I didnt notice until just now, but in this image, right behind them you can see a girl giving them an extremely disgusted look. it was such an amazing, tiny touch. This is the reason I love Glee

teensy 150 word drabble

Blaine’s smiling and so happy because his boyfriend loves him, loves all of him, and then he happens to glance over and just. He sees her. And he sees the look. And his face


And he tucks his head into Kurt’s neck because she’s a sudden reminder of why they don’t do this, don’t dance together or kiss in public. A reminder of screams and blood staining the tie he bought especially for Sadie Hawkins and of Kurts anguished sobs echoing against the lockers.

Blaine curls into Kurt because Kurt is safety and warmth and love, and sometimes Blaine just needs to be weak because he’s had to be strong for so long.

So he lets himself fall in a little, breathe in the scent of Kurt’s satsuma moisturizer and just.

Lets Kurt love him. Lets himself be loved.

They can’t touch what they have.