episode 51

Here’s a list of things that Korra valued above romance for the first 51.9 episodes of her show (in approximately descending order):

  • Her Avatar duties
  • Her mental health and/or personal growth
  • Her family
  • Her tribe
  • Her friendships
  • People who are hurting
  • Professional sports

Here is a list of the things Korra ignored in favor of romance in the final scene of that same show.

  • Her Avatar duties
  • Her family (who she disappeared on for six months and just reunited with at the wedding)
  • Her tribe (what tribe? =P )
  • Her friendships (I’m sure Mako and Bolin were perfectly happy with her taking off again)
  • People who are hurting (including Kuvira, the entirety of Republic City, and Asami’s actual grief [though I suppose the show was the one to ignore that =P ])