episode 1x04

  • Skye:What do we have to do if we have to pee?
  • Grant:You broke protocol because you need a bathroom break?
  • Skye:It was a really, really long drive, and everyone's nervous.
  • Grant:There's a container at the bottom of the blue chest.
  • Skye:[Searches chest] Not the water bottle.
  • Grant:Yes.
  • Skye:Did you never learn the thing where girl parts and boy parts are different and our parts are not penises?

So, in Eye Spy, at the end Skye says if she turns on the glasses she’ll see Fitz “without any clothes on” whereupon he forfeits the poker game.  Given that we can clearly see the guard’s clothes here, I have to wonder if Skye was just messing with Fitz and/or helping Ward out.  Which still doesn’t explain her happy little smirk at the end when she apparently catches sight of a naked Ward.

Not tryin’ to be “that guy” and ruin the joke – just something curious I noticed during the episode.


Ah, Part 1 of 2, Aliens of London. This episode bugs me in no way whatsoev… DOCTOR FOR GOODNESS SAKES LEARN! TO! IMPROVE! YOUR! TIMING! OR AT LEAST LOOK AT A NEWSPAPER BEFORE YOU LET ROSE SCRAMBLE OFF!! *rubs temples in frustration* You would think that he’d have learned in all his 900 years that the TARDIS doesn’t have the best track record with accuracy.

Oh well. It leads us to getting to see the first touches of jealous Doctor. I kinda feel sorry for Mickey getting the butt end of it, but I think that he should really be starting to let go of Rose now. Regardless of how long it was for Rose, a year is a mighty long time to wait for someone who is pretty clearly falling for someone else. But hey, he makes Martha happy later on, so all’s well that ends well?

My Top Ten Moments from Outlander, episode 1x04

My Top Ten Moments from Outlander, ep4, The Gathering [with exclusive @outlander_starz gif!!]

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It’s kind of scary being a fan of the Outlander books AND the television show. Are my favorite moments going to be the ones that aren’t in the books or the ones that ARE? 

I can’t handle the tension. At the very least, this week, episode 4, had a perfect mix of both. So, without further adieu, here are my Top Ten Moments from this week’s Outlander, The Gathering. 

SPOILER ALERT: If you haven’t…

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