I just love how at the beginning of this episode, the Doctor gives Rose some information and a direction to go to impress Adam. (Sweetest Time Lord in existence!!!) Also “He’s your boyfriend” “Your first date…” Jealous much! Haha really though. Throughout the episode the poor Doctor is NOT liking Adam, and not just because he’s acting like an idiot.

Speaking of that… really Adam. Really. I would have waited until at least the third of fourth adventure to try and steal some knowledge. Really exploring would be the first thing on my mind. But some people can just never learn…

Meanwhile, we get to see some nice tag-teaming with the Doctor and Rose, and I am SO glad that I captured that one moment of PURE SASS.^

Some great moments with the Face of Boe being pregnant and the line “I only take the best. I have Rose.” AHHH WARM FUZZIES!!

Jesse : Hurdacı, ha? Tahmin edeyim, burayı sen mi seçtin?

Walter : Nesi var? Biz bizeyiz.

Jesse : Bu suç işlememiş birinin uyuşturucu randevusu fikri ..

Walter : "Bir filmde gördüm. Hey, bana bak.“  Peki sen nerede iş bitiriyorsun?

Beni aydınlat.

Jesse : Bilmem, mesela Taco Cabeza nasıl? Yaptığım anlaşmaların yarısı Taco Cabeza'da gerçekleşti. Hoş ve halka açık.24 saat açık. Taco Cabeza'da kimse vurulmaz.

Alışveriş merkezi neden değil? Gap'te beklersin. Randevu saati geldiğinde Haki pantolonunu bırakıp gider bir Orange Julius portakal suyu alırım.

Psikopat Tuco'nun gelip mallarımı çaldığı ve beni kanlar içinde ölüme terk ettiği kısmı atlamış olurum.

Vince Gilligan - ” Breaking Bad “ 

I`ve watched last night`s episode of The Fosters twice and i`m still amazed by the unbelievably brilliant performance Maia gave in it. She perfectly conveyed Callie`s emotions when she opened up to Brandon about what Liam did to her. It was such a marvelously done scene where we saw Callie finally let down the wall she had put up for so long and completely open to Brandon about the most traumatic moment of her life, but at the same time. she was still wrestling the feeling of guilt she had felt for her so long before finally realizing that she`s not to blame about what happened. I can`t say enough how great Maia was in last night`s episode and hope that it will make a positive impact on women that have suffered the same terrible experience as Callie and on men that want to be supportive to them like Brandon was with Callie. I know that it has made me want to find a way to help women that has been through the same ordeal as Callie`s by just listening to them.