Imagine being invited down to Mystic Falls for Damon’s birthday party and though Enzo agrees on both your behalves, you can’t promise to play nice.

For neonxxlights who requested a pt. II for Enzo St. John.

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Enzo X Reader

With Enzo now a permanent fixture at your side, you thought it prudent to close down the bar for a week to help him acclimate to life outside Augustine. And now that he’s not on a revenge kick against Damon, he has the time to truly appreciate how much the world has changed.

He’s a quick study which you’re quite thankful for because you don’t trust anyone else to run your bar, and though you’re glad to have Enzo back you really didn’t like the idea of shutting down your establishment. So when he’s steady on his feet and you finally open back up, half your time is split between pouring drinks and introducing Enzo to all the regulars who are curious about the new vampire who refuses to be far from your side.

“Hello, Gorgeous. Miss me?”

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On Love: Anxiety (A Yuuri Katsuki Analysis)

The thing about Yuuri is that he’s such a relatable character to me. Even more so now that he’s in a relationship with Victor, so I can honestly say that YOI is the anime that I’ve always needed.


  1. Yuuri has anxiety.
  2. Yuuri is in a relationship.
  3. Yuuri is in a relationship with someone he thinks is too good for him.
  4. Yuuri has a low opinion of himself.
  5. Yuuri is an unreliable narrator.
  6. Yuuri hates losing.

…and etc.

These are all things that I can relate to! So, forgive me, but I absolutely hate how this anime ended. And although I loathed Episode 12 to death, the ending of Episode 11 was something I didn’t expect and yet it was something I didn’t know I needed — mainly because Yuuri’s anxiety reared its ugly head in a way that I am all too familiar with.

[Pictured: Yuuri Katsuki clenching his fists in an attempt to gather up the courage to ruin his own life for Victor’s sake]

i.e. Cutting your own losses before you lose them.

So from the perspective of someone who also has low self-esteem and is in a relationship with someone who I think deserves much better, here’s why I believe Episode 11 was necessary in a way that Episode 12 did not give justice to. Here we go!

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anonymous asked:

TELL US MORE ABOUT JENSEN'S SOFTNESS! Inquiring minds want—nay, /NEED/—to know more!

jensen is quite literally the softest person in the world

this face? so soft

this laugh? the softest person’s laugh (my god, that laugh 💕)

this sleepy baby? so soft

this dorky love? s o f t

this smile? the absolute best (and softest) smile

this sweater-wearer with his crinkly eyes? sooooo sofffffttttttttt

*boops the softest*


this lovely soul? the softest

look at him just sitting there being soft af

this mouth? absolutely the softest

this kiss? the softest kiss

this picture??? the epitome of soft

literally the softest (so so so so so so so so so so soft) and I love him 💕💕💕 


Degrassi Experience’s latest vlog with special guest Cole Basteado

DHX Media acquires Degrassi producer Epitome

Epitome’s cast for their thirteenth season of Degrassi, currently in its fifth adaptation after over 30 years of television history. Epitome Pictures photo.

By Jocelyn Claybourne

The hit Canadian series Degrassi, produced by Epitome, has been acquired by DHX Media.
The company is known for distributing and licensing child and youth entertainment content.

Epitome Executive Producers Linda Schuyler and Stephen Stohn said DHX’s commitment to strong youth programing and experience with traditional and digital TV makes them ideally suited to guide Degrassi into the future.
“Over the past 34 years, we have had the great pleasure of seeing Degrassi become not only part of the fabric of Canadian television, but also of teen culture worldwide.”

Stohn tweeted about the announcement:

Excitement generated on Twitter from fans. Youtubers The Fine Brothers, with over 7 million subscribers, tweeted Stohn about their hopes to collaborate in the future.

The transaction is approximately $33 million, with $19.5 million being paid in cash and the remaining through over 2.9 million shares in the DHX company.

For the most recent year ended in May 2013, Epitome generated revenue of approximately $24.4 million.

DHX Media will host a library of 469 episodes across the Degrassi franchise, and 216 from other Epitome projects such as Instant Star and The L.A. Complex. These shows were filmed at Epitome Studios Inc., a 98,400 square foot lot in Toronto, Canada.

DHX Media CEO Michael Donovan said the iconic Canadian show is a complementary addition to their existing library.
“The Degrassi franchise has become a perennial favourite with teens around the world since its inception in 1980.”
The show has gone through five adaptions since its first on screen appearance decades ago.

A cast photo from the Degrassi High series which aired through the 1980’s.

Originally started as The Kids of Degrassi Street, the show grew to become Degrassi Junior High and Degrassi High throughout the 80’s. Degrassi Talks had the actors on the show talk to Canadian youth about real teen issues during the time. Then in the 2000s, the show returned to airwaves with Degrassi: The Next Generation, now known simply as Degrassi currently in preproduction of its fourteenth season.
There will be no change in Stohn or Schuyler’s positions at Epitome. New projects have continued developing with DHX Media.

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