an odd crew as this, pushes her firmly into the category of outright incensed. Safe though they may be, she is caught, and Éponine doesn’t much like keeping. She is known now not as gamine, but as gamin, and if she wants to make it back home, she’s got to keep it that way.This is proving more difficult than anticipated, especially as she begins to warm to them in turn. [Graphic made by the lovely justatriflewicked]
Category: A pirate/seafaring AU.
Dynamics: According to one source, Éponine/Enjolras, Éponine/Cosette friendship, Éponine/Grantaire friendship.
Notes: From what I could find, prostitution in France was not illegal. Standing in public places in the hopes of soliciting customers was, but not the act itself.
And fear not – the Barricade Boys should be returning to their Barricade shortly.
Thank you so, so much for all the wonderful input! I originally intended this to just be a silly little AU – I didn’t even know where this was going to go. And… wow, I mean, this is just sort of unbelievable! I can only hope I don’t disappoint, really.

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