Let’s talk about episode 16 (it’s late, but why not?)

What if Adrien wants Marinette to be together with Nino, because he likes both of them Marinette and Ladybug, but if she isn’t single, he would stop to fall in love with her, and then he could love Ladybug with all his heart again, but now it’s impossible, and he must choose between Marinette, Ladybug and croissants.

If I made some mistakes, pls forgive me, my english still sucks

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Hey can you say what is the full list of the characters that got a chapter in the 18 histories thing? I only know the ones that have been translated

Sure thing! I’ve linked all the episodes that have been translated in English so far, and bolded the ones that have been translated in Chinese. I’m in the middle of translating the Kazane episode from Chinese, but if you have any questions about the other bolded episodes, feel free to ask me and I will try my best to answer!  

Epitome of Eighteen Histories:

1. Kishitani Shinra Episode

2. Kida Masaomi Episode

3. Hanejima Yūhei & Hijiribe Ruri Episode

4. Orihara Kururi & Mairu Episode

5. Kadota Kyōhei Episode

6. Awakusu Akane Episode

7. Sonohara Anri Episode

8. Heiwajima Shizuo Episode

9. Awakusu Ninkyō Episode

10. Shingen and Emilia Episode (no translation)

11. Vorona Episode

12. Yumasaki & Karisawa Episode  (no translation)

13. Ryuugamine Mikado Episode

14. Rokujo Chikage Episode

15. Orihara Izaya Episode

16. Kujiragi Kasane Episode

17. Celty Sturluson Episode  (no translation)

18. Kinomiya Kazane Episode


16:49 [[사진]] [20130620] 엠카운트다운 현장 STAFF DIARY

방탄소년단 팬클럽 담당자입니다 :) 

6월 20일 엠카운트다운 현장 STAFF DIARY입니다~
대기실 현장부터 무대 모습까지 함께 보실까요?  

우리의 SUGA군이 열심히 무언가를 하고 있죠?
앉으나 서나 음악 생각뿐인 SUGA군은 리허설 전까지 계속 음악을 들으며 작사에 매진했답니다!

일하는 남자의 옆모습b.jpg

팬 분들이 주신 편지를 바로바로 읽는 Jin군!

음악을 들으며 안무 연습을 하는 지민군! 

멤버들 모두 열심히 하는 모습이 참 이쁘죠? :^)    

음 ?

엠카운트다운 트위터로 올라왔던 사진들 기억하시나요?
맏형 Jin군과 막내 정국군은 열심히 셀카도 찍어주시고요~

셀카도 잘 찍은 Jin군은 노래를 들으며 무대에 올라갈 준비를 하구요~

우리의 희망희망 j-hope군도 마무리 준비를 합니다~

살짝은 긴장한 모습을 보여주는 SUGA군!

무대는 어땠을까요?

너무나도 멋있게 성공 bbbbbbb    

생방송을 무사히 마친 방탄소년단의 단체 사진을 공 to the 개!!!

톱모델이 요기잉네.jpg

그리고 뽀너스 사진!

방탄소년단이 좋아요b.jpg    


멋진 뒷모습을 마지막으로 STAFF DIARY를 마칩니다 :)
다음을 기대해주세요~ 

Hmm..interesting..parallels I found with a movie Dair watched together

So I was re-watching Gossip Girl season four episode 16 and 17. And at the end of episode 16 Blair and Dan fall asleep watching the movie (that I paused and looked very closely to see what they were watching) The Philadelphia Story.

So curious, I looked online to see what the plot was about. I almost died when I found out that the plot is pretty much what is happening right now.

So the story is about rich socialite Tracy (blair) who has divoriced her ex husband Dexter Haven (Chuck) who was a alcoholic, and her lack of faith in him exacerbated his condition and so they got a divorce. Well now shes about to marry her fiancé,  George Kittredge (louis). Then there is a reporter Mike (Dan) who is going to report on the wedding.

Well I guess Dexter is welcomed back by Tracy’s sister, much to her annoyance and she meets Mike and finds he has admirable qualities. Thus, as the wedding nears, Tracy finds herself torn between her fiancé, her ex-husband, and the reporter. (hmmmm sound familiar?) And through these men she begins to find out the truth about herself.

And taken from Wikipedia, “The night before the wedding, Tracy gets drunk for only the second time in her life and takes an innocent swim with Mike. When George sees Mike carrying an intoxicated Tracy into the house afterward, he thinks the worst. The next day, he tells her that he was shocked and feels entitled to an explanation before going ahead with the wedding. Tracy takes exception to his lack of faith in her and breaks off the engagement. Then she realizes that all the guests have arrived and are waiting for the ceremony to begin. Mike volunteers to marry her ” (I mean ohmygosh can’t you see Dan doing that?? So cute) And Mike has a fellow friend Liz who when she hears about this, she starts to freak out (Serena), but sadly Tracy  graciously declines, and then Dexter (Chuck) bids her hand in marriage and she accecpts him.

Okay so the ending is not what we Dair fans want…but I thought how close that movie was to what is happening now, and that is one big hunky Coincidence. So I’m hoping that our Tracy/Blair picks the right path that hopefully leads to Mike/Dan. So she and he can be happy and content and have a beautiful lovely relationship.

Oh and at the end of the episode when it leads to Dair together on the couch watching this movie and falling asleep, gossip girl says this with a scene from the movie playing:

And all that wanting makes us blind to the fact that things arent exactly what we think they are..maybe it’s better sometimes to just get what you need

And in that scene they were watching was between Tracy and Mike and this was the scene:

Mike: The prettiest sight in this fine, pretty world is the privileged class enjoying its privileges.Tracy: You’re a snob, Connor.Mike: No doubt, no doubt…Tracy. You can’t marry that guy.Tracy: George? I’m going to. Why, why not?Mike: Well, I don’t know. I thought I’d be for it at first, but you just don’t seem to match up.Tracy: Then the fault’s with me.Mike: Well, maybe so, but all the same now, you can’t do it.Tracy: No?Mike: No.Tracy: Come around about noon tomorrow. I mean today. Snob.Mike: What do ya mean, snob?Tracy: You’re the worst kind there is. An intellectual snob. You made up your mind awfully young, it seems to me.Mike: Well, thirty’s about time to make up your mind. And I’m nothing of the sort, not Mr. Connor.Tracy: The time to make up your mind about people - is never.

I dare to dair =)