Interviewer: Alright so there all these articles going on that “Cole iwas HOT, super hot!” So, what’s your workout?

Cole: I mean, I paid people to produce those articles. It’s a little flattery.

Interviewer: I’m sure it’s very flattery.

Cole: Oh, you know, it’s like Schrodinger’s sprouts on Twitter. Because of course there’s an audience of people that are like “Oh I love this guy!"and the other audience is like "Yeah, this guy sucks!”.

Interviewer: Well, I haven’t seen “This guy sucks!”

Cole: It’s flattering, truly flattering. If I had anything like Kj’s regimen, I;m sure the articles would be a bit different. But, I should probably work on that a little bit.

• Dedicated to the Final Fantasy XV fans, a little personal tribute as Gladio as I wished to see or hear in the actual game.

~ Your Highness Lunafreya, I wish I could tell you these things in a different reality but Astrals didn’t protect you this time. I wish I would have prepared Noctis better to protect you instead, but I failed as sword and shield with him. This makes me so angry and I still can’t accept this cruel reality. I will face everything by walking tall and making sure your sacrifice will not be in vain.

Our King needs to be stronger, I hope he will realize it soon because we don’t have time anymore. I’m staying here, in front of this dress you never wore thinking of how happy your wedding would have been.

We will meet again in another life, you have my word. Forgive me, your highness.

~ If you read my words with Gladdy’s voice possibly imagining and hearing Luna’s theme in your head, it means we are deeply connected and this is so magic!

Thank you for your time, it means a lot to me ❤

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