After this week’s episode, I continue to be so smitten with Maggie and Alex, but I am left craving a better, deeper storyline and more development for Kara. Maybe it’s yet to come this season. Maybe they will actually follow through with what Melissa said she wanted, for Kara to come into her own without romantic attachment to others. But of course, beings, whether human or alien, largely do seem to need each other. We get lonely. We need to feel like someone gets us, hears us, wants to know us in all our power and weakness and share life and love and grow with us. Kara is no exception.

The most emotional moment so far this season for Kara was when Cat told her she was leaving, and I believe it’s because for Kara, Cat is that person. She still is, but she’s not there. She left, for her own very valid and important reasons, but she still left, and Kara cannot handle losing people anymore, so I think she’s buried all her feelings about this for the past few weeks. Instead, she distracts herself. She seems to barely be at work anymore. She has other people who clearly are attracted to her and want to be her person, and she’s tempted, of course, to let them be, because they are there and Cat isn’t.

The show for me, while still enjoyable and meaningful and undeniably crucial in terms of queer representation, is missing something, and it’s more for Kara. More for Supergirl, not just saving the day, but getting to know herself. And maybe she will do this while kicking ass and drinking and exploring other relationships before Cat comes back to her. And maybe that is okay. But there is just nothing like the bond she and Cat have. I actually trust the writers, for the most part, and I don’t think they’d spend an entire season building up that connection, that chemistry, as the most important relationship on the show (save for Kara and Alex) without following through. We know she’ll be back. She said she would be, and I haven’t lost hope.

Bottom line…I miss Cat. I think Kara misses her too, and I would like to see her deal with that.

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                                         part eight: the Last Patrol

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Before there were heart stutters, but here’s where Cole’s emotional state takes a plunge. He’s still restraining himself, of course. But really, why would this information shock him? He should’ve assumed it meant anyone but him. The fact that he believes it’s him means his humanity’s returned with a vengeance.

I would also like to point out here that I love how Charmed handles this:

- Cole is Phoebe’s true love

- Coop is also Phoebe’s true love

- It’s possible to have more than one true love

- Just because you lose the first, doesn’t mean it was your only chance

There’s so much hope in this message.

Yes, writers, yes.


Cosplay Couture interpretation of the 8th Doctor

Costume by Courtney Coulson

Photography by Luke Milton

Location: Taylor’s College Nedlands

It’s great to finally get back to our Doctor Who series and Eight is one I have been greatly anticipating as he is my absolute favourite Doctor. He may have only had one movie but I am in love with the Big Finish audio dramas. I was so glad that McGann got to continue in the role even if only in audio form.

As his run was the most unconventional, the evolution of his character and his costume bare the evidence of that. Eight is very romantic, easily the most refined and elegant of the Doctors.The original costume never really felt lived in, he was so buttoned up, and because we only see him wearing it in one film, he never got the opportunity to break it in and make it his own like the other Doctors.

But over the years he’s changed, starting out as an old soul with a child-like enthusiasm that gradually gave way to a darker side as he was traumatised by certain events, which culminated in him becoming the War Doctor. As such, my costume reflects elements of his journey, it’s not quite as stuffy as his original costume, there’s a bit of edge there.

Courtney Coulson

I’m not a massive Doctor Who fan, but I am very attached to this series of shoots as Courtney’s desire to do a fashion portrayal of each Doctor was a catalyst for many of the shoots you see on this site. After a year of working closely together it was fantastic to finally add another couple of Doctors to the collection - this one, plus one another who you will see next week. And the location couldn’t have been more perfect, we were incredibly lucky to discover that the location we’d picked had a very similar palette to the costume we were working with. Another in a long string of happy accidents.

Luke Milton