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Calm down guys

If you guys are freaking out because of the “Freeze Day” episode, don’t.

Remember Dipper and Wendy?

Dipper had a childish crush on Wendy, but it didn’t turn out well. Also considering it was love at first sight. Let us compare that to Marco and Star.

For Marco, it’s pretty obvious that he’s totally not in love with Jackie. It’s just a childish crush and you can see it on the Freeze Day episode itself.

For Star, she had a love-at-first-sight with Oskar…And…Well…Dipper also had the same with Wendy.

And maybe Oskar and Star, and Jackie and Marco wouldn’t work out as Wendy and Dipper did.

Now let’s put the situation into a now popular-running ship in the Gravity Falls fandom:

Yes. There you have it fangirls. The Dipcifica ship. I think this ship will be pretty canon at the ends of the series, and also I’m comparing this to Starco just ‘cuz all of you have been freaking out likely.

So that’s it. Just relax and enjoy the series, fellas. Who knows? Something unexpected happens just like in Dipcifica.

I hope I inspired you fellas. :D



                             ↳ “i don’t need your validation, i know i did the right thing.
                                              i know because i’m miserable… again.”

The DCAU (DC Animated Universe) will always be superior to the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe), both with TV series and with movies. The stories were more compelling; the characters were more fleshed out and relatable; the action was phenomenal; some individual episodes still amaze me to this day (especially with the Batman Animated Series); and it was more enjoyable overall, with better comedy and more light-hearted moments. And when it was melancholic, it did it perfectly, the death of the character Ace possibly being one of my favourite sad scenes in animation history.

I’ve yet to see what the DC Cinematic Universe will be like with the upcoming movies for BvS, Justice League, Wonder Woman etc. but I just think that the Marvel movies are seriously over-hyped and people are overlooking the best superhero-related entertainment in media - the DCAU.


this weekend was pretty great

- chopped my hair off friday and proceeded to take too many selfies

- went to go buy my replacement iphone and the guy at the apple store replaced it for free!

- Blake and I binged on every episode of wet hot american summer: first day of camp

- saw some friends last night that we had not hung out with for weeks

- woke up this morning and went to a sephora event with brooke and kristen and then brunched it up afterwards

- signed up to be an advocare distributor this afternoon, which means three boxes of spark are on their way to my doorstep. (i didn’t get why everyone acted like drinking spark changed their life until my mom left some with me last week. it was magical.) 

- now relaxing with blake while prepping for this week’s meals + workouts (finally getting back to spin classes!) and then settling in with two new books on my kindle

Triles/Gracevas Similarities

Science partners -Kiss during the last episode of a season -Kissed during school break -Romance barley implied until the episode of the kiss -Shippers who predicted it from day one -Unknown sexualities -Tried to hide feelings by dating a member of the other ship (assume miles is still into Tris.) -Brown hair+hair dye -One character introduced as a theatre lover -One character introduced as a bad boy/bad girl -“What now?”/taking when school strats mentality -Kissing during a season finale special -A friend seeing is coming (Winston is to Triles as Tristan is to Gracevas) -Also, Miles was the one that put the idea in Zoe’s mind, a fact not to me missed. And then, you know the writers had this planned (or at least maybe) because Miles and Zoe where each others first relationship on Degrassi, and now look at them. Sort of reminds me of Riley and Fiona in a way…
-No wonder our two fandoms are best friends.

pearlnetfusion asked:

Is it just me or does CN not play the older SU episodes as often? I haven't seen cheeseburger backpack or gem glow replayed in months

CN only plays an hour of SU each day so there’s only so many episodes they can show. I’m not sure how they decide which episode airs though I wouldn’t doubt that they favor newer episodes, since they’ve been aired less overall on the network.

That said, I actually saw a “Cheeseburger Backpack” rerun last week. My DVR will record any repeat it doesn’t already have and I get old episodes every so often. So I think you’re just not catching them when they’re on.