I was sixteen.
We were young, dumb, and always drunk.
Some would say I was in love

I was sixteen.
My life was happy
And in your arms I could easily fall asleep.

I was sixteen.
With a happy mother.
When I called her you would flirt with me.

I was sixteen.
Stars in my eyes and whiskey in veins.
All of the world could see you were my everything.

I was sixteen.
After years of pretending and empty smiles
I finally found someone who truly believed in me.

I was sixteen
When you told me that I deserved to be free
So my heart grew wings and began to soar.

Now I’m twenty one.
Always stressed and depressed
In a constant state of grief and disbelief.

I’m twenty one
Getting drunk
Saying I need to run from memories.

I’m twenty one
You ask me why I’m crying
With a shot of tequila in each hand

I’m twenty one
When my world implodes
And honesty finally leaks through

I’m twenty one
With plenty to run from
But I’m not running away

I’m twenty one
Swaying in the wind
With me, you, and memories

I’m twenty one
When you hear the truth.

I only drink to chase sixteen.

—  Sixteen
Twenty One (another old poem)

Another digit with another year

Another moment where I wish I was there

I would have wanted to say Happy Birthday

And wake you up with words you could hear

Twenty-one years of you

Twenty-one years of perfection

Your smile, your eyes, your voice, your heart

I love them all, so please don’t let age change anything

I’ll be wishing you from over here

Across the world, under the same moon

Forgive me for not being there in person

But this person will see you again soon

You have given me so much happiness

I think of ‘Us’ with so much joy

So please have the best birthday yet

With the best wishes from this smitten boy