what I want for EP VIII is this:

A new female character. She’s hot, funny, smart, cool, a fanboi’s dream. She and Poe obviously have history. They are at ease with one another, hug a lot, have inside jokes, each other, the fanbois are appeased. It seems like Poe is indeed a hetero dude™.

Meanwhile, Finn eyes the both of them with what an observant audience member easily identifies as jealousy. Somewhere in the second half of the movie he approaches hot new female character and says something like ‘Yeah, I’m really happy for Poe and you. He’s a really nice dude and deserves someone as hot, funny, smart and cool as you.’ He turns to leave. The fanbois rejoice. The gay has been defeated.

Then we hear her answer: “Waaaaat, no buddy, Poe is gay as shit.”

The dudebros stop breathing.

“And I also think he has the hots for you”

Some start whimpering silently.

“And btw, I’m a lesbian.”

Dead silence in the movie theatre. There is no hope left for the dudebros. It has been crushed by the merciless gay agenda. Somewhere in the distance Rey whoops Kylo’s emo ass into the next galaxy.

i can’t wait for this teamup… !!! (*Φ∇Φ*) !!!, also… BLUE LAVA. i’m imagining this to be a pivotal moment at some important ancient force location where they team up for the first time under an epic night sky. I NEED IT

I had a massive revelation last night about Sith eyes. Yes I am aware that Kylo is not a Sith but Dark Side users have yellow eyes as well. They can also hide them with the Force (Dooku) but there is no way in the world kylo would hide them if he had them. He’s all about intimidation and the Dark, he would flaunt those babies if he had them. He has too much Love inside of him to ever be a Sith or completely Dark.


Star Wars: Episode 8 director, Rian Johnson, confirmed the return of General Hux while replying to a fan on Twitter. The fan asked a strange question if any red heads will be featured in the new film and Johnson replied by showing a photo of General Hux.

Hux’s inclusion in the new movie is to be expected as he was third in command of The First Order behind Snoke and Kylo Ren. The Force Awakens did tease that Hux and Kylo Ren were jockeying for the second position as both men do things differently. Kylo Ren is erratic yet more physically powerful, while Hux does things more by the book.


(oh thank god)