About Nick changing the order of the episodes ...

Now I don’t know how I’m gonna classify the episode “When Words Collide”,because they are supposed to be the episodes 10-11 (production order), but if we go to all the lists of episodes on the net , the episodes are in order of release. One way or the other, it will give rise to confusion. 

What should I do guys? Is it better (or less confusing at least) to classify the episodes in production order or in release order?

If you didn’t hear it yet, these are the titles of the next episodes (production order):

505 ‘Lone Rat and Cubs’
506 ‘The Curse of Savanti Romero’
507 ‘The Crypt of Dracula’
508 ‘The Frankenstein Experiment’ - NEW (Probably the brazilian script I’ve found days ago is from this episode)
509 ‘Monsters Among Us!’ - NEW
510/511 ‘When Worlds Collide’

Seeing Nickelodeon is changing the order of the episodes, it would not surprise me that they want to air the Monster Arc in a special for Halloween. But I do hope we get Lone Rat and Cubs and few more episodes after When Worlds Collide.

But I wonder if it’s ok to change the order, because maybe things have happened in the monster arc and we now could not understand somethings after that.

520 And Beyond

Does this latest hiatus seem longer to get through than the five months we get over the summer? Especially after all the good stuff from the last three episodes. Is the Olicity drought finally coming to an end? Will there be resolution in the aftermath of the BMD and the chasm of separation it created?

It appears that Oliver and Felicity are going to come together in 520, that they are going to face their demons and let out their feelings for each other, feelings they’ve bottled up for over a year now. Will there be reconciliation, at least a willingness to look closer at their issues? Will it clear things up, for them and us? The last time we were told things will be clear, we got episode 505.

Since the “clarity” of that episode, Oliver and Felicity have gone through some intense individual turmoil. It feels to me as a viewer like piling on, like throwing salt into the wounds already bleeding. As their pain and suffering continued, I couldn’t help thinking that they were doing the limbo dance—how low can you go? I’m not going to bore everyone with examples; we all watched 5A. It just feels out of sort that everything they’ve gone through since season 1, all the history and growth as a couple, all the respect and caring and love that came out of those experiences—was all stripped away. Oliver and Felicity know each other so well. They clicked the moment Felicity turned around and found Oliver bleeding in the backseat of her Jeep. They understand what the other has gone through, the pain and losses, the uncertainties that brought about the bad decisions that are currently keeping them apart. But they also understand the good things in their lives; the connections they made with each other, the comfort in knowing they make each other happy; the love. When Felicity told Curtis that she and Oliver don’t have that kind of relationship anymore, I wanted to both laugh and cry.

All of this has built a foundation. It doesn’t matter if Oliver was a complete dumbshit for lying to Felicity about William. It doesn’t matter if Felicity left skid marks getting away from him and his lie. It’s the foundation they built the relationship on that matters.  Being willing to give up their lives for the other is what matters. It’s the strength of trust and having each other’s backs that made the foundation strong.  It was a commitment to one another, for the willingness to accept painful things in their lives, physically or mentally, and stand to face it together.  This is hopefully what they will rediscover when they come together in 520.

I don’t think 520 is going to fix all the damage. Both Oliver and Felicity still have some individual miles to travel. But maybe it will be the turning point we’ve all been waiting for. Maybe when they look into each other’s eyes, it will show them, remind them, that what they feel for each other is more important, more meaningful than any mistake or lie or distance or uncertainty that could ever come between them.

In Marc’s 2 truths 1 lie thing, he said that the way Oliver and Felicity interact with each other will change after 520. I hope so. Holding back, not wanting or able to talk with the person you love more than life itself is more damaging than any loss or pain. Keeping those kinds of feelings buried also damages souls. It’s like denying yourself air to breathe.

MG also told us the “sex” we will see in 520 is going to be hot. Again, I hope so. I think we’ve all waited long enough for something epic, something that will make 320 seem like they were just holding hands. Watching Felicity with Billy and Oliver with Susan—I just did not feel any intimacy generated. If felt like a science experiment.  It felt cold and clinical. It did not feel as if they put their backs into it.

Intimacy is not just about sharing your body with someone. It goes deeper than that. It is a daily interaction, a moment to moment reaching out, to ensure comfort and acceptance of wanting to do anything for your life partner.

I offer an example of this from my own life:

Just before my wife made the decision that she could not live the kind of life her disease gave her anymore, I had to watch her body dwindle away and how she lost control of it. I can think of one night in particular when her bowels gave way, soiling herself, our bed, the floor of the bedroom, the hallway leading to the bathroom. It was 1:00am and I was brought out of my sleep by her calling for me, needing me to help her. She was crying and feeling ashamed. I helped her into the shower, climbed in with her and helped clean her up. After, I cleaned the floors, the bed, gave her fresh clothes to put on—then we got back into the bed and I just held her. I told her not to be embarrassed, that she was beautiful; the kinds of things I knew she needed and wanted to hear. What I learned from this was how to be there for somebody in all the ways a person can.

That is intimacy.


So, 520 is going to be a pivotal episode in Oliver and Felicity’s journey. If it turns out to be anything else but a full reaffirmation of their feelings for one another—imagine how great my disappointment will be.  It has always felt to me that their journeys are not separate trips. It is a destiny. If their final destination is to be apart, then I never really understood why they were together in the first place.

I guess we’ll find out in twelve days. See you all there.

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Here is the list to help ya view The Clone Wars in Chronological order.  I think I might start doing this myself. 

  1. Episode 216 – “Cat and Mouse”
  2. Episode 116 – “Hidden Enemy”
  3. The Clone Wars theatrical release
  4. Episode 301 – “Clone Cadets”
  5. Episode 303 – “Supply Lines”
  6. Episode 101 – “Ambush”
  7. Episode 102 – “Rising Malevolence”
  8. Episode 103 – “Shadow of Malevolence”
  9. Episode 104 – “Destroy Malevolence”
  10. Episode 105 – “Rookies”
  11. Episode 106 – “Downfall of a Droid”
  12. Episode 107 – “Duel of the Droids”
  13. Episode 108 – “Bombad Jedi”
  14. Episode 109 – “Cloak of Darkness”
  15. Episode 110 – “Lair of Grievous”
  16. Episode 111 – “Dooku Captured”
  17. Episode 112 – “The Gungan General”
  18. Episode 113 – “Jedi Crash”
  19. Episode 114 – “Defenders of Peace”
  20. Episode 115 – “Trespass”
  21. Episode 117 – “Blue Shadow Virus”
  22. Episode 118 – “Mystery of a Thousand Moons”
  23. Episode 119 – “Storm over Ryloth”
  24. Episode 120 – “Innocents of Ryloth”
  25. Episode 121 – “Liberty on Ryloth”
  26. Episode 201 – “Holocron Heist”
  27. Episode 202 – “Cargo of Doom”
  28. Episode 203 – “Children of the Force”
  29. Episode 217 – “Bounty Hunters”
  30. Episode 218 – “The Zillo Beast”
  31. Episode 219 – “The Zillo Beast Strikes Back”
  32. Episode 204 – “Senate Spy”
  33. Episode 205 – “Landing at Point Rain”
  34. Episode 206 – “Weapons Factory”
  35. Episode 207 – “Legacy of Terror”
  36. Episode 208 – “Brain Invaders”
  37. Episode 209 – “Grievous Intrigue”
  38. Episode 210 – “The Deserter”
  39. Episode 211 – “Lightsaber Lost”
  40. Episode 212 – “The Mandalore Plot”
  41. Episode 213 – “Voyage of Temptation”
  42. Episode 214 – “Duchess of Mandalore”
  43. Episode 220 – “Death Trap”
  44. Episode 221 – “R2 Come Home”
  45. Episode 222 – “Lethal Trackdown”
  46. Episode 305 – “Corruption”
  47. Episode 306 – “The Academy”
  48. Episode 307 – “Assassin”
  49. Episode 302 – “ARC Troopers”
  50. Episode 304 – “Sphere of Influence”
  51. Episode 308 – “Evil Plans”
  52. Episode 122 – “Hostage Crisis”
  53. Episode 309 – “Hunt for Ziro”
  54. Episode 310 – “Heroes on Both Side”
  55. Episode 311 – “Pursuit of Peace”
  56. Episode 215 – “Senate Murders”
  57. Episode 312 – “Nightsisters”
  58. Episode 313 – “Monster”
  59. Episode 314 – “Witches of the Mist”
  60. Episode 315 – “Overlords”
  61. Episode 316 – “Altar of Mortis”
  62. Episode 317 – “Ghosts of Mortis”
  63. Episode 318 – “The Citadel”
  64. Episode 319 – “Counter Attack”
  65. Episode 320 – “Citadel Rescue”
  66. Episode 321 – “Padawan Lost”
  67. Episode 322 – “Wookiee Hunt”
  68. Episode 401 – “Water War”
  69. Episode 402 – “Gungan Attack”
  70. Episode 403 – “Prisoners”
  71. Episode 404 – “Shadow Warrior”
  72. Episode 405 – “Mercy Mission”
  73. Episode 406 – “Nomad Droids”
  74. Episode 407 – “Darkness on Umbara”
  75. Episode 408 – “The General”
  76. Episode 409 – “Plan of Dissent”
  77. Episode 410 – “Carnage of Krell”
  78. Episode 411 – “Kidnapped”
  79. Episode 412 – “Slaves of the Republic”
  80. Episode 413 – “Escape from Kadavo”
  81. Episode 414 – “A Friend In Need”
  82. Episode 415 – “Deception”
  83. Episode 416 – “Friends and Enemies”
  84. Episode 417 – “The Box”
  85. Episode 418 – “Crisis on Naboo”
  86. Episode 419 – “Massacre”
  87. Episode 420 – “Bounty”
  88. Episode 421 – “Brothers”
  89. Episode 422 – “Revenge”
  90. Episode 502 – “A War on Two Fronts”
  91. Episode 503 – “Front Runners”
  92. Episode 504 – “The Soft War”
  93. Episode 505 – “Tipping Points”
  94. Episode 506 – “The Gathering”
  95. Episode 507 – “A Test of Strength”
  96. Episode 508 – “Bound for Rescue”
  97. Episode 509 – “A Necessary Bond”
  98. Episode 510 – “Secret Weapons”
  99. Episode 511 – “A Sunny Day in the Void”
  100. Episode 512 – “Missing in Action”
  101. Episode 513 – “Point of No Return”
  102. Episode 501 – “Revival”
  103. Episode 514 – “Eminence”
  104. Episode 515 – “Shades of Reason”
  105. Episode 516 – “The Lawless”
  106. Episode 517 – “Sabotage”
  107. Episode 518 – “The Jedi Who Knew Too Much”
  108. Episode 519 – “To Catch a Jedi”
  109. Episode 520 – “The Wrong Jedi”
  110. Episode 601 – “The Unknown”
  111. Episode 602 – “Conspiracy”
  112. Episode 603 – “Fugitive”
  113. Episode 604 – “Orders”
  114. Episode 605 – “An Old Friend”
  115. Episode 606 – “The Rise of Clovis”
  116. Episode 607 – “Crisis at the Heart”
  117. Episode 608 – “The Disappeared”
  118. Episode 609 – “The Disappeared: Pt. II”
  119. Episode 610 – “The Lost One”
  120. Episode 611 – “Voices”
  121. Episode 612 – “Destiny”
  122. Episode 613 – “Sacrifice”

anonymous asked:

Aw, Vita I remember reading your review of episode 505 where Olivia did the interview. You were so excited. We all were. What a waste of a show. If Shonda had done a presidential divorce, impeachment, campaign in season 3, the show would have been moving in the right direction. And if she was desperate to hire SF, she could have hired him as a love interest for Abby or Quinn.

Yeah, Scandal will always remain a wasted opportunities show

Things We’ve Learned that Fitz Grant Dislikes:

Being near Mellie.

Mellie’s BJs.

Big Gerry, Papa Pope, Mama Pope, Jake, Edison, Hollis, Andrew, and Verna.

Definitely Andrew.

Jake, too. (Yay)

Most definitely Verna.

Olivia with any other man.

Being away from Olivia.

Hunting, guns, birthday galas, vetting his own jokes and jogging.

Sleeping in. “I am the leader of the free world. I do not sleep in.”

Calling, before showing up at Liv’s apartment. (Black folks don’t play that!)

Vanilla ice cream? (We know he prefers chocolate).

In Scandal Episode 505-You Got Served, Cyrus tells us that on the California campaign, Fitz didn’t want to eat a donut and wanted to eat fruit and yogurt instead.

Cyrus said that Fitz hated three things:

1/bananas-2/fruit that touched bananas-3/ fruit that smelled like bananas.

What’d I miss?

Why Do We Care About Sansa Stark’s Rape But Not Jeyne Poole’s? A Discussion.

 Since episode 505 of Game of Thrones aired, a question that I have seen pop up more than a few times is “Why does the rape of Sansa Stark bother people, but not the rape of Jeyne Poole?” I have been thinking about this, and I wanted to share my thoughts for discussion before episode 506 airs tonight. 

The fundamental difference between the rape of Jeyne Poole and the rape of Sansa Stark is that Jeyne Poole isn’t just raped, but rather endures intense and systematic psychological torture. The same torture that Theon Greyjoy has endured at the hands of Ramsay Bolton. To enumerate the differences, both Jeyne and Theon have gone through:

  • Implementation of paranoia in the mind
  • Physical Harm (other than rape)
  • Threat of Physical Harm
  • Erasure of Identity
  • Humiliation 
  • Sexual Torture (Rape in the case of Jeyne Poole, Castration in the case of Theon)

The distinction between rape and torture is an important one, because Jeyne Poole is, essentially, a minor character, and part of Theon’s storyline and character arc. Theon was tortured by Ramsay Bolton, and has lost his identity for the identity of Reek. Reek will do anything that Ramsay tells him to do, without question. Or Reek did, until the character of Jeyne Poole came along. When Jeyne Poole is introduced into the story, Reek questions his identity when he is asked to pass Jeyne off as Arya Stark, when he hears the Godswood whisper “Theon”, and most importantly, during the rape of Jeyne Poole. 

On the surface, the rape of Jeyne Poole in the book may seem gratuitous, but while it is horrible, I do feel it serves a purpose. Reek goes into the bedchambers questioning his identity, even thinking about using a dagger on Ramsay, which is a big deal for Reek, and something a lot of fans downplay:

“He could feel his missing fingers cramping: two on his left hand, one on his right. And on his hip his dagger rested, sleeping in its leather sheath, but heavy, oh so heavy. It is only my pinky gone on my right hand, Theon reminded himself. I can still grip a knife.”

–The Prince of Winterfell, A Dance With Dragons

This is something that Reek would have never thought about before he started questioning his identity. The dagger plays an important part in the Jeyne Poole rape scene, as Ramsay forces Reek to cut Jeyne’s dress away with it. Reek, the entire time, is having an internal battle as to whether or not to use the dagger on Ramsay. The internal struggle is symbolic of Reek’s battle to regain his identity. He loses:

“Somewhere in the Godswood, a raven screamed. The dagger was still in his hand. He sheathed it. Reek, my name is Reek, it rhymes with weak.

–The Prince of Winterfell, A Dance with Dragons

The inclusion of the raven from the Godswood is an important clue that this scene is really about Reek having an internal battle between his identity as Theon and his identity as Reek. What is happening in the rape of Jeyne Poole scene, is Reek realizes that the torture he has undergone, and the loss of his identity is turning him into a person like Ramsay. This realization culminates in the Jeyne Poole rape scene when Reek is forced to initiate the torture he went though onto another person. Reek is now torturing people the same as Ramsay does, essentially. George R.R. Martin even alludes to the fact that Ramsay’s true intention is to make Reek torture someone else:

She is no kin to Lord Eddard, Theon almost said. Ramsay knows, he has to know. What new cruel game is this?”

The Prince of Winterfell, A Dance With Dragons

It is never confirmed or denied that Ramsay actually knows “Arya Stark” is really Jeyne Poole, but it seems that he does know. It seems Ramsay doesn’t really care if Jeyne Poole is Arya or not, he just wants Reek to be the one to initiate the torture that this woman will endure for the many chapters to come. I think it is also important to note that this is the only torture scene we get with Jeyne Poole; the rest of her torture is either alluded to by other characters, or can be seen in the change in Jeyne when Theon goes to rescue her. Interestingly, the same thing is true for the torture scenes of Theon, especially in the beginning when he is first captured. The readers do not get actual scenes of Theon’s torture but rather allusions to it through the books. I don’t understand why the showrunners couldn’t have also done this with Theon’s torture, instead of showing it in grisly detail. A lot of fans of the show say that we would never believe the change in Theon if we had not seen all the torture he endured, but that is simply not true. There are plenty of films and TV shows, especially in the horror genre that decide not to show the monster or villain. This allows the audience to build up the threat to something far greater and scarier than it could possibly be if it was simply shown. The “allude don’t show” rule is used to great effect by GRRM in the books with both Theon and Jeyne, and I don’t see why the showrunners couldn’t have done the same. Now it seems that the torture scenes with Theon are used as an excuse whenever any other character is raped or otherwise put through a great ordeal. 

Theon ultimately loses the battle for his identity in the Jeyne Poole rape scene, but he regains it during the escape sequence. In between the rape of Jeyne and the escape of Jeyne and Theon, is more evidence that Jeyne was not just raped, but tortured: 

“Sour Alyn had been saying that Ramsay kept his bride naked and chained to a bedpost, but Theon knew that was only talk. There were no chains, at least none that men could see.”

–The Turnclock, A Dance with Dragons

Then during the actual escape, Theon must embrace his true identity, so that Jeyne will trust him enough to go with him. Through several of the Theon chapters, Theon thinks that he cannot be Theon Greyjoy because Theon Greyjoy was a man, Theon Greyjoy would help Jeyne Poole, and Theon Greyjoy would have courage. During the escape sequence, Theon has to embrace his true identity, which transforms him from Ramsay’s dog to a man, he helps Jeyne Poole, and he has the courage to pull the plan off, and then jump off of the battlements instead of turn back. None of this would have been possible without the Jeyne Poole character, and without Theon’s participation in her torture, which allowed him to question his identity in a very real way. 

We can have a healthy debate as to whether or not rape and torture should be used as a plot device, especially one that furthers another character’s arc, but that is for another post. My point with this post is that the torture of Jeyne Poole had many different purposes: thematic,symbolic, character development, and plot development. The rape of Sansa Stark in the show will probably have none of the purpose that the torture of Jeyne did. 

Sansa is most likely not going to be tortured as Theon was, and Theon, while he watched, did not participate in her rape. Therefore, Sansa cannot be a foil character for Theon, and the driving force behind his identity crisis. If the rape is portrayed as the driving force of Theon’s identity crisis in the show, I think it will be lackluster at best, especially since we have so far not gotten any scenes of Theon in the Godswood. We may get one or two later, but by then the escalation of the identity crisis will be skewed, and the scene may even seem to be out of place. 

What the writers of Game of Thrones did, essentially was take a scene, which was horrific (and was meant to be) and stripped it of all of its meaning by replacing the character. Just because Sansa Stark and Jeyne Poole are both women without families, does not make them interchangeable. I think this is the fundamental difference between the show and books. All of the characters in A Song of Ice and Fire, male or female, have a distinct character arc and purpose. It would be impossible within the books to simply interchange two characters. The rape scene with Sansa instead of Jeyne was stripped of its meaning, and I don’t think it will be able to get the meaning back. Therefore, the Sansa rape scene was in the purest sense, completely gratuitous and unnecessary.