There is a fan whose boyfriend used to be classmates with Kyungsoo. He said Kyungsoo is pretty kind to people, even to people who were isolated and ignored etc in class, he would still be nice to them. And he always sang at the back of the classroom.

{rumours from weibo} cr: 小智MAX; 出处BZ/ trans: exoplanetinvasion

[Kaisoo b-day event] Sehun was asked what he want to do now that he is of age, he replied getting a driver's license, but Jongin answered for him it's watching 'movies' ㅋㅋㅋ 19+ movies. Kyungsoo said don't be mistaken Kai has definitely watched it already~ Chanyeol added 'downloaded at home'. Everyone went whoaa~ Chanyeol ended up saying 'No no, what I just said was a mistake.' ㅋㅋㅋ
cr: dc  via: 海天月夜 trans by me

edit: there was another fanaccount that added that Kai answered ‘nothing in particular’ intially but fans in the crowd chimed 'movies’ so he said 'yes movies!’

story behind this photo:

this photo is uploaded onto yoo inna’s radio channel official website. apparently when the staff was about to turn off the camera after taking a couple of photos, tao went over and said “please take a photo of me with suho hyung.” he was hoping that the staff can send it to him through email. the thing is he didn’t tell the staff what his email address is in the end, so the staff uploaded it instead for tao.

cr 小智MAX


Predebut Luhan Part 10: random stuff, basketball and singing competitions

- i) predebut photo/selca compilation^^

- ii), iii) likely to be taken during his sm trainee period, playing bb with his fellow trainees I assume

- iv) the trophies are awards he won from singing and dancing competitions in China according to Chinese fans

cr: baidu exo-m bar

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Predebut Luhan Part 2:

Luhan’s schoolmates talking about predebut Luhan

 i) My *** my*** Luhan’s debuting!!!!! I was in the same junior high as him!!!! I used to have a crush on him!!!!! Him!!!!!! He is actually debuting!!!!

 ii) I didn’t know anything at that time!!!!! It’s just a good impression kind of thing it’s not like a total crush. I just remember he was in the rugby team. I used to secretly peek at him practicing

 iii) There are loads of people who had a crush on him. We are just schoolmates. We never talked to each other. I just remember he is quite handsome.

 iv) Luhan is his real name

 v) I don’t know him that well. I have just heard about him from everyone else. Knew that he is good looking

vi) I just stalked everything from his weibo, friends, replies, posts and cyworld today.  I feel like a satisfied stalker ><. Looks like he gets along well with people, and is quite popular. Since he is popular it is easy to find a lot of stuff about him. And I think he is a male Cassie. His weibo friends are joking about how he can see DBSK easily now that he is debuting, and they are talking about him singing DBSK songs etc in the past.

vii) he is like those famous people when he was in school. Everyone knows who he is.

trans by exoplanetinvasion@tumblr

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130821 exo on sstp - who is the manliest of man in the group?
  • Shindong: looks like it would be Kris to me.
  • Exo: it's Luhan
  • Shindong: ah unlike his appearance, he is the manliest. i am surprised
  • Luhan: especially when i am playing football, the blood in my body is completely boiling
Predebut Luhan Part 3 : A post in 2009 from his schoolmates

(lmao this is really funny)


Topic: Bros who have a grudge/rivalry against Luhan on the soccer field, this is the chance for your revenge

- We are now recruiting a team, preparing for a big battle after everyone finishes exam in the afternoon. Please put your name down.

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130606 EXO Busan fansign - Kyungsoo on My Lady lyrics
  • Fan: Oppa~~ I think the lyrics for My Lady is a bit rated. (read: sexual)
  • Kyungsoo: Hahaahaa which part?
  • Fan: It's just...the lyrics are a little...
  • Kyungsoo: Hahaha tell me specifically which part is it?
  • Fan: That...
  • Staff: Next!
  • (Fan says she has not seen Kyungsoo laugh like this before)
  • cr 小智MAX / DC

[FANACCOUNT] 121115 Kris at Guangzhou airport

  • he hugged his mom before he left and turned around to check on her a few times
  • there were too many presents so he bought a new luggage to put them all in after checking in
  • he went to the washroom to change into some of his fangifts immediately
  • he kept telling his fans to be safe in Cantonese
cr:Sunnyittibansekila trans by me

Predebut Luhan Part 11: old schoolmate on ‘School Grass’ (or popular boy) Luhan 

(T/N: here is a more accurate description of what 'school grass’ means)

Luhan has been asked several times during interviews whether he was a 'school grass’ during his school days and if he has received loads of love letters from girls, he denies it shyly usually while his bandmates and the MCs and even the PDs go 'lol who are you kidding’. (example being at 7:19 of this interview where Kris nominated Luhan haha)


taken from weibo @满小残身残志不残

This is Show Time event of Beijing Haidian Foreign Language Shi Yan School (T/N: Luhan’s high school) in 2006. I still remember Luhan was 16 and singing in his school uniform. I have forgotten the name of those two guys next to him, I think the left one is Li Yucheng. I was a first year at that time, there are loads of girls at school who liked Luhan and was crazy about him. And then after a while he left school, after that we heard about him going to Korea and entering SM, we thought it was just a rumour but then now looks like they are all true. Six years, this was one of the first memories I had in school.

(T/N: the chinese fans replies are all like, stop being modest about it, stop lying Luhan, stop lying your nose is going to grow longer, why is his life like a character from idol drama and fiction XD I am just gonna translate a couple :p, also this is one of the replies)

俊酱家的猫 : there is this girl from Hai Foreign who told me that Luhan was super popular across the school and basically all the ladies know who he was

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cr: baidu exo bar, baidu luhan bar

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Predebut Luhan Part 6: an entry from his cyworld, date unknown, back home


haha~I am back in the arms of my homeland~

happy~I can speak Chinese now~and I can go out with friends now~ really, whatever I feel like doing I can do it~ haha

I need to take a good rest, and go back to face new challenges~ no matter how difficult it is!!!

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[fanaccount trans] 120618 Music High Guest - Chen's part plus some Xiumin

from Chen’s Chinese fanclub - KimJongDaeCHEN中文首站 跌入谷底的小赵赵

(mostly translating parts from chen because it’s toooo long and you prob have seen the rest  somewhere else, and baozi’s part is rly short T.T)


- there is not much chance for him to talk other than the intro and the thanks at the end, there was a time he said something and the translator was about to translate but the MC didn’t notice and moved on TT

- Chen really look like Chinese, when he introduced his role in the group he struggled a little and the MC joked this member’s Chinese doesn’t seem to be very good etc. The MC was really surprised when he learnt that he was actually Korean. Chen’s really has a Chinese- looking face

- He kept a smile on his face all along, quietly looked at fans and listened to the translator doing the translations, that one rare moment where he burst out something playful/snarky in Korean (as mentioned above) was ignored just like that, sobs~

- his speech of thanks at the end was really good, he was speaking to the translator intially and then he raised his voice made a speech of thanks to us. even we only know a few words of Korean only we know he was thanking us specially, the fans were moved at the point, and i was moved to death too

- there was a little moment in the session where fans handed them gifts. the scene was a little chaotic, everyone was crowding over, there was a fan who threw a banner onstage for them and it landed in front of Chen, he went over to picked it up at once and it turned out to be for Luhan. he passed it over to Xiumin for Luhan. when it reached Luhan’s hand the fangirls went crazy. what I want to say is Chen was so cute at that moment I was going to die

- they were gifted a present each initially and Chen was given a ma hua (a fried twisted dough famous in Tianjin which the event was held), it was funny because Chen had no idea what it is or what it is for, and he kept turning it over and inspecting it

- he was really warm hearted, at the end of gift session they have to go offstage, when every one was walking off, he was hanging  back and staring at the presents and wondering if they were meant to be taken too. his consideration for the fan’s heart wowww

- I don’t need to elaborate on his vocal skills but still during Into Your World, the part where he hit those high notes, I think it killed all the fangirls in the room, I am sure no one escaped from that. A high note with depth, solidity, and the smoothness just flows out gradually in midst of the song, the effect of it puts me to tears. For some reason they recorded the song twice and every time it makes me wanna cry. I love his singing so much and hearing him live will definitely make you drown inside.

- The second time recording Angel the music was cut suddenly, Lay’s was immersing in his emotions and when it got cut his stunned face was really funny. While Chen entertained himself swaying and turning around like it was really fun~ the fangirls right in front of him are so amused and happy. The stage was really close you could almost hug their legs.


- like chenchen he almost have zero moments of speaking TT

- he was really curious about the present and he kept looking at it very curiously after it got into his hands

- also when Lay talked about 狗不理包子 (T/N: some type of baozi @@) he thought he was mentioned, so he looked around immediately. Luhan also laughed and leaned across to explain to him what was going on

trans by exoplanetinvasion@tumblr

鹿晗御姐团 :【鹿晗御姐团】#新人盛典#◆20120917 预览2P 这傻孩子!看完粉丝拍的VCR后一直不肯转过头来,任凭前面的妹子怎么叫就是不肯回头~转过头之后便是这般热泪盈眶的模样!鹿晗,你是最棒的!你就是最棒的!谢谢你的努力与坚持!这是属于你和你兄弟们的荣耀!实至名归!

鹿晗御姐团: This silly child! After seeing the VCR that showed their fans cheering for them he refused to turn his head around, no matter how the fans in front are calling his name he wouldn’t turn, when he did turn around he was in tears like this TT Luhan you are the best! Thank you for your hardwork and persistence! You and all the boys deserve this honour!

(T/N: - the show had fans recorded a VCR for each member cheering with banners weeks before the ceremony

         - 鹿晗御姐团 is one of the most popular Luhan fanclubs around it literally means Luhan’s jiejie/noona fans club ^^