episode 268


A storyboard assignment for class!
Finn asks Abracadaniel if he knows how to curse a real sword.

Based on audio from My Brother, My Brother and Me Episode 268.

anonymous asked:

I just joined the fandom (I know I'm very late) to only find that no, I hadn't missed nine seasons, I'd missed THIRTEEN fucking seasons. How do I catch up to them?

Well, the good news is that you’ve missed 12 seasons and only the first 4 episodes of season 13.

The answer I always wanna give to people with this dilemma: start at the beginning and watch the whole thing. Every damn episode. There are currently 268 episodes available, so if you watch one episode per day you’ll be caught up in less than a year. If you watch 2 per day you’ll be caught up in 1/3 of a year. It all comes down to what kind of binging you are capable of.

But here’s the answer I probably should give despite it being unpopular among purists (myself included): you could always just Google “supernatural skip guide.” There are a TON of lists out there which lets you steamroll through the main plot points of the series while skipping the “filler” episodes. One of MANY downsides of this is that I don’t see any lists updated through anything later than season 9… plus I should probably write one myself considering how many of these I disagree with. (Do NOT skip Crossroad Blues in season 2. DO NOT. I’LL KICK THE ASS OF WHOEVER WROTE THAT TRAVESTY.)

However, this method is iffy: in addition to missing vital character development (which tends to happen in the so-called ‘filler’ episodes), you might wind up missing something that you would have really liked. There are a ton of people out there that prefer mytharc (like me), and there are a ton of people that like the MotW/filler episodes more. That’s why I recommend just buckling down and watching the whole thing. Yes, there are some not-so-great episodes, but even the crappy ones usually have something to offer.

If you want to steamroll, let me know, and I can probably come up with some kind of guide for you, which would probably knock at least… oh, 20-30 episodes or so out of it. There’s still a lot of material even with so-called “skippable” episodes.

But really… you shouldn’t skip anything. If you’re into it, just buckle down and get watching.

Justin, Travis and Griffin McElroy

“Can I just say, somebody out there— one person— just found their favourite bit of all time.”

“Can I say something? I think it was fuckin’— you!”

My Brother My Brother and Me, Episode 268: Hot Beans and Bacon