Everybody start tweeting Netflix and Hulu about #Degrassi

teennick stopped pulling their weight in the degrassi game years ago. “Every Episode Ever” marathons helped attract new viewers in between seasons, and now they barely show reruns. This always seemed less about Degrassi itself, and more about the network trying to better fit into the Nickelodeon brand mold. 

But you know what? Degrassi doesn’t need Teennick anymore. Because, lets be honest. No one is watching actual TV. We don’t need televised marathons! We need a way to STREAM it at our own leisure. Most of us are watching Degrassi online anyway! The reason the show is so successful is because it keeps up with the times. Streaming TV is the future, and I think Degrassi’s target demographic would respond well to the change. 

Everyone tweet and start tagging netflix and hulu, and any other platforms you can think of!!! We can make this happen. 


  • <p>epitome: we're gonna kill off one of the most influential characters ever like it's no big deal then laugh about it after and get annoyed when you're pissed with the shitty way we handled the whole situation</p>
[TV Show News] 'Degrassi' Cancelled after 14 Seasons, Heads to Netflix

[TV Show News] ‘Degrassi’ Cancelled after 14 Seasons, Heads to Netflix

The hit Canadian teen drama show Degrassi was cancelled after 14 seasons but has found a home on Netflix. (more…)

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