episode 319

Episode 319 “Cape May” will be a fantastic one…

Ok people, NBC finally released the synopsis for episode 19, titled “Cape May”: “A mysterious beauty on the run from unknown assailants accidentally crosses paths with Reddington (James Spader) and enlists his help to fight back against her attackers.”

Next episode, Red will mourn Elizabeth’s death alone at Cape May, in a desolated place on the beach. From the look of it, it appears to be an hotel, closed for the cold season.

Daniel Knauf wrote this episode. We all know his taste for the strange. Six months ago, he went to the Stanley Hotel who inspired “The Shining” to Stephen King. There he wrote the infamous episode 311.

I’m a huge Stanley Kubrick’s fan and I couldn’t resist joking about the meaning of it for a writer. (In the movie, the main character, Jack Torrance, is found to have abandoned his latest novel in favour of typing the sentence “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” over and over onto reams of paper.)

He answered me in his usual and cryptic fashion, focusing on Red. Weird…

Now, it seems this place inspired episode 319 as well… Another version of the synopsis also described the coming episode as: Red will “face a ghost from his past”. (source: ibtimes.com)

Cape May, a ghost from Red’s past (literally) … everything leads us to Katarina Rostova.

What if…? What if Red struggles with his past, his culpability, the choices he had to do, reliving the tragic circumstances of Katarina’s death through flashbacks? What if he tells the mysterious woman? What if she is in fact Katarina’s ghost and he doesn’t realize it until the very end of the episode, when she suddenly disappears?

What if all of it was an illusion, a painful image his mournful mind created to exorcise the past? A liberating and cathartic experience leading to redemption?

That would be awesome! Terrific!

It could be a way to tell us the whole story, how things happened 25 years ago, establishing the foundation of Red’s relationship with Liz. (And if Liz is really gone forever, then we will learn the truth).

Want more clues it’s a ghost story…?

And this picture, a coincidence? I don’t think so…

I leave you here with a very Shining episode to come… in every way.

I wonder...

… why Red did burn the letter destined to Elizabeth in case something happened to him? (episode 316 - The Caretaker)

According to Red, that letter explains EVERYTHING, the past and the connection between Liz and him. Elizabeth will know what happened 25 years ago. And we know deep down Red wants her to discover the truth. 

So why burn this letter?? There is no logical explanation. 

This was something bothering me until I see the recent photo from Ryan Eggold taken in a cemetery.

There will be a funeral in episode 319. Whose could it be?

There’s a significant clue: Mr. Kaplan is there. She wouldn’t be there except for Red sadly (eventually Liz and/or the baby, and certainly not, for Tom the cockroach).

For some time now, the writers insist on Red’s mortality. “Say hello to our friends in Hell…” (311- Mr. Gregory Devry), the creepy painting showing Red’s grave (315 - Drexel) and this burned letter in case of Red’s death.

My point is, if Red fakes his death, burning the letter makes complete sense. He’s still alive, in the shadows and the same game goes on. Elizabeth doesn’t need to know the truth at this point. They will continue to explore their relationship in the future, when he comes back from his hiding. 

So prepare yourself for some sadness and angst at the end of 318 with Red’s *fake* death. Maybe in the process, Elizabeth will finally understand what Red means to her and blames herself for being so blind?

And think of the glorious season’s end we will have when our champion emerges stronger… 

In the finale, Stephen Amell and Emily Bett Rickards carried Olicity from ultimate darkness to happy sunset driving in just 25 minutes of screen time. And that, the first half of episode 301, the second half of episode 305, 316, 319 and most of 320 were the only times Oliver and Felicity were truly working together and on the same page all season.

Now that Olicity is canon, Guggenheim would do well to remember that TV couples can work together, not shut each other out and actually get through issues together – and shows don’t get cursed for it anymore. Like Season 1 and Season 2 Olicity, only with more making out.


The Movie Network (x)

Please. Especially the last part.

We’ve got Rory Regan (Joe DiNicol), who comic book fans know him as Ragman, who’s an old Batman hero, and one of the few Jewish characters in the DC universe — super-excited about him. Wild Dog, another comic book fan-favorite, and he’s actually played by Rick Gonzalez, who was on my wife [Tara Butters’] show Reaper. Finally, we’re bringing back Evelyn Stark from episode 319, and she’s going to be Artemis. It’s a very eclectic group, because Wild Dog, as his name suggests, he’s very much a loose cannon. Rory is dark and mysterious, at least when he’s wearing the Ragman rags. And Evelyn is very young and enthusiastic, but really inexperienced

CLAWMARKS;; gapes into the distance… i’m spacing out so bad today.

i have OFFICIALLY caught up with my favorite kvariety show… Running Man. all of 319 episodes, each one approximately 1 hour and 15-40 min long. i am deeply crying on in the inside. of course, i can always watch reruns and it is still ongoing. but no joke, it was my all time favorite thing to do when i came home, whenever i ate, whenever i was sad or down or didn’t wish to think about anything, it was my go to. ahh, it has inspired me so much to do things such as attempting to learn Korean, completing my TEFL certificate so that i may go teach abroad one day, and well, look into teaching abroad over there. however, my progress toward such feats keeps getting stunted by real life matters. i was so eager to go since last year, but it has proved to be difficult and although i have applied this past month, things aren’t shaping up to make it that simple. not to mention, all the threats that are ongoing… which is turning out not to be something to brush aside either.

ANYWHO, i totally went on a rant there. i just had to express my love for this show and i’m eagerly waiting for Monday’s airing (well Sunday for my timezone).

also i finished all my drafts and they’re currently in my draft pile but i’m kinda ??? wanting to do something fresh with the blog. whether that means attempting to balance two blogs at once ( i have been having plans to make another muse, though Gale will never leave me now that i’ve had him for over a year <3 ), or just revamping this blog a bit here and there. i wanted to look into making some nice clickable buttons for his tags rather than just their text format… but what is motivation!

lol! well, i’ll be around more now that i’ve no RM to fill up my days ( you all don’t understand… i legit have been dedicating my days for a year watching RM! ) … but i also hope that with this extra time, i can get to know more of you and share contacts, get some juicy/deep threads going, too ( not even going to bother fixing how i worded that )!! <33