I was strolling around @margarittet‘s page when I got to this post and felt like I was knocked over the head. I’ve seen a lot of posts speculating what songs would have been included on the mixtape Dean made for Cas, but I don’t really remember seeing any that were based on songs actually mentioned in the show (if I missed a post, please feel free to hit me upside the head again).

So I scoured SuperWiki and found … 13 songs. Two of these weren’t actually mentioned on the show/used for episodes but were considered for episode titles (according to the site). So I don’t know if they count, but I was very surprised that everything added up to 13. The remaining Led Zeppelin references I found were to the band members, record label, and albums.

In My Time of Dying - title of 2x01
Houses of the Holy - title of 2x13
What Is and What Should Never Be - title of 2x20
No Quarter - original title of 3x16
You Shook Me - mentioned in 4x14
Nobody’s Fault but Mine - mentioned in 4x14
Ramble On - mentioned in 4x18
Travelling Riverside Blues - mentioned in 4x18
When the Levee Breaks - title of 4x21
The Song Remains the Same - title of 5x13
Immigrant Song - lyric used for title of 5x19
Gallows Pole - original title of 6x18
Stairway to Heaven - title of 9x22

I’m not much of a Led Zeppelin fan (I have three songs and avoid Stairway as much as possible), so if there’s something I missed or whatever let me know. :)

“...On a beast like you”

So I started watching the the second season of SNK a few days back, and yesterday I reached the episode titled “Close combat”. I read that part from the manga version a few months back, and I had forgotten that there is a flashback scene where Annie and Mikasa are about to start a fight. I think that small flashback actually offers some interesting insight into Annie`s thinking, and how she might view Mikasa. 

So after Annie throws Eren to the ground Mikasa interrupts the fight. She then asks Annie if she would teach her the move she was teaching Eren in that instance. 

Annie then coldly replies that the move is usually meant against human opponents, so Mikasa would probably have no need for it. However Annie then moves into her battle stance, and continues that she is interested to see how this move works against beasts like Mikasa. 

Now, at first this meet seem like normal clash of words between Annie and Mikasa. Annie seems to poke fun of the fact that Mikasa is seen as one of the most skilled and stronger soldiers in the squad, thus calling her a beast. But, if you really start to think about the fact that from who those words are coming from, I think their message turn more menacing. 

Annie is a person who can transform into a Titan. She has killed dozens of people, which likely include innocent civilians and fellow soldiers. I think she possible bears guilt over this. I am going to assume that the Lost Girls manga is cannon, since it makes this even more clear. There is a scene where Annie is thinking about the upcoming mission of capturing Eren, and how she will have to taint her hands in blood again.    

So I think she truly views herself as disgusting and as a monster plagued by guilt, at least to some degree. 

So, a person who has tainted her hands in the blood of innocent, crushed how many under her Titan feet, who`s feeling guilty because of all this, calls Mikasa, someone who at least seem to be a human, a beast. I think it`s very interesting. I guess Annie views that there is something terrifying or wrong with Mikasa. How easily she cuts down Titans, and likely how she is willing to eradicate anyone who is a threat to Eren.

 I know Mikasa`s stare of doom is used a lot in a comedic fashion, but when you stop to think about it, it`s actually really freaking scary. 

So a person who can turn into a Titan and who will crush countless civilians one day, a defentin of a monster would you say,  sees Mikasa as a monster too. I wonder who the real monster is in that cruel but beautiful world.