KageHina - First Kiss

Work hard, Kageyama!

I just really like the thought of Kageyama (who’s so exceptional at everything volleyball related) being a complete mess when it comes to romance


“It’s like we got to Mordor at the end and we don’t know how to drop the ring in. Like we can’t figure it out.”

“That’s exactly what it’s like.”

“We’re so fucking stupid.”

Let’s Play Minecraft - Episode 163 - Ender DrAgain


[ATTACK] Venus Love and Beauty Shock.

Series: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon

Kana: ヴィーナス・ラブ・アンド・ビューティ・ショック
Romaji: Viinasu Rabu ando Byuuti Shokku

User: Sailor Venus
Item required: None
First appearance: Episode 154
Last appearance: Episode 192


  • Sailor Venus used the Love Whip to perform this technique in the manga.
  • This attack was inspired by the Roman goddess Venus, whose functions encompassed love, beauty, sex, fertility, prosperity, and desire.

[ATTACK] Mercury Aqua Rhapsody.

Series: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon

Kana: マーキュリー・アクア・ラプソディー
Romaji: Maakyurii Akua Rapusodii

User: Sailor Mercury
Item required: None
First appearance: Episode 151
Last appearance: Episode 191


  • Sailor Mercury used the Mercury Harp to perform this technique in the manga.
  • The harp in this attack is a reference to Roman deity Mercury’s lyre.

HAHAHA HOLY SHIT (sorry about the long post, I have no idea how to add one of those ‘continue reading, things)

Okay, so… Holy fuck. It’s even worse than we thought it was. They have more clones than we thought, and they’re not just Duncan. They’re not just Duncan AND Kim. As far as I saw, there was Duncan, un-fluxed Duncan (where do these ones’ DNA come from? Not Lalnable, they have Duncan’s gray eyes, and Lalnable’s are slightly more red), Kim, Lewis (multiple places), Simon (multiple places), Sips (the large room with the main army), Hannah (the hallway after the first clone room), Nilesy (hallway after the first clone room), Zoey (hallway after the first clone room), Fiona (hallway after the first clone room), and Strife (the room with the flesh machine). First of all… why these particular ones? There is a noticeable lack of Sjin, despite him being THE ONLY OTHER PLAYER IN THIS WORLD, and why Strife without Parv? Why Zoey and Fiona, but not Rythian? Why not Hat Films? I immediately thought of that part back in Zoey and Fiona’s series on Zoey’s channel where we can see those holograms of life sources detected. Lalnable happened to be one of those, but that just leaves more questions. Rythian was also displayed on that screen, along with two others (Lewis and Hannah) that Lalnable actually has clones of. So if he was near Rythian, why isn’t he in the clone army? And again, that lack of Sjin while there’s a SIPS of all people. What has Sips done that Sjin hasn’t, or vice versus, what has Sjin done that Sips hasn’t? I thought of the Dirt Factory series, but then we would have seen a Turps in there somewhere. I can’t think of anything else, really. And how did Lalnable get any of these clones when none of the original players even exist in this world right now?! We could assume that the time machine could have done it, but remember - it’s broken. And Lalnable doesn’t appear to know how to fix it yet, which suggests it hasn’t been fully made at any point in time yet. The green lights around it, along with the fact that this is the only other time machine we’ve seen in any series to my knowledge, suggests this came from the Time Cops series, but how? (If anyone has any ideas that’d be great, I admit I haven’t watched the entire Time Cops series) We could also assume that the ‘Master’, whoever he is, might have collected and supplied Lalnable with at least some samples, but the two that seem most likely to be this ‘Master’ (Lewis or Israphel) just don’t fit. Yoglabs Lewis (normal Lewis doesn’t seem to be a candidate) would only have clones of himself, Simon, and Duncan (which could explain the non-fluxed Duncan’s, but not much else fits), and Israphel has only met Lewis and Simon. Is there some other character we haven’t met yet that is in control of everything? Will we meet them soon? Are there multiple 'Master’s?
And on to other things. The design of Lalnable’s lab has MULTIPLE similarities to Yoglabs. The main lab consists of white walls and floors, with dark grey accents (just like yoglabs), the layout is mainly small square hallways and large rooms, there was a clear bridge over a large black room (which is displayed in one of the yoglabs videos, I’ve forgotten which), the flesh-machine room had the colored lines on the ground (one of yoglabs’ defining features), and there is a very out-of-place cafeteria (just like yoglabs) with what appears to be a BROKEN COFFEE MACHINE (another memorable feature of yoglabs). Why are there so many connections? Are they intended, accidental, or just a coincidence?
And lastly- what is up with the glass sphere? Is it just the whole 'similar minds think alike’ thing that Kim mentioned, or is there something more to it? And what purpose does it have? It appears to be related to botania, as there is a mana pool in the center sending mana to odd white and gray blocks around its edge, but what does it do? Is it simply another power source, or something more?

Anyway, this episode is killing me! I’ve never been so clueless about what is happening in an episode. HELP ME OUT HERE GUYS, IM GONNA GO INSANE
I’m sure we’re all wondering what this 'plan’ is, but right now the lab itself and its contents are confusing me more than the actual plot ;-;


There was a long pause in the conversation, during which the two let the silence fill the room, almost as to anticipate what was coming. And they both knew what that was.

<<I think I’m in love with him, Lina>>, Catherine finally admitted. <<It’s completely stupid and messy and complicated, but I’m in love>>, she sobbed.

Alina shook her head, grabbing her friend’s hand. <<Cait, you know in any other situation I would support your feelings, but this… You’ll make a mess out of this, love. And you need to think of this baby you are about to give birth to>>, she explained.

Catherine nodded. <<No, I know that. I know I have to let it go, but… It’s so hard. He… he makes me happy, Lina. Happy. Like nobody ever has. And it hurts so bad having to rip that happiness into pieces>>, she murmured, her lip shaking as she tried to hold back the tears.

Alina didn’t say anything. There wasn’t anything she could have said to make things better anyways. Instead, she pulled Catherine closer and into her arms, holding her tight against her chest and rocking her as she finally gave in to the pain.