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“Dear Mr Gimple”

This post is a vent of my feelings around recent seasons of TWD under the showrunner Scott M Gimple.  

Puttng under a cut since I know not everyone is interested in my feelings on this issue, and many love the TWD as is. 

Dear Mr Gimple,

You stand accused, before this court of fandom, of comitting murder with reckless abandon, of a show many previously loved and now mourn. From season 4-B the first real arc you ran, you offered bottle episodes, arcs for elevated redshirts and characters behaving in ways they had not in any season suddenly lost their damn minds and skills.

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Watching the first episode of QI N series. Sandi Tokswig is GREAT, I really love the atmosphere of the show, it’s somehow even warmer now than with Stephen Fry, and I didn’t think it was possible. I’ll miss seeing him weekly, of course, but this new QI looks exciting and fun. Sandi is probably the closest thing to Stephen, tbh.