episode recap

What we learned from “Monster Reunion”

-Steven’s healing spit works on inanimate objects, which makes since since he can heal gemstones
-His healing spit is back
-Steven is able to win a battle of will against Garnet, and the other Crystal gems
-Steven seems to have his floating ability under control now
-Stevens healing powers can only partially heal corrupted gems, and for a limited time, which is the best they have ever seen it work
-The gems were 100% okay with poofing Centi, even though she had regained consciousness and was able to take a humanoid form
-Gem corruption is confirmed to be from the Diamonds
-Cracked and corrupted are two different things: cracked is physical damage and can be healed, while corrupted is mental damage and at this moment cannot be healed
-I hope Steven makes it a thing to keep housing wayward gems in his bedroom
-Some gems are beyond the Crystal Gem’s help
-Centi’s name is Gurgle Click Click
-Centi has all of her old memories, and the memories she accumulated during her corruption
-Centi can partially communicate through her squawks
-Gems have their own language, which may be just a written language since no gems in the series has been shown speaking it
-Centi is an artist, like she’s so good man
-Centi came to Earth in the abandoned ships we saw in “Friend Ship” where she was the captain of her crew
-Centi knows and uses the Diamond Salute, which Peridot still uses today, which could mean that she was fighting against the crystal gems in the war
-Centi had a commander that is yellow and has a chest gem
-Centi’s crew were possibly the first gems to “colonize” Earth
-Centi was left behind during the gem retreat, which led to her being corrupted by a song/sound and a white light, the same one in Lapis’ flashback
-Centi draws the Diamond insignia without Pink Diamond, but before the new insignia was in place. This means that Pink was kicked out before/during the war as Centi is aware she is no longer a diamond.
-We know what the corruption process looks like and its terrifying
-Corrupted gems can’t activate warp pads or hand scanners
-Steven is able to open the door to Centi’s ship
-Gem monsters can communicate with each other
-Centi’s crew stayed behind to wait for her and man that’s so sweet, and they were even corrupted because of it like she had to have been such a good leader
-Gem monsters have memories and are not the feral beasts we have thought they were. Reverted Centipeedle fully recognizes Steven and even tries to thank him for bringing her back to her crew
-Same gems turn into the same corrupted gem monster
-Centi is in a happier place now
-Pearl says that Steven won’t have much use learning to write in Gem, which could mean that it is an ancient outdated language, or its only used on Homeworld

11x23 Highlights
  • Dean immediately checks on Cas ok bb
  • “So that WAS a gun in your pocket”
  • “I didn’t know dogs had breakfast”  “Cas is back”
  • Sam literally carrying God
  • Dean is drinking again. Everyone is drinking again.
  • TERRIBLE British accents
  • Rowena and Chuck talking about their kids and how Crowley used to run around naked
  • “Amara is out there eating the freaking sun and we’re doing nothing”
  • DEAN ACKNOWLEDGED THAT CAS IS IMPORTANT AND THAT HE MATTERS (we won’t talk about the brother line) also #nohomo
  • Rowena calls God “Charles”
  • Dean impersonating Rowena is beautiful and hot as fuck
  • Sam pissing off ghosts
  • Crowley x Billie CONFIRMED
  • Bird lady :)
  • s o u l b o m b
  • Sam kissing Mary’s grave we’re all crying
  • “I could go with you” WE’RE ALL CRYING
  • Dean admitting he loves chick flicks WE’RE ALL CRYING
  • Sam and Dean are guardians of Earth now (adios Chuck & Amara ultimate power sibling duo)
  • what
Conrad Ricamora has taken Oliver from a background character to the biggest fan-favorite character on How to Get Away with Murder. Ricamora alongside Falahee have created one of the best on-screen pairing on television and this week they continued to play a major role in the Hapstall case. When Connor goes to the apartment to find Oliver missing, he springs into action. Falahee has undergone one of the biggest character developments on How to Get Away with Murder and that continued this week as fans watched him step into the role of protective boyfriend. It turns out Philip didn’t kidnap Oliver, instead they went to talk about the Hapstall case. Oliver continues his work with Keating & Associates when he swipes Philip’s DNA so they can see once and for all if Philip is related to the Hapstall’s. Ricamora and Falahee continue to have unmatchable chemistry and they have become a fan-favorite pairing on How to Get Away with Murder.
—  Nora Dominick, Entertainment Monthly’s Review of HTGAWM 2x08
What we learned from “The New Lars”

-Steven can basically possess people like he can with his melon children
-Lars is a piece of garbage and I love him so much
-Steven ships lars and sadie so hard man, and thinks he will be the uncle to their future child(ren)
-Lars suppresses his emotions, which is relatable man
-Lars sleeps naked
-Steven wanted to protect Lars’ privacy and just put on clothes as soon as he woke up, which is something not a lot of people would do if they swapped bodies with someone
-Lars lives in the attic of his parents house, at his request
-His real name is Laramie and he is a very bad student since he puts in little to no effort
-His dad’s name is Dante, his moms is Martha, and also his parents are so sheepish and cute like I feel lars just pushes them around
-Steven doesn’t understand the public school grading system
-His parents keep all of his childhood art in picture frames on their wall
-His mom got him plugs with hearts in them thats so cute man
-Lars likes to swear
-Lars is so god damn lanky
-Steven in lars body freaked onion out man thats the first time I saw him uncomfortable
-The cool kids genuinely like steven and are more like sleeping tigers
-Steven being nice as lars is really out of character
-Lars is 100% a tsundere
-The cool kids saying “maybe lars is actually a good guy who likes making people feel good”, so they basically see actual lars as the inverse of that
-Buck Dewey has a dance crew
-Steven/lars got some sick dance moves
-”Well if it aint the human boomerang, always coming back to me”
-Sadie lounges around in a robe and bunny slippers
-Honestly sadie you could do better than lars, thats a fact
-Sadie uses a pile of stuffed animals as a bean bag chair
-Sadie likes horror/slasher fics
-”And you love me? Even like this?”, Oh my god this is crying breakfast friends all over again huh
-Omg sadie, the feels man you’re so good dont let lars tell u otherwise
-Steven is really messing things up man, like boy
-”Lars would never apologize to me” Sadie girl thats hella sad like I know you really like Lars, but come on sadie
-The cool kids literally don’t even know Sadie’s name, they call her “donut girl”, which like I can understand because they’re not really in the same friend group, but come on you guys live in a city with a population of like 20
-Lars’ parents are okay with stalking him
-Lars’ parents are basically just waiting for their trash son to be a terrible person, gotta set those expectations low man
-Wow so many humans are in the temple house omg
-Steven’s powers are only a one way street, so he literally just possessed lars
-Okay but Lars has every right to be angry tho? Like I know steven was just trying to help, but like boy you cant just cross a line like that??
-The cool kids trying to protect Steven was really nice, but like I feel steven kinda just destroyed whatever friendship them and lars had
-Buck’s dance crew came home with a silver trophy
-Lars has actual feelings for sadie, and even though he is still a trash boy, I really hope that relationship can work because I fell sadie can bring out the best in him
-Lars and Sadie’s relationship and friendship is very complex and sort of messed up, but if Steven ships it then so do I tbh

11x22 Highlights
  • Lucifer is a sulky teenager who also happens to be way taller than Chuck
  • Make Hell Great Again 2k16
  • COOL WITCH ALERT yes girl
  • Chuck makes pancakes
  • The Winchesters pretend they know how to solve family problems
  • Sam and Dean keep getting zapped around and they do not like it
  • “I’ll turn you into a moose. An actual moose.”
  • Dean telling Crowley to stop drinking
  • Adios Donatello, Prophet of God For Three Days
  • More Mark of Cain bullshit
  • Bam bam witches+demons+angels oh my
  • So uh God is dying now here we go
  • What
  • ???? yep ok then
What we learned from tonight's episode “Mr. Greg”

-Since Marty is still relatively young in the burger commercial, we can assume that Marty basically sold the song right after him and Greg split, and it has accumulated royalties all this time
-Rose loves cheesy commercial jingles
-Steven is canonically not in school, but greg still thinks he’s going to college
-”Past experiences have taught me that three’s a crowd” I love that line
-Steven is still so innocent that he doesn’t really understand how weird his situation is, like Pearl and Greg were both Rose’s lovers, and Steven is just like “hahaha dont forget I’m technically Rose”. No steven, please dont.
-Greg has a bank account
-Pearl and steven can tap dance
-Things have been really tense between Pearl and Greg for 14+ years, so a lot of feelings have been festering up inside them for a while
-Rose had multiple men come into her life, and Pearl was okay with it because she knew that they didn’t matter and played a sort of “cat and mouse” game with them, or at least with greg
-Greg was not Rose’s first companion, but he was the one that Rose fell completely in love with
-Pearl fully believed that in the end Rose would choose her, which gives us a very interesting look on their relationship and how the love was reciprocated
-”War and glory, reinvention, freedom ,fusion, her attention” were all things that Pearl had over greg, but Rose still chose greg
-Pearl still has feelings of self doubt and loneliness that she expressed in the week of sardonyx, so they didn’t just magically go away
-Pearl doesn’t hate greg, like shes not that same salty pearl who fused with Rose to assert her dominance
-Greg likes cherries
-Steven just has wads of cash at his disposal now
-Both pearl and Greg do share the exact same loneliness with each other
-Greg actively knew that Pearl was in love with Rose, but he continued his advances, so he could see himself as this sort of a “homewrecker” 
-Greg is essentially the other woman
-Rose always did what she wanted
-Steven is a musical prodigy, not only can he play the piano but also the ukulele, guitar, bass, drums, vocals, and probably even more instruments
-Pearl was the one to actively reach out to greg (during the dance), and that is some very big character development from her
-Greg is so used to big alien ladies that pearl dips him and he’s like “this is how it goes the big alien lady dips you, which I love
-Pearl secretly likes gregs songs
-Pearl and greg are finally on good terms
-Steven falling asleep in the back of gregs van while Pearl and greg chat away is probably the closet thing he’s felt to having a normal, happy family
-Empire city is in Empire State, which you need to cross Jersey to get to

11x11 Highlights
  • Irish hunter lady
  • Dean’s bathrobe
  • “Cas will be fine. He always is” except when you kick him out and he gets KILLED 
  • Lucifer!Cas is the greatest and we’re all going to hell
  • dick joke dick joke dick joke #season11morelikeseason7
  • Old brothers getting tired digging up coffins
  • Sam admitting he’s not okay :’(
  • Misha playing Lucifer playing Cas and somehow managing to fool Dean?? uh
  • “You two are too cute to be FBI agents!” Mildred is a bamf
  • “Cas” says Dean’s connection/attraction to Amara could be good? UHH
  • Eileen and Mildred signing about which brother they want ;)
  • “I’m not so much a mountain climber anymore” Mildred the OG
  • “He’s had my back every step of the way. Even when I let him down.”
  • oh shiiiiiiiiiiiiit the banshee went after Dean
  • Mildred is a BAMF
  • Sam asked Eileen to hang out who ships it I ship it
  • Dean is pining………………………………………for CAS duh
  • Dean forgave Sam for purgatory my heart
  • Sam has a chest of things that are important to him I’m gonna cry
Things we learned this episode, Drop Beat Dad

-Steven has gem super strength and is (potentially) aware that this is another gem power that he has control over
-Sour Cream is fluent in the Yellowtail/onion language, but it is still unclear if any other characters understand what they’re saying
-Arguing messes up Sour Cream’s stomach
-Marty is gross
-Marty has basically never given Greg any money for his songs and whatnot, and only came back because he was legally obligated to give him his money
-Sour Cream was aware that Marty was his father and vice versa
-Sour Cream says he got tall like “9 years ago”, which could mean that is sort of when he hit puberty and his growth spurt, or that is when Marty like officially left them. Also marty says that he will cram “9 years on bonding into 1 spectacular event”, so yeah, he’s probably been gone for 9 years
-Marty is shocked to see his son living in Beach City, like he basically forgot he even existed
-Marty will literally take advantage of anyone yet still find ways to make it seem like he is the victim and they are being selfish
-Marty giving Sour Cream his business card is probably the only time Sour Cream has had any contact info on his father
-Real talk: Marty is gross
-Marty literally called somebody and when they picked up he said “Marty here, talk to me” as if they called him
-It seems like Sour Cream basically idolized Marty, and was crushed to find out he is basically just a gross lizard man
-Marty literally treats Sour Cream as a potential new talent rather than his son
-Marty potentially has some good in him? Like he gave Steven a job as a roadie, which Steven really wanted, but Marty also probably saw this as just free labor
-Yellow tail really wants the best for Sour Cream and was keeping an eye out for him while Marty was with him, which shows that he really cares for Sour Cream
-Steven doesn’t know how to do a mic check
-Guacola is the only actual “food” we’ve seen Onion consume
-Guacola is not even good on chips
-Marty is gross
-Sour Cream thinks of Yellowtail as his dad now, which is really heart warming
-The whole onion family supports Sour Cream’s dreams now
-Vidalia has some sick dance moves
-Greg is rich now, which is a very nice segway into the next episode, also it is a very nice plot device because now Greg can literally buy anything Steven or the gems need
-Marty is gone and hopefully stays gone forever

a list of things that happened in last night's episode

1. new ship: lena/lotion

2. where does a 13 yr old with less freedoms and privileges than a pet fish get a t-shirt on such short notice like that? I know he didn’t make it, that screen-printing shit takes ages (ooh if abc family really wanted to go there they should’ve had connor buy jude a label-maker OHHH GAY PUNS thank you folks I’ll be here all week)

3. mat be like: SURPRISE. I AM HOME. I AM GUILTY. LET’S HAVE GUILT SEX. slow your roll honey, not even make-up sex can fix the levels of awko-taco flying around the room between you and your girlfriend rn

4. I need to have words with whoever picked the song for the beach scene oh my goshhh please just no, I am literally turning into a barbie doll as I listen to this

5. jude and connor better be playing some game against each other on their phones, not texting people while the bae sits 5 feet away (nvm I just watched the episode again and heard jude say “rematch” and a) I apologize for doubting my baby gays and b) that’s fucking adorable)

6. who wears short-shorts? MAT WEARS SHORT-SHORTS short-shorts short-shorts ew the word shorts looks really weird the more you stare at it

7. mariana always sounds so sad lately :(

8. what, no confused plumber characters this episode? I guess that must mean shit’s getting real

9. lena’s dad is a precious santa-bearded gemstone

10. “…and lots of queer kids don’t even go to prom” oh ok see when I watched the sneak peek I thought they cut off the beginning of that scene, but nope. they’re just gonna jump right into it. okay then.


12. okay I give up AJ’s a cutie

13. this episode of the fosters should be called White Privilege and Embarrassing Boyfriends

14. stef freaking out about prom night in the nerdiest, mommiest possible way just gives me life. “mom, seriously?”    “yes, I’m so serious”

15. everything about prom as a tradition is awkward and uncomfortable and I’m so happy that the fosters was able to capture that lololol


17. nate’s going to turn out to be a dick I can just tell by his teeth. they’re too straight and clean. I can’t trust someone whose teeth are that straight and clean

18. @olderLGBT+kidswhoshouldknowbetter SHUT. SHUT. SHUT YOUR MOUTH, FAM.

19. brandon and kat reach new levels of childishness. I’m impressed, seriously

20. something you need to know about me is that I am very very susceptible to second-hand embarrassment, and therefore when I saw connor dancing I literally whispered “oh no” and had to avert my eyes

21. cole and callie dancing. music gets slow. random lobster pops out of nowhere: KISS DA GURL

22. this video is taking 40 days and 40 nights to load, so here’s me vamping:

roses are red

violets are fucking violet

cole deserves happiness

why haven’t jude and connor kissed yet

shut up it totally rhymes

23. some of those prom outfits were !!!!

24. “am I wrong about this” NO. NOPE. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO YOU’RE NOT also stef sticking up for lena with her mom made me so emotional. wow this ep tackled some huge issues and came out relatively unscathed. I’m honestly awestruck here.

25. hahahaahahaahaahaha nate. bye bitch.


27. “I am super gay. For you.” ok this is the best possible way it could have ever been phrased, because:

a) it is 100% awkward thirteen year old and just beautifully in-character and a really really hilarious and adorable way of coming out to your bf, also:

b) like, are there other sexual orientations besides homosexuality? yeah. but they aren’t relevant atm and jude doesn’t have to worry about those yet. he’s only 13/14 after all. for now, all he needs to know is that he likes connor, and that’s the only label he cares about.

plus now he can still within reason wear that shirt

(is this biphobia? mmm imho no. and I should know, having experienced biphobia in all its various forms throughout my life *jazz hands* yay biphobia

I’ll tell you why it’s not biphobia, too. when connor shows him the shirt (the shirt that says I’M NOT GAY in big fucking letters, you know the one), jude gets uncomfortable. when jude’s dad comes around and jude is given the chance to tell him he has a boyfriend, jude gets uncomfortable. when it’s expressly said by a classmate of his that “no one cares” what the sitch is with him and connor, jude is still uncomfortable. jude’s main issue wasn’t labeling himself as gay. his main issue was publicly doing ‘gay’ things. and one of those gay things is having a boyfriend.

jude hasn’t labeled his sexuality yet. he’s only put a label on his feelings towards connor, and that was something connor really deserved, because no one should stay in a relationship where they feel like secret, let alone something to be embarrassed of

that’s my long way of getting around to saying that the question of whether jude is bisexual or not (or pan or demi etc etc) has nothing to do with it.)

wow that got wild af okay moving on

28. connor’s reaction ended me. smile made of pure sunshine. laughing to himself. ducking his head shyly. HAPPY LIL BOUNCE. I am dead

29. cole might be the only male character on this show rn who could become a love interest for callie and I’d be like SIGN ME UP FUCKERS, also it would be a good way address Young LGBT+ People Issues in other people’s storylines – not always just jude and connor all the time

30. yo of all the places cole and callie could’ve chosen to dance… right there? you wanted front row seats or something?

31. that episode was SOME SHIT, man. (I’m sweating) but awwww even though it was a total angst parade it ended all cheerful yaaayyy *throws confetti*

Supernatural has had an amazing run. The first five seasons of Eric Kripke’s monster-fighting show had a beautiful arc, and formidable storytelling chops, and the five post-Kripke seasons have had moments of greatness, despite an aimlessness bordering on ennui. But after season 10? I’m done.

It’s a bad sign when the season finale of a show features a character saying “None of this makes any sense,” and they’re the audience surrogate. In this case, it was Sam Winchester, commenting on a situation that felt like it was pulled out of a hat, along with some brand new cosmic exposition whose cocktail-napkin provenance was all too clear.

The Supernatural finale had to pull a brand new cosmic threat out of thin air, because an entire season had gone by without anything particularly significant happening. It’s a testament to how little momentum the show had going into this last episode that the only way to ramp up the stakes was to take a sharp left turn and unveil a whole new layer to the increasingly saggy mythos.

…In retrospect, the two seasons where Sera Gamble was showrunner are looking better and better. The two Gamble seasons did have a brand new mythos, building out from the angel/demon stuff, a very different dynamic between the two brothers, and some risky storytelling, with Castiel going dark. The Leviathan arc was subversive and weird – if you had to try and follow up the first five years, it was at least a credible attempt at a different direction, even if it all ended with a whimper. (I would have said the season seven finale was the show’s weakest, until I saw last night’s episode.)

And the three post-Gamble seasons have had some interesting ideas here and there — the tablets, the quest to close the Gates of Hell, Metatron as a snarky replacement God, angels using televangelists to recruit host bodies in their civil war, etc. I liked Abaddon as a villain, and was sad that she got taken down so easily. The Men of Letters opened up a lot of interesting new territory. This show has remained pretty watchable – but the storytelling energy has just drained away, bit by bit. I don’t even think it’s current showrunner Jeremy Carver’s fault, per se. It’s just a show that’s been on for ten years, and they’ve already done everything twice. This year, the introduction of Rowena and the quick-and-easy curing of Demon Dean were two really regrettable decisions, it must be said. And the bulk of the season has felt just…bedraggled.

I’ve been sticking with Supernatural, partly out of nostalgia and partly because the cast is still terrific. And also, because I sort of wanted to recap it when time permitted. But I think I’m done. Last night’s finale ends with all of the major characters apparently dead – and in my mind, that’s what happened. They all died. The end. I feel strangely good about that.
—  I’m Going To Pretend Everyone Died At The End of Supernatural Season 10 (via io9)
10x14 Highlights
  • Cain has better hair than anyone ever
  • Cas torturing demons AM I AROUSED OR TERRIFIED
  • Rowena is cute as hell *punpunpun*
  • Crowley was a pudgy kid
  • TFW UNITED AGAIN god bless
  • Dean is scared and now everyone starts crying and is still crying now I’m not crying you’re crying
  • Cain can beat up Cas holy shit
  • Dean is too worried about Cas but it’s hetero I swear
  • THIS IS SO HOT but also holy shit don’t die
  • Dean is destined to kill Sam in other news half the fandom has jumped off a cliff
  • CAIN HAS BEEN UNARMED i am so sorry
  • He gave the blade to Cas o i am weak
  • Everyone is now dead goodby e