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Mayor of Crazy Town Maybe

A little late but my highlights/review of Malediktator.

-Chloe’s mum officially takes worst mother award.

-Adrien is a soft cinnamon roll who loves Chloe even though she is a delinquent.

-Chloé needs a proper adult influence in her life. Petition for Ms Bustier to adopt her please.

-Mari trying hard to understand Chloé despite their past.

-Cat Chat is the purest thing!!






-Chloé actually took some blame! And grew up a little!


-Okay but queen and LB work really well together and the matching weapons attacks are adorable

-That Chloé LB first bump made me cry happy tears.

-“perhaps being Queen Bee will make her a better Chloé too”

-The Alya shade OMG 😂😂😂

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What’s your review on pregnant and flirty?

I always scrolled past Pregnant and Flirty in the Trending User Stories section because it looked terrible. Well, I finally read nine chapters of it and it is not good at all.

MC gets pregnant by her cheating ex who’s named Chad because of course his name is Chad and then meets a celebrity who wants to date her even though she’s visibly pregnant. That’s pretty much everything that has happened over the course of the nine chapters I read. What a novel concept.

The spelling and grammar is fine for the most part, but Megan (the author) periodically misuses punctuation and inadvertently writes sentence fragments. Also, there is strange word choice. I’m under the impression that English may not be Megan’s first language. There’s also lots of unnecessary narration. The dialogue feels robotic.

My biggest problem with this story is the cheap cliff hangers. The first couple chapters are characterized by cliff hangers in the exposition. (The exposition doesn’t end until chapter four.) Chapter nine, the last chapter of this story I plan to read, interrupts the flow of the story to cut to Chad’s mom discovering something on his computer for the sake of a cliff hanger. It’s bothersome to me.

The LI is an especially poorly written character. He appears on MC’s doorstep and falls in love with her on the spot. The fact that MC is heavily pregnant with someone else’s child and he falls in love with her anyway pushes my suspension of disbelief. And the fact that he’s MC’s celebrity crush decimates my suspension of disbelief altogether. If you’re going to give MC a cuck LI, at least give the LI more of a reason to love MC despite her being pregnant with someone else’s child than simply because the plot says so.

The directing is basic for the most part, although sometimes Megan experiments with backgrounds and overlays. The sound is good, though the sound effects are too comedic for my liking. For example, Megan used a rimshot for one of her own jokes. That’s one rung above including a laugh track on the ladder of Episode sound usage.

Another thing that irks me about Pregnant and Flirty is Megan’s commentary throughout. For example, in chapter nine we are encouraged to screenshot Chad, whose face is covered with rashes, and post it on Instagram. The logic is, “Ooh, Chad is such a dick to MC. He’s so controlling and mean and jealous. Girls rule and boys drool. #GirlPower!” I’m not saying he’s not a dick—he cheats on MC many times—but I am saying that this incessant hate on Chad feels petty and undermines any feminist message Megan is trying to make.

This story isn’t a must-read. There are already so many that are just like it. Read one of those, I guess, unless you adore the teen pregnancy subgenre.

Scooby Doo and Castiel

This is my biggest take away from the Scoobynatural episode:

Cas is kind of like a talking dog” says Dean.

I’d take a bullet for that dog” says Dean a bit later.

These two lines from Dean are so important that I’ve been jumping up and down since I heard him say them. 

Through Dean, Cas has textually been compared to Scooby Doo. This aint no subtextual mirror. This has been spelt out in the text by the main character. Now, I reckon that quite a few of my fellow sometimes bitter Cas girls probably took insult at that first line - how dare Dean reduce Cas to a talking dog! It does initially read as almost an insult. I see that, I hear you, and I totally understand that knee jerk reaction because it was also mine. BUT…

That second line? Along with a whole bunch of other stuff Dean said and did in this episode that clearly displayed just how much he adores Scooby? That is the biggest tell here.

There are TWO important points to take away from this Cas/Scooby comparison. One is an in-show reading/analysis revolving around Dean. The other is an out-of-show analysis about the writers and how they view Castiel. Both are extremely important to consider and get excited about. The reason why?

Because Scooby Doo is the fucking lead of the Scooby Doo show. 

It’s not the Fred Gang, or the Daphne Gang. It’s the “Scooby Gang”. On the show called Scooby Doo. This show revolved around Scooby. Scooby is the main character and without Scooby, there would be no Scooby Doo show. Are you starting to see my point here? :P

By comparing Cas to Scooby Doo, and to have Dean textually say that Cas is like Scooby Doo, is putting Cas front and center in this show within a show. 

The In-Show Reading

So focusing on the in-show reading for a bit, why is this so significant? Because it is all about Dean. Dean is the one who put Cas in that lead role. Dean lovingly dubbed Cas as their talking dog, and whilst at first I grumbled a bit at how I thought it was kinda mean to reduce Cas to a talking dog, it is then reiterated constantly throughout the episode just how much Dean looks up to, and adores Scooby Doo. He’d take a bullet for him after all. Dean sees Cas as the most important character in their own Scooby Gang. For Dean, making Cas the talking dog is actually a huge compliment, because he’s not just any talking dog, he’s their Scooby Doo, and I guarantee that Dean would agree with me when I say that the show just wouldn’t work without Scooby Doo. (all you gotta do is watch the first 5 episodes of season 13 to see how true that is for poor Dean.) 

It’s what ties those two lines together. “Cas is kind of like a talking dog” and “I’d take a bullet for that dog” because the lines blur here. In fact I’d go so far as to say it’s potentially foreshadowing for what may be coming by season end. Dean can barely cope without Cas, let along watch him die again… and given all the rumours we’ve got I wouldn’t be surprised if Cas being in danger is what prompts Dean to make a very rash choice in the coming episodes… It would make sense narratively given the way the season started, and it all needs to be tied back together by season end (and address the elephant in the room.)

It’s interesting how Dean views each of the Scooby characters in the episode because whilst he lusts after Daphne to an extremely comic and overdone extent - to the point that his total inability to seduce her becomes the primary joke of the episode (and probably a very interesting thing to meta in itself) - It is Scooby Doo who he most reveres. Scooby is the one he would die for, the one who he must protect at all costs. It’s the “talking dog” who is the most important to Dean. Doesn’t that just ring rather true to life right now as well?

Season 13 has a huge elephant in the room. The elephant being what has been left unsaid between Dean and Cas. Scoobynatural surprised me by just how much it kept on topic with these underlying themes. Dean viewing Castiel as the Scooby Doo of their own Scooby Gang, means that he puts Castiel in the lead role - perhaps not the role of leadership (which is Fred’s place in the gang and Dean’s place in his own story) but as the primary focal point, and the most important thing in Dean’s own story (no matter how much he may pursue the distraction that is Daphne).

I think overall it all just reiterates where Dean places Cas in his life. In a place of great worth, and in extremely high regard.

The Out-Of-Show Reading

The Out-of-Show reading is simply where the writers now view Cas. I’ve been saying this since the end of Season 12, but Cas is extremely important both in show and out. The writers aren’t idiots. They know that Cas brings in the viewers, more so than any other characters or episode types. Over and over again the writers have repeated how important Cas is, how Misha saved the show, how much Cas means to the story. It’s almost like they are trying to tell us something?!? Hmmm…

This makes me think back to the beginning of the season and how the season opening song was Nothing Else Matters by Metallica. With carefully chosen shots of Cas after every time the line “ and nothing else matters” was played. I don’t know how many times the writers can reiterate this point both in show and in PR right now, but Castiel is important should be screamed from the rooftops.

The writers cleverly assigned each member of the Scooby Gang with their own TFW counterparts. Sam is obviously Velma, Dean is both Fred and Daphne (and yeah there is so much to meta about that), whereas Castiel is Scooby Doo (and to a lesser extent Shaggy - the goofy best friend). But come on, be honest with yourselves, when you think of Scooby Doo the TV show, whats the first image that comes into your head? Is it sexy Daphne with her purple dress? Fred with his ascot? Or is it a big brown animated dog? You may think of those other characters as well, but Scooby Doo himself is the first thing you see. 

By comparing Cas to Scooby the writers are once again telling us that Cas is the most important thing this season. Also, just that he is extremely important and integral to the show. There can be no Scooby Doo without Scooby himself, just like nowadays, there can be no Supernatural without Castiel. 

There can be no denying, by anyone, that Cas isn’t a fundamental character, both in show and out. This episode, and many others before it, have proven this point. 

In show - Cas is everything to Dean. To the point that Dean views him as the “lead” in his own story.

Out of show - Supernatural can never exist without Castiel, and right now he is of a fundamental importance.

S2E8 - Ending Review

Okay, so I know after Camp Camp Season 2 Episode 8 everyone is freaking out over Max and Mr.Honeynuts, cause it’s his comfort stuffed animal and Gwen bullies him with (newsflash, he’s 10 he’s bound to have a stuffed animal, and he deserved what Gwen did) - which I feel is shitty cause nobody really is noticing how big of an episode it is for Gwen and David’s development. 

So, let me break down my favorite scene.

And that is this one. 

It is so damn important. 

Why’s that? It’s because it finally shows Gwen’s breaking point- the moment she realizes she’s never going to leave Camp Campbell and that her life has reached a rock-bottom. It’s the realization that a grown woman became a 10 year old’s bitch to get him a teddy bear to save her from losing a shitty job she doesn’t even want, which was all in vain cause David still found out.

But how does David approach it? Well, if this same situation had happened in season 1, I can give you a rough idea. He would appalled that Gwen would want to leave, not understanding her distaste for the camp and even being offended by it personally. Or, if it had been during episode 6, he probably wouldn’t even bat an eye because it’s one less counselor for competition. He was obsessed with being the best. More of this flaw was exploited masterfully by my garbage friend @ciphernetics which you can read here.

But no. What does he do? He builds her up. David sits there and floods her with compliments, explaining in great detail all she’s done for the camp, how she’s handled situations, how she’s dealt with others, etc. David does something selfless- which is putting her before him. I’ve never seen him do this before. He’s usually quite literally shoving her out of the picture, or waving her off as not important. Even in “Better Than You” he breaks out into song over how much more qualified he is than Daniel in an attempt to scare him away so he can remain the best counselor- and that’s pretty dick-ish, given that he was completely unaware of the circumstances of him being batshit insane.

(The look David is giving her is so pure)

But he values her help. David obviously looks up to her and appreciates everything she does, even if it comes off to Gwen in a threatening way that makes her afraid of quitting or letting him know that she’s searching for a different job. But he reassures her, dispels her anxiety even if it’s for a brief moment, and he focuses on making sure she’s comfortable.

And you know what Gwen does for once? She feels confident in herself for once. In her abilities as a counselor and for her qualification for another job. All this time she spent at Camp Campbell, she’s gotten shit for her degrees and wasted time attempting to help only to be called “the fucking worst”. That’s awful for anyone to endure, and I’m not surprised she lost it when she did. Being constantly underappreciated and overlooked wears down the psyche, especially when she’s shown to give a shit every once and a while. Although she’s absent-minded, she does show care where it needs to be shown. Even though it’s played as a joke that she doesn’t give a rat’s ass about the camp as shown when it reveals she was completely unaware of the Woodscouts invading- she was visibly concerned by it afterwards. She can’t help that she tunes things out- I would too if I was getting bombarded with insults 24/7. Gwen is the only one that tends to David when he’s hurt, and she rushes to check on the campers whenever something happens. David’s far from perfect, and if he didn’t spend most of the first season shutting her out, she could’ve easily been a better counselor than him.

(Look at this child with her newly instilled confidence in herself)

So, how does she approach things after David’s pep-talk. She get’s up and tries again. Even though her entire character was written out to be the polar opposite of David- not giving a shit and bailing if things get too hard, she actually goes out and tries again.

Even though she failed at the very end of the episode, I really hope that this scene allows Gwen to open up a bit more. In every episode she only has a few lines, most of which are quickly made fun of or shut down by other campers/David or just provided to be pessimistic.

I think Gwen will eventually learn to love Camp Campbell, not for the reasons David does, but for her own personal ones that she’d probably never admit to. I mean, let’s put it in perspective. During every single job interview she had in the episode nobody remembered her name. At least at Camp Campbell they know who she is and value her presence. Gwen would be guaranteed to be 10x more miserable at a place that treats her even worse than Camp Campbell does- plus I don’t think she has a choice in staying or not. 

I’d love to see her and David working more as a team, and both being big roles in the show, not just having the spotlight on David all the time. Hopefully now that David is becoming more self-less and Gwen is being brought up rather than down, they’ll click better. But, I do say that this was some masterfully written character development on both ends.

[Bonus things I thought were cute]

Gwen… I know Max completely deserved it… But weren’t you the one defending Jermy Fartz to try and stop the campers from bullying him?

I’m speechless… SHE LEBRON’D HIM. 

She was so focused on what David had to say she shoved Max away so he couldn’t interrupt him. This display is the most we’ve ever seen Gwen care about what David had to say- even after 20 episodes.

Gwen is also picking up some bad David tendencies (pushing, making fun of campers, etc) and it’s adorable.

A little chilly ❄️

Not the next ice age because nothing really changed, still a really good snow day though! ♥️❄️

-The imaginary reveal, adrien is so soft


-Kagami is a savage fencer

-Plagg is a smug little shit stirrer


-Poor Marinette, poor sweet girl. And yet she still tries to help him. sweet bean!

-The girls are adorable, I love the circle of support.


-Gorilla for new dad; sign the petition now.

-Jealous snobby Kagami makes me sad.

-Luka and Marinette Ice skating makes it better though!


-Kagami is mean but her advice is sound.

-Adrien is an obvious idiot. Like really. Someone teach that boy already.

-THE ICE OUTFITS OMFG (Kinda wish LB had a cute little figure skater skirt though)

-“a bag of salt?” Hey Chat I didn’t know you had a twin!

-they made up so cutely though ❤️

-Luka is pure and supportive and I love him

-Matching dream confessions, They’re both such dorks and totally made for each other.

-That ending! And almost date! Omg!!!

The future - and it is showing us this loud and clear

This episode was amazing. After flailing and basically shouting all day I am so happy and so excited that I joined tumblr - the quality of posts today has been excellent, both humorous and inciteful and I LOVE YOU ALL :)

I hope its ok I’m going to tag a few great posts in this to reference as I don’t want to go over stuff other people have already meta-d about so excellently!

This episode, titled the future, seems to me to be Dabb basically telling us what he wants for the next part of the show, the “better way” that he wants to take it.

So here are my main bullet points that I will expand on a little below and link those excellent posts to where relevant:

A. Sam 

Sam is clearly portrayed again, recurrently as the researcher, the “brains” of the operation (before you say ‘Dean is so clever though!’ I’m just pointing out Sam’s love of the scholarly side of things and how this is where he fits). Sam’s endgame must now be to head up the MoL/hunter network in this respect.

B. Sam and Dean 

They work so well as a team here, Sam putting a tracker in Cas’s phone while he’s distracted by Dean, researching v whatever Dean was doing (maybe making a pining mixtape along the lines of “all by myself” and “I miss you” “please come home”, BUT they are shown as different people, with different interests, skills and relationships - with Cas for example, & not codependent. Again hammering this home in this episode. THANK YOU DABB, GLYNN & BERENS.


This whole episode is one big love fest. We went from one ‘wow I can’t believe they just did that!’ to the next to the next with hardly enough time for us to catch out breath! WHAT WAS THIS EPISODE?!

OK, so we have :

1. My Romeo & Juliet / Gaze up Trope Balcony Meta.

2. The Mixtape Meta, another EXPLICIT romantic trope by @drsilverfish.

3. The Dean “keep it” parallels, the first one that came to my mind was Arwen (another human+ / eternal being who decided to relinquish immortality couple):

Aragon: this belongs to you.
Arwen: keep it, it was a gift… it is mine to give to whom I will, like my heart.

But also all the other ‘gift’ tropes, the standard romantic trope that when a couple breaks up you return the gifts…. I think Cas wasn’t sure he was going to be forgiven, after Dean’s outburst in the war room, so he goes to return the cassette, but Dean does forgive him nearly instantaneously, which actually makes it even worse that he has to steal the colt straight after…

5. The difference between Sastiel and Destiel again emphasised, more and more this season. I don’t think I even have to detail this, just, basically the whole episode shows this.

6. This magnificent gifset by @magnificent-winged-beast which shows the difference between Dean’s angst at actually watching the colt get destroyed and the potential killing of Cas…

Slight aside - Performing!Dean. 

This magnificent gifset that shows Dean’s facade coming down, he doesn’t even attempt to make it sound less ‘gay’ when he tells Sam that Cas came to his room, played him and took the colt from his secret hiding place under his pillow, he even looks down before he says it like he KNOWS how it is going to sound but says it anyway. 

source: @yourfavoritedirector.

And Sam doesn’t even flinch. YES THANK YOU DABB, GLYNN & BERENS!

4. SO…WHY is Dean still doing everything he did for Cas during this episode and still defending him to Sam even though he appeared pissed and Cas repeatedly betrayed him?

Well, in 12x12 Cas said “I love you”, clearly understood by Dean (and Sam to be directed at Dean). There was no real reciprocation though from Dean, other than Dean family-zoning him and Sam’s fantastic “we are doing this for you, Cas”. 

So regarding Dean, Cas is hurt and believes it isn’t reciprocated. Now Dean is pissed and still using the WE card at every turn, so what is a celestial being to do? Cas assumes this is the end, that there is no hope, he returns the mixed tape. BUT Dean says no keep it, this is NOT the end. 

Cas understands that this is therefore not the end, but it is complicated. He explains that he wanted to “come back with a win for you…. for myself”. He wants this for Dean and for himself, this is very important, everything he is doing now and in the future is NOT all about Dean, there is his own agency and morality involved here too.

For Cas, when it comes to it, he wants this reciprocation of his love of course, but right now he has bigger fish to fry and really he wants to protect Sam and Dean and save the world

Now, going back to the “what the hell is wrong with you man?” followed by an awkward silence…. and where Cas then goes to return the gift. Yes, Cas feels that he has said his piece in 12x12 and is rebuffed, but meanwhile Dean is struggling with what Cas has said and everything else that is going on. He has a lot on his plate, not only Cas but his own personal history, his deep seated issues that he is clearly working on this season (see all the performing!Dean facade crumbling meta going around), his issues around his mother, the BMoL, Lucifer, the nephilim…. I mean that is a lot for an emotionally healthy person let a lone DEAN WINCHESTER.

Dean is trying to say / show how he feels he’s just rubbish at it, but he’s getting better!

“We?” “Yes dumbass, WE.” This is his forgiveness. And it is betrayed just moments later. But does this stop him trusting Cas again? NO.

THIS IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. For their dynamic, to show that they still do ultimately trust each other.


Oh, and I just need to add how desperate I am for Sam to turn to Dean soon and just say “No, Dean, this is between you and Cas, stop bringing me into this”. PLEASE I SWEAR I WILL BE GOOD! I mean, how repeated, consistent and out of place it was (I mean, not only to shippers, I think anyone would think it was out of place the way it was portrayed in their personal conversation in Dean’s room) - this has got to be addressed, no?!

 5. A better way

So. What does this mean moving forwards?

Well, firstly, I have moved from being 85% sure Destiel would be endgame to about 95% sure. Lets be real. This episode cements this. Whether you like it or not, it’s happening.

So, what is the better way?

Overall, it seems that Dabb wants to move things forwards. And his key points all season are Free Will, breaking from past repressions and negative influences, moving forwards with what the characters choose and want for their endgame and for sure now endgame Destiel.

I have in the past speculated about quite a lot of stuff, some right and some… still to be seen and some not right, but the overall arc speculation that I saw foreshadowed since early season 12 is RIGHT ON TRACK.

Now, the question is will Dabb go backwards and go to the old, standard SPN ways where probably Dean and Cas will be separated, Cas will be wrong again in his trust in the nephilim - it WILL be evil (rehash of s6 and s8) and he will need to be ‘broken’ from the mind control by Dean in a stronger crypt scene etc etc etc.

Or will he move forwards, onto a “better way”? Will we get another s11 ‘happy ending’? Where it appears all good but there is still stuff going on behind the scenes for s13… Or maybe a not so happy ending but that ultimately will be resolved happily? 

Maybe the baby has it’s grace removed (so glad this is an option it was driving me insane that they hadn’t mentioned it by now!) OR it’s not evil at all! it’s the ANTI-anti-Christ, it chose Cas because he is Lucifer’s mirror in that he LOVES Humanity. I mean, the whole point of the show is agency, free will and not being forced to follow the result of your parentage / past ….especially this season with Sam and Dean’s arcs….

Maybe human!Cas, potential hunter Daddies, Cas staying at home calling Dean while he’s out on MOTW hunts with Sam being all “Dean there’s poop everywhere, I’m sorry it got on your favourite shirt, but please please come home this is so hard!” “OK babe, don’t worry, we’ll be back tomorrow, the case was a milk run!” when actually Dean nearly died and Sammy saved the day and…. etc because really? what are we supposed to think from that motel scene? With Cas smiling all cute and using the world “righteous” when talking about the kids future guardian?! (and Kelly survives if we are going to be extra nice).

Maybe Lucifer will die / be dealt with and it is the MoL that are the big bad next year…..aiding the overall future arc of TFW as leaders of the MoL/Hunter collaboration (Chuck I hope so).

Or will it be a mix of the two?

Well my money is on that it will be a mix….  


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guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuysss it was so good. Spoilers because I’m about to scream about things.

All of the songs in here were really great by the way! Little shorter than what we’re used to with the movies but still had all that great #content

Gosh, the whole erasing memory thing– oooooooooaaaaa Sunset Shimmer had basically her whole life taken from her but was so relieved Twilight Sparkle remembered her still.



A brief flirty montage.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this brief flirty montage.

Also oh my gosh, I know a lot of people have been waiting and it finally happened– Sunset and Celestia were finally reunited and aaaaaaaah feelings~~~~
Sunset being really nervous and anxious about seeing her again had been putting it off for a while. When she finally sees Celestia again she straightens up and whole-heartily apologizes and I don’t think that she at all expected Celestia to ever just forgive her, but gosh with all that has happened, and all Twilight has probably told her and all those years and how much that tore both of them up, “I’ve missed you.” is all that really needs to be said.
I think at several points Sunset thought Celestia might actually smite her or something though, lol.

Okay, I’m sorry– one more.

Sunset and Celestia exchanging knowing glances as Twilight was screaming over books. Sunset can’t help who she loves asdflkj

I lov them!~

#believe in Trixie

I also loved now how they’re like finally referencing all of the songs in the show
Wallflower: “I’ve been here for like, half of your song…”
Trixie, as Wallflower started singing in the video: “EW, skip this.” (<3)

Especially the transformation ones!!!! OHM YGOSH– SPARKLY!!!!

Twilight Sparkly, as she’s delivering like the Sailor Moon-esq speech about ‘you’ve forgotten the Power of Friendship!’– Pinkie Pie: “yeah yeah– LIGHT HER UP LADIES!!”

Okay, now on to Wallflower– she def. went overboard! ….Buuut… I can get that ..lol ……………
Also, I do feel like really sorry for her but– YOU DIDN’T HAVE TO RUIN SUNSET’S LIFE! I wish there were some sort of moment at some point in there where she realizes too that even taking down the person she decided to blame everything on for having what she didn’t, that didn’t make her feel better….


I’m like crying now, having to go back over again and again to get these screenshots… (Y’ALL BETTER APPRECIATE ME)
I’m still crying; Sunset was completely willing to do absolutely everything she could to save her friends and she sacrificed herself….
Even Wallflower was horrified to see what that did to her….
(hold on, I’m crying forever)

(Okay, I’m good)
(NO I’M NOT!!! *snot coming from my nose*)
After seeing how much Sunset cares for them, everyone comes to her aid and READY TO HELP HER!!

It was at that moment she knew, she fucked up.

(this is legit how I get through a lot of finales and stuff like this because EVERYTHING HAS TO BE OKAY AT THE END, RIGHT/?!?!)

This gives me so much life. :’’‘)
I love them with all my heart. <3

Alright, y’all are going to have to deal, because there was a lot of sad parts in this too, so (STOP! break it down now!) RESOLUTION TIME!!!

I really do love mlp’s reoccurring theme of making amends. Wallflower never meant for any of this but when you start going down a destructive line like that and it doesn’t make you feel better, it’s hard to stop because you keep going because you have to feel good at some point. The lesion in this special was so good though too because it really does make a good point that neglect can sometimes be just as bad as hate.


Also, omg– Trixie finally got her page in the yearbook aksdhfkjla <3

(her poster is like legit good though)
This is the ending we all deserved after that.~
Literally any time I get to see them is #GOOD! This special was SO GOOD!!!!!!
<3 <3 <3 <3

Okay, wait, WAIT –don’t end the post yet– one more.

She’s so GAY!

13x12 - Episode Review - What is Fifth Base Anyway?

So the people at Google must have been confused when they discovered the number of searches for “fifth base” drastically went up overnight… Steve Yokey you cheeky bugger I love you! (Show of hands everyone who did this? Go on, admit it!)

This episode was really good. One of the stronger ones of an already very strong bunch as season 13 continues to exceed in quality. It had jokes, it had deep emotional revelations, it had Cas once again using his SuperPower of sassing the fuck out of things to get what he wants. Yeah it was pretty awesome! So let’s delve into the main points.

The Red Herring Love Spell

We were all expecting this to be an episode similar to 12x11 based on how it was marketed to us. Dean is under a love spell! It’s up to Sam and Rowena to save him! That seemed to be the gist of the PR team’s focus. As ever, PR is not Showrunning and this turned out to be one giant red herring.

The love spell lasted all of five minutes. So why bother? WHY was a love spell even PART of this plot?! Seriously? Someone tell me how this episode couldn’t have followed the EXACT same narrative with the sisters using some other spell to force people to do things for them? The fact is, that love spell was pointless for the plot but excellent for getting people thinking about LOVE. Specifically, Dean Winchester and LOVE, or at least, what love should be, and what it most definitely is not.

Aside from the fact that the clunky music whenever the love spell was invoked made me cringe, I thoroughly enjoyed how innocent it all seemed. Dean got to play Prince Charming to the princess and provide her with a gift of her choosing. I think it says something about Dean that the love spell encouraged this fairy tale vibe specifically for him, when for Dale at the start it was all about him playing protector and hero through violence and theft. I just thought it was an interesting statement about Dean’s wishes and desires compared to other men. Though I gotta admit, the gift giving, goofiness and oh I dunno, protecting his lover from a gun? It all seemed rather familiar to me… Hmmm…

I mean who else has Dean previously entrusted with powerful one off weapons?

Originally posted by supernaturaldaily

Who else has Dean had to recently protect from a pointed gun much to his own horror rather than the recipient who is unlikely to be harmed by a regular gun anyway?

Originally posted by casclaire

Who else makes Dean goofy and pull these silly delighted faces?

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*looks into the camera like on the Office*

Yeah, but see these are not really examples of true love, even though they are all things done with Cas. What IS true love in season 13 is something that subtextually KEEPs getting referred to in EVERY EPISODE. That in 13x01 – 13x05 Dean was deeply lost in grief. Deeply mourning over the loss of Cas – someone who he is truly in love with. Love makes you do crazy things? Yeah, and as Billy said in 13x05 (Yokey’s last episode FYI) Dean wanted to die. Cas’s death had brought him to that level. The fact that now it is SAM who is feeling low, feeling powerless because of the loss of Mary and Jack, and Dean is able to remain focussed and have HOPE that they will save them, continues to be astonishingly hypocritical of Dean given where he was when Cas was dead. But it does keep drawing our attention to that fact, and for that I love it.

Bonus point for “I think you may be right, I think its time we go ahead and call Cas…” … “I’m in love” because Yokey could have written Sam saying ANYTHING at that point but he chose to remind the audience about Cas at that exact moment… as Dean announces he is in love, because the two are connected (and because it then wouldn’t be that much of a stretch to assume that Sam’s initial reaction is “Oh… so you finally admit it?”)

(FYI this crappy gif is my own. Don’t judge. It’s the first I’ve ever made.)

Sam’s mild amusement here just fits the “oh so you finally admit it? We can call Cas and start the wedding preparations?” interpretation and NO ONE can stop me seeing it that way! :D

Bonus Point two for the mentions of “Soulmates” (which relate to Angels in the show) and “Cosmic” (which again, tends to relate to angels and Cas).

Bonus point three that this is an episodes marketed as Dean being in love! LOOK AT ALL THIS HETEROSEXUALITY! It seems to scream at our general audiences, and yet, as always in SPN, if the GA are seeking heterosexuality, they are to be disappointed. They got a 5 minute mini love spell plot and Dean once again is without even a hint of an actual true female romantic partner. Nope, sorry heteros seeking a woman for Dean. You won’t find that here!

Basically, it’s not too much of a stretch to interpret this entire love spell mini plot as exposition for the TRUTH regarding Dean and “true love”. Because we all know it. It’s right there in the subtext. I just wish they’d make it text already.

Review continues under the cut as per usual…

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SPN 13x23 review

So…I’m gonna start by saying that halfway this season I took an emotional step back from Supernatural the show (and the fandom too) and I’m glad I did because it’s made it far easier for me take everything in stride, you know? I am very sure that I would have enjoyed this episode a lot less if I was more emotionally invested in it, and if I hadn’t tempered my expectations A LOT (especially on the destiel front).

This episode was easy to watch. It was like easy listening, but for the eyes. No need to engage your brain. In fact, I think we can sum up the meta/subtext in this episode with one image:

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Pretty much everything was surface level and there were zero surprises. But I’m OK with not being surprised, as long as the story actually makes sense, which I thought it did (and ok yes there is some stuff to meta about but still…not a lot).

Quick thoughts:

  • First of all: DING DONG THE DEVIL IS DEAD and it looks to be pretty fucking final. His character arc and purpose in the storyline also got wrapped up, so there’s zero reason to bring him back. It’s done. Over. FINALLY. I am so happy I don’t need to deal with Mark P or Lucifer ever again.

  • CSI: Supernatural (copyright Tink & Saz) was boring and didn’t need to be so loooong. I know it served a purpose in the Jack-Lucifer plot but pffffffffff

  • Gotta say, the two actors who blew me away this episode were Jensen (no surprise there….Give that man a fucking Emmy already) and Alex. That scene where Jack was beating himself up (literally and figuratively) was damned powerful. I almost cried. I’m so glad he survived and interested in finding out how his story will progress next season.

  • The scene between Dean and Jack was wonderful - great lines and well acted - but the moment should have gone to Sam.

  • I like what seems to be blooming between Mary and Bobby….seems very organic since they DID spend a lot of time together in the AU. I hope (for them) it goes somewhere good, but even if it doesn’t, they make a great team. And hey, they survived too - yay!

  • Dean wants to retire on a beach with Sam & Cas, pass it on! Such an improvement from when they were talking about the blaze of glory ending. ‘Course, we were saying this during last year’s finale too, but I’m glad this is still “on track”…gives me hope for a happyish ending one day when the show finally ends for good.

  • I actually quite liked all the scenes between Jack and Lucifer - FOR ONCE the stupid jokes were kept to a minimum and I could actually take Lucifer seriously. I like that he was given the chance to redeem himself, but in the end chose to stay “bad” and threw a silly tantrum when he didn’t get his way. Feels very true to the character. All the Luci stuff was good, tbh. But we deserved that after putting up with so much shit from him.

  • Also, Rowena and Charlie road tripping together? HELL YES! This definitely means we’ll see them again <3

  • I know it’s been talked to death already but whose TERRIBLE decision was it to do the last epic battle in the fucking air with wires? I should’ve been on the edge of my seat but instead I was just trying not to laugh. Completely undercut any tension. I totally blame singer because I’m sure they don’t put stuff like that in the script. Poor Jensen & poor Rob Hayter (stunt coordinator).

  • That final shot of Cas was heartbreaking. Misha killed it with that look. After having Dean pine over Cas (again) at the beginning of S13, I suspect we’ll get another role reversal (à la beginning of S10) next season. I was gonna sum up how many times they’ve had the one pine for/grieve the other and how they alternate, but honestly that’s been EVERY season since S6 so *shrugs* The wheels on the bus go…. :)

  • That final shot…Singer is officially trolling us and has zero fucks left to give. At this point he’s just rubbing it in everyone’s face (ew) how powerful he is on the show. Fuck him.

All in all, this ep had an EXTREMELY low body count, considering how many important characters were in the finale. It doesn’t feel like a depressing episode. Dean’s in trouble, but he isn’t dead. Sam, Cas & Jack will save him, because that’s what they do. They’ve been in worse situations. Honestly it feels a bit like the S11 finale in that respect, though of course there is a clear parallel between demon!dean and michael!dean. But the finales of S9, 10 and 12 were WAY more depressing than this.

There’s SO many things they can do in S14 - I mean, you realize that there’s no way the Michael thing is gonna last all season (or even half a season), right? There’s also no way he’s going to be the ONLY antagonist. They’ll probably do something with heaven and the angels, but their options are still wide open at this point. I hope that whatever they go for is better than the British MoL and Asmodeus, though…

Disappointing but unsurprising shit:

Cas being barely in the ep - they just had nothing for him to do and it showed. But at least he was there? *helpless shrug* *grimaces* Look I’ll take what I can fuckin’ get OK? At least they didn’t have him do any dumb or self-sacrificing stuff. And it just goes to show that he truly is part of the family. Evne if he didn’t have a vital function in the battle, he was there because he belongs there. That matters.

Destiel being barely in the ep: well…many of us suspected this as soon as we heard it got renewed (and probably for at least 2 more seasons, since they said nothing about next season being the last).

Look, they went SO far in the first 5 eps of S13. THEY WENT TOO FAR. Now they’re fucking stuck because if Dean and Cas have one honest convo together it would end with them horizontal doing the dirty (or vertical against a wall, I ain’t picky and neither is Dean).

As a consequence, they need to put the brakes on destiel because (and this is what I personally believe, if you believe differently that’s fine but please don’t come yell at me about queerbaiting because I’m not in the mood) it’s ENDGAME and right now endgame is very far away. But because they went full speed ahead in the beginning of this season, they now find themselves in a situation where they can barely progress Dean and Cas’ relationship because it’s so inherently romantic and they can’t progress that part of it. Which also means that they can’t progress parts of their individual character development because if they did that then there would be no reason for Dean and Cas not to come clean to each other. They HAVE to put on the brakes, but it feels so forced right now. They’ve written themselves into a damned corner. 

I’m still confident they’ll have destiel stuff planned for next season. I just don’t expect a big bang (pun intended) because I know they still need to drag that shit out. See, this is why I wanted it to end with S14. I’m getting real tired of stuff being dragged out…Also I really wanna see that final season because you know it’s gonna be so epic.

TL;DR: finale was unsurprising and kinda shallow but had some nice moments, lack of body count was great, Lucifer dying was the best thing ever, Bob Singer needs to retire to some tropical island and take his wife with him (Buckner can go as their carry-on), and S14 is still wide open in terms of mytharc


I mean…….

What the actual fuck? There is no way to get around any of this now?! Davy just textualised like 90% of my spec and our previous meta analysis on why things were happening?!

There’s so much text there’s barely any subtext?!

@amwritingmeta just said this to me perfectly - there’s not really anything to meta, it’s all TEXT, it’s just a commentary!!!

Slight meta though as we are here : The bad guy is a literal representation of John/toxic masculinity/abusive codependency and DEAN is the one to kill him? Wow such a coincidence.


They bicker, it’s established that Dean forced a semi reluctant Cas to watch one of his favourite movies that he totally has a fetishis about to which Cas responds with a cultural reference that he is “his man” ie his Huckleberry.

But the biggest one imo was the slo mo exiting the car scene I mean…. THIS IS A LESSON IN HOW TO SET UP BADASS HUNTER HUSBANDS!!!

Jack is in hunter advanced placement and omg he’s doing so well until NOOOOOO, he thinks he is toxic and separates from his family as a DIRECT mirror of all of TFW and yes absolutely this is exactly my spec cos this fits so perfectly and aaaaaaah!!!


13x01 - Episode Review Part 1

In which Dean just about held it together… and I did not. 

This review will be in several parts. I have separated it into several sections that I wish to talk about because hot damn. What an episode! This Part 1 focuses on Dean’s grief and Destiel and saying goodbye to Castiel. 

Firstly, an introduction

As I sit here, surrounded by three friends who I met on tumblr, BECAUSE of this show, I am amazed at how far I have come. I did not think that when I joined this fandom I would ever get to this moment, but my gosh what an amazing feeling this is. To all of you out there – reach out to people, you really won’t regret what you find. 

I adored this episode. I screamed, I even shed a single man tear whilst holding on to @amwritingmeta quite tightly… sorry Annelie if I hurt you at all. @tinkdw, @margarittet and @amwritingmeta you guys are wonderful and I am so glad that I have been able to flail and scream along to this awesome episode with you. Thank you for sharing this crazy obsession with me.

Part 1 - Love, Grief and Saying Goodbye

THEY USED METALLICA’S NOTHING ELSE MATTERS AS THE OPENING SONG! We were two seconds in and @margarittet had to pause because we all collectively SCREAMED that they chose to use this as the open song AS WELL! @tinkdw said that she wanted to try and guess what the opening song was this season but I don’t think ANY OF US considered that they would reuse “Nothing Else Matters” because its just so on the nose isn’t it? Nothing else matters? Nothing else matters than what exactly?

Well once again the “Then” sequence ends on Dean kneeling over Cas’s body.

The answer is Castiel. Nothing else matters than CASTIEL. This is repeated CONSTANTLY throughout the episode. You are not allowed to forget about him for a SINGLE SECOND and this opening song drums that home. Seriously if there are any Cas fans out there still bitter about Cas I dunno what show you are watching because it certainly ISN’T the show I watched yesterday.

It hurts to think about. What even was this episode? From the opening song “Nothing Else Matters” to the “Goodbye Cas” at the funeral pyre, this episode was chocablock full of moments that prove unequivocally that for Dean, Cas truly is his guiding light, his hope. Even if you don’t see their relationship as romantic you cannot possibly deny after 13x01 that Dean and Cas have an extraordinary connection and a deep and profound love that has now transferred to an even deeper excruciating grief in Dean.

Choosing to use this song as the season opener though? The season opener always reflects the tones of the season, the main themes. To have THIS song as the season opening? Wow. Just wow. This is a song that comes up first if you google “Metallica Love Song” by the way. In case you were wondering if it was indeed a love song. Because it is. James Hetfield confirmed it was written for a girlfriend. Interestingly though it has been debated over the years as the lyrics themselves are not conventionally romantic lyrics. Nevertheless, this is now fact: Supernatural used a Love Song called “Nothing Else Matters” to set the tone and theme of season 13, lingering over shots of Dean looking down at Castiel’s dead body. This isn’t even arguable. This is where we are.

(and what a wonderful place to be my friends)

Dean’s grief was beautifully portrayed by the superb acting skills of Jensen Ackles. In my season 13 wishlist I said this:

“It probably goes without saying but MAN PAIN OVER CAS – I mean, I reckon we are gonna get a good helping of this. Maybe not immediate tears but its gonna be pretty damn angsty – if the promo’s are anything to go by. I basically want it to be UNDENIABLE in canon that CAS is the reason that Dean is so broken up and that BOTH brothers are seriously struggling with his death. It has to be OBVIOUS how important Cas was to them and how his death has affected them

I think we can tick this one off. :)

Continues under the cut.

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On Style Queen/Queen Wasp…

(Syren) “Why can only LB know other heroes’ identities? I wanna know a secret, too!”
(Queen Wasp) “TAKE IT BACK! Take It BacKKKK!!!”

Wow, Audrey's “compliments” to Chloe are even worse than Gabe’s…
Gabriel: “I’m disappointed… But at least Clara likes your work.”
Audrey: “Well, it’s not an entirely idiotic idea~~~”

Casserole Bourgeois

Who is in charge of the dub??? They’re fired! “Owner”? “Subjection”?
“Authority” would’ve been less… weird.

I can’t believe she just publicly outed herself! (Even though I was siding on that theory.)

That sound effect doesn’t sound like a buzz.

Chloe puts her mask on last because she doesn’t care.

Tom Dupain is a punner…

So Marinette’s parents are now familiar with miraculous. Will they find the box or Tikki first?

QB has the cutest comm! It’s like an antique two-piece phone!

Plagg: *boop*
Paris: *breaks*

An Actual Cat

Marinette could’ve retired to NY after Gabriel retired Hawk Moth without incident, but nooo~

Okay, I don’t blame Audrey for being unimpressed, but I still blame her for Queen Bee and Queen Wasp.

In Paris, water isn’t wet.

Liberty is like a clean garbage barge… But it’s kinda handy~! It’s like a lucky workshop!

How does Nadja keep up? Give that cameraman a raise!

Please, make her stop!

Don’t leave her with that witch!!!
Oh look, you’re exactly alike!



Mr and Mrs Bourgois don’t excuse Chloe, but they explain the Chloe.

People upset there’s a lack of “redemption” in here, but this is… exactly what I wanted? I don’t want two Chloe-centric episodes and call her redeemed. That’s fake. It’s cheating. I hate it. Change doesn’t come out of thin air, where one is called out or loses a fight and then they start doing a whole lot of good deeds to “pay for their sins” or something. Cute, but those kinds of shows are just lying to you. What these episodes do is show where the heck it comes from.

Reverser was like a kiddier version of Miraculous. The Queen’s Battle leaned a little more into DC show style or something. Maybe that’s why I think it works? Chloe’s not beyond hope, but she is bad, and she needs to make a huge leap. It’s nice to have a different character type. It’s still lighter than the same origin type in the DC pantheon; rather than villain-to-hero, they’re doing a bully-to-hero.

Wayward Sisters Debuts: We're Here For This Girl-Powered Supernatural Spinoff
Friends, the answer to your Supernatural-esque Buffy the Vampire Slayer dreams might have just arrived.

We’ve only just seen a backdoor pilot to Wayward Sisters, the lady-centered Supernatural spinoff, but so far there’s a lot to like. It’s essentially an adopted family of Buffys, led by Kim Rhodes as Sheriff Jody Mills, all learning to wield shotguns and kill monsters.

Tonight’s pilot put a lot of focus on Claire Novak (Kathryn Newton), who was called back by Sheriff Mills to help find Sam and Dean, who had gone missing. Claire and Jody, alongside Donna (Briana Buckmaster), Alex (Katherine Ramdeen), Patience (Clark Backo), and Kaia (Yadira Guevara-Prip), managed to save the brothers and form a bond perfect for a whole new show.

But honestly, whatever happened during the episode and whatever kinks there are to work out kind of don’t matter, because after 13 years of the Supernatural world being all about the dudes, we are so ready for these women to tear it up.  

We’re at least definitely more ready to watch this show than we were to watch Supernatural’s other attempt at a spinoff, Bloodlines, which aired as a backdoor pilot in 2014.

In case you’ve forgotten (you definitely did), Bloodlines was about a bunch of mafia-esque monster families running Chicago. It wasn’t bad, per se, but it wasn’t the best, and it didn’t feel like as much of a natural fit as Wayward Sisters does to both Supernatural and to the CW.

This show makes all the sense, especially in 2018, so here’s hoping it actually makes it to series this time.

Finally watched Mirror Magic!

Okay, two big things.


And 2.)


Sunset Shimmer and Starlight finally meet!!!!!
in this episode of Starlight Gets Shipped With Absolutely Everyone She Meets
Holy crap– they’re interaction is super great and kind of adorable!
I’m going to be forward here, Twilight’s practically adopted Starlight as her daughter– yeah they’re like the same age but she’s the daughter-friend, plus she’s her teacher, so that means we should get that same kind of interaction with them, and oh my gosh we do!

Sunset comes back through the mirror looking for Twilight and they’ve gone off on some adventure (probably either mlp movie-related or comic related, pretty sure comic), and instead finds Starlight– Starlight gives her a new book which has a new design–


(is that Sunset and Twilight’s cutie marks??????!)

But anyways, just like, Starlight asking to go with Sunset?
Sunset: “Oh hey, you must be Starlight!”
Starlight: “Yeah, mom Sparkle asked me to give this to you, she’s out right now.”
Sunset: “Aww, she’s not here… well, thanks– guess I’ll be going back then..”
Starlight: “So, that other world huh? CAN I GO WITH YOU!?”
Sunset: “Are you sure your mom will be okay with that?”
Sunset: “>.> Okay!”

Point is, the entire thing was like Starlight meeting her other mom that mom Twilight’s been talking about so much and it was great– I fully support Starlight adopting Twilight and Sunset as her mom-friends.


so when’s she get her wings?

In the end when Twilight comes back, it was actually kinda impressive how chill she was letting Starlight stay with Sunset though instead of freaking out at least mildly, some trust~~

Also, oh my gosh, Starlight saved the day!!!
…Doing exactly the same thing Sunset was doing…!
Guess it helps running around when you’re trying to talk down crazy villains…

Anyways, holy crap, there’s a lot but these were just the big things I wanted to talk about! @the portal– what the fuck is happening?!

12x20 quick notes

Wow this episode was intense! Here’s my immediate thoughts from this episode:


I mean this IS happening, it’s not a drill.

Dean is even more out of his mind than ever before, plus he’s HONEST with Sam about it (?!!!!!!) and calls his mom about “stuff” right after this whole gloriously romantically overlaid scene?!

JENSEN IS ON BOARD YA’LL. The things he’s doing and saying while playing Dean this season but especially in 19 & 20 would be top of the list of “that’s a bit gay, Dean wouldn’t say that to his brother” but yet here we are…. He’s been sat down and told this is happening (well I imagine everyone has) and I’m so ready.

Like, there’s literally no need to pick any of this apart. It’s BLATANT. Everyone knows. I’m dead.


Dean and Max were so heavily paralleled and all the gay/bi vibes are as strong as Dwayne Johnson in this episode.

Max and Dean were paralleled from the FIRST moment - when Alecia called and Max was all “no not WE, you!”, just as Dean did when annoyed the week before. Which is also a beautiful reminder as @amwritingmeta pointed out that Dean does it all the time but gets annoyed when Sam does it, for me there is a definite point where this will become something that is picked up on out loud, said as Sam and Dean’s different level of reaction / caring about Cas.

Then they both love cars, bond over the *grenade launcher* which has always been a representation of subtextual Dean (bi or destiel, or both), the impala, rocking into town and picking up bartenders / waitresses, especially when emotionally compromised (he was so worried about his mom) etc etc etc Also Dean’s reaction to Max going to pick up a bartender. YES.

Culminating in Max basically BEING season 3/8 Dean - the codependency issue here is huge and terrible and we are MEANT to think Oh No! Max don’t do it! Leading to…


Dabb wants us to WANT the brothers codependency to end. He wrote Red Meat ffs, this is a big part of the endgame agenda and I’m LIVING! I’m always writing about how this should be a big part of their endgame and yessssssss it’s so clearly going there now with this episode on top of the rest of course, but this is TEXTUAL!


Mary chose Free Will rather than be a cog in the machine that in theory would lead to her endgame - a safe place for her boys. This all reminded me of Dean’s NO in s4 to saying yes and being rewarded by being happy in Heaven, choosing to be miserable with Free Will on Earth instead. I loved how it was written to remind us of that, kudos Yockey.


I thought it was interesting how in the same episode we have kids not able to tell their mom is not their mom while Dean KNOWS Cas isn’t Cas, also the flashing eyes etc again…. I’m not sure how but this is definitely going to have been relevant by season end. I’m thinking about it, I’ll get back to you on this one ;) I

Ithought Yockey did a great job overall, the stories worked seamlessly and he wrote the characters so well and consistent with the last 12 years build up (I love seeing antis saying theyre OOC as dude, that’s cos you don’t believe in what the character actually is JFC).

The actor who played Max KILLED IT!!


Eileen is back next week! Garth is probably back! Will there be more Saileen? YES! Saileen / Destiel moments? Me thinks so!

Also I headcanon there will probably be another Red Meat style romantic couple death where Dean has to console the remaining partner while he’s pining and worried about Cas… I can’t wait :D

This episode was Yockey’s gift to us - THANK YOU!

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Ketchup (Adventure Time)

It’s definitely been a while, since we’ve had an episode with both Marceline and BMO interacting with each other, hasn’t it?

Not only is this episode interesting in that we haven’t seen the two characters talk to each other in a while, but this is officially the 2nd episode that features guest-animation by “Alex Butera & Lindsay Small”, who are known for creating the web cartoon series called “Baman Piderman”, in which are a parody of crudely drawn shorts featuring Batman & Spider-Man.

The first episode that Lindsay & Alex guest-animated was the Season 7 episode called “Beyond the Grotto” which featured 7 minutes of their animation, while still being written by the AT crew.

This episode has much more animation by them and is still written by AT veterans, Seo Kim & Somvilay Xayaphone and they managed to deliver another fantastic episode that is funny, adorable and emotional, all at the same time!

The episode begins with BMO dropping by Marceline’s house trying to take down vampires, but Marceline tells them that happened 6 months ago and she tells BMO to look at an old USB drive she found, which BMO says will take a while to load.

While they wait for the USB to download, BMO tells Marcy the story of when Finn, Jake and it travelled through the sea, but says it involved a cat and a blue jay, which was guest voiced by none other than the creator of Regular Show, “J.G. Quintel”, who also voices a certain blue jay in that show!

Marceline then tells the story that happened during the events of the previous miniseries, that involved “Rock Star Girl” and “Lollipop Girl”, in which they tried to save each other from the magic, but couldn’t help each other, in which made Rock Star Girl sad that she couldn’t help Lollipop Girl.

The USB ends up downloading and we get to see photos of young Marceline with her mother.

Marceline gets very sad and asks BMO to tell a story about a child and the moon, which Marcy then thanks BMO for telling her, as it starts to make her remember the times she spent with her mom.

This episode had a great mix of comedy and drama!

The guest-animation by the Baman Piderman creators was very solid, just like how it was in Beyond the Grotto and really suits the style of Adventure Time.

Their squiggly art always reminds of another classic CN series, being Ed, Edd n Eddy, in which that show was all kinds of comedy and expressive animation.

Not to completely ignore all the other guest-animated AT episodes, but all of the other episodes were also written by the guest animator and A Glitch is a Glitch, Food Chain and Bad Jubies are all very enjoyable as their own unique episodes!

The only one I just thought was pretty weak and not really that fun was Water Park Prank and that one just had a style that didn’t suit the world of Ooo or characters of the show.

To get back onto Ketchup, I really loved the humor of how both BMO and Marcy exaggerate their recaps of the previous events of the show and it serves as how you do a flashback episode, done right, without the need of recycling footage, in which a lot of shows would do.

Another great example of a recap / flashback episode would be Avatar’s Ember Island Players, in which the characters see a reenactment of what happened during the course of the show, which I think was one of the best uses of a re-telling of past events.

One of my favourite jokes was how the blue jay in BMO’s story was a direct reference to Regular Show, which was another fantastic series that premiered the same year as Adventure Time, only it has now come to its end.

It even starts to quote Mordecai, which is another great nod to J. G. Quintel’s voice!

It’s great to see more Bubbline shipping come into this episode and how close Marceline feels to Bonnie, even if it meant trying to save her from the elemental magic.

The ending of the episode is what truly stands out and I hope we get to see Marcy’s mother, one last time before the end of the series.

With one episode we know called “Marcy and Hunson”, I’m sure we’ll get to have more episode  or more focusing on Marceline’s parents before the grand finale.

I just really want to hear Rebecca Sugar’s lovely voice, from when she voiced Marcy’s mother in Stakes.

And speaking of Stakes, I’m actually surprised that the events of the Stakes miniseries only occurred just 6 months ago, according to Marceline. 

Even though the episodes aired like two years ago, it just bothers me how Cartoon Network only airs these episodes at such random and extended periods of times, so it feels like time has passed much longer than in the actual timeline of the series.

It just pains me how CN treated this series, that has such a big following and critical praise.

A solid episode, with a heartfelt ending! I hope this isn’t the last we see of Marceline and her mother.

13x19 - Episode Review - Part 1 - Castiel Faces His Past

This episode was amazing in so many ways, and each time I have re-watched it over the past few days I have discovered something else to love.

What I loved most of all next to Rowena doing the Tango was how this episode was a subtextual movie reel of Castiel’s biggest hits and misses. So that’s what part one of my review of this episode is going to be focusing on.

But first let me just say that I swear to god if the next episode doesn’t start with Dean taking Cas to a night club and doing the dimples of discontent whilst Cas gets hit on by all manner of beautiful men and women I am going to be very upset. Cas has spoken. Take your husband to a damn party Dean! :P

But in all seriousness, I fucking love Steve Yokey. The spotlight on Sam and his choices and fate and destiny and how he is now tied to Rowena is the kind of plot line I can get behind, and the Cas stuff… Oh boy I have been starved of Cas stuff lately and this episode was my Oasis.

For Castiel, this episode was all about facing his past, and having to come to terms with it, and to put aside old conflicts to focus on the bigger picture. This is only Yokey’s third attempt at writing Cas, the first being 12x10 Lily Sunder has Some Regrets, the second being 13x12 Various and Sundry Villains and really, these two episodes say it all. Yokey writes Cas well.

Cas focused episode review continues under the cut. It gets long down there.

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Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Episode 16 (FINAL)

It all ends the way it started. With grown men getting a beating from a tiny little woman, but this time around there’s two of them and the mobsters still run in fear and tears. Also, they were their babysitters.

Personally, I through-fully enjoyed the mobsters storyline from beginning to end, and it’s so like them to get conned and end up in embarrassment yet again. In their defense, they are like a phoenix that keeps on rising from the ashes, again and again. And despite their ways, they were kind of good guys once you got to know them and kept them in line.

Another incredibly funny storyline were the neighborhood kids, who I was sorry to not see at Bong-soon’s wedding, and just kept brining laugher with every scene they were at. Their journey was equally enjoyable as the mobsters, sometimes even more because theirs was a love story with their Noonim. And I love how they went to have a little talk with Min-hyuk to know more about his intentions with their boss. I love even more than he had no idea Bong-soon had this group of high-school kids patrolling the neighborhood too. HAHAHAHA!

Also, it was good that the show clarified that Mom didn’t use physical violence against Dad *that* time around. I still believe that the show didn’t portray this woman in the right way and that her journey wasn’t all that. She’s still the bully she was at 19, the only difference is that she doesn’t use her fists. Should I be applauding this? And I would have like for Dad to make an stand other than to leave the house, for example, how about a real talk between them? He was such an endearing, honest and good character thorough out the show that I grew to love him as I love our leads. He is precious. It gives me hope that the last scene between him and Mom was much more peaceful than usually when Gook-doo’s mom was involved.

Speaking for which, can we all agree that it’s time Ji-soo starts getting leading man roles? I enjoyed him as a second lead but I didn’t connect with his character more than I did today. Ji-soo it’s at his best when he has an actual emotional storyline to work with, and in this episode Gook-doo was earnest to a fault, which made me feel all he was feelings. I love that despite being heartbroken he put his friendship with Bong-soon before anything else, because that’s what truly mattered to him. It wasn’t about winning over the girl, but about keeping her in his life because the friendship they shared is that important to him.

I’m also happy awesome bro Bong-ki got some screen time too. This was such a good character, just like Dad, and I was sorry we didn’t get to see more of him. I also think his storyline with Hee-ji was a little rushed at the end. And it doesn’t seem like it because Bong-ki spent a lot of time healing broken bones (thanks to his sis) but this relationship was really put to a test: Gook-doo found out not only that he had been lying through out their entire lives by keeping Bong-soon’s secret but also that his girlfriend was attracted to his best friend. So I appreciate how their friendship remained strong even after everything they went through.

As for other characters like Secretary Gong and Mr. Oh, they were another great comedy act. Especially when they were together and I love how their bromance was born by getting to know each other better through their shared experiences with Bong-soon’s abilities. Pffft!

Finally, Min-kyuk really changed through the story: started as a lonely guy looking for protection from his own family and ending up as a man with a family to protect. He was smart, honest and assertive from day one, and not once he tried to change Bong-soon into something she wasn’t. The greatest attribute Min-hyuk had was that he never made Bong-soon feel that she had to hide from the world, what’s more he even encouraged and helped her to be more like her true self and come into her powers. He always tried to be there for his girl but was more than willing to be a proud onlooker when the time called for it and let Bong-soon do what she had to do.

Bong-soon’s journey was also something to witness. When we first met her she was hiding from the world, afraid of her powers and by extention herself. These abilities she was born with had made her an outcast despite her spunk and outgoing personality, she was confident but had insecurities. Some of them born out of crush and others from the idea society holds on how a woman should be and behave.

I liked how the show connected her personal life with the city’s problems, because in a way they are one and the same, by having her best friend being kidnapped by the resident psycho. It was a good move since she was already gaining the confidence to do more with her powers by watching the news, her interactions with the mobsters and the neighborhood’s kids and Min-hyuk, who knew from day one about her powers and didn’t rejected her. He thought she was sexy! All of these factors made Bong-soon want to become the heroine of her life (beyond a video game) and I really loved to see her grow into a truly strong woman ready to take on the world.

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon wasn’t a perfect show but it was really entertaining and sweet, made me swoon and laugh out loud more than twice per episode, and I’m going to miss these characters and their shenanigans!!

PS: Did you guys catch how the Mobsters were shook at Mr. Oh’s resemble to their former associate -Gwan-bok- through the wedding photoshoot? LMAO!!