episode 14 will be the same

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Are there any episodes that you would comfortably call filler episodes? I initially had a list of about 14 episodes that a new viewer could skip, but after thinking harder about it, almost all of them seemed to have at least one small but important detail in them. (tbh I'm mostly just asking you because I love your theories and I have no friends who like SU to ask about it lmao)

I don’t think there are any real filler episodes! 

SU as a story is driven by character interaction and psychology, which many of the ostensibly slower-paced episodes serve to explore, flesh out, and deepen. There aren’t any episodes that end in the same place they picked up.

And even then, Crewniverse loves to sneak little details into easily forgettable places! Remember, the first thing that pointed me towards the Blue Diamond Fusion theory (which is looking more likely than ever at the repeated hints that Blue has two sets of arms) was this statue from the third episode, Cheeseburger Backpack.

and we see that this apparent throwaway scene of Pearl explaining and showing the Spire in its heyday has clearly more thought put into it than expected because, with the exception of I think that shaggy-haired noble on the bottom right, you can find each of these characters in the silhouettes of The Answer, confirming rather than tossing in random filler Gems in a situation where they could absolutely get away with it, they selected specific individuals of Blue Diamond’s court to use both times. 

So I don’t think filler exists, because:

1. With the slice-of-life and interaction-driven nature of SU, every interaction shown on screen is significant, and builds context for later scenes. 


2. Crewniverse loves to sneak in major details in quiet, forgettable places, so I would especially hesitate to pass up an episode because it “doesn’t seem that important”. 

Marinette and Adrien's ages

According to Alya in the Pharoh episode, the book is from the “3eme au collège”. In France “le collège” corresponds to the first half of secondary school which includes children from 11 to 15. If they’re “dans la 3eme” year then they’d be 14-15 for the majority of their class and on their last year before they head to the next stage.

For those that are curious, “le lycée” corresponds to the last 3 years of secondary school and where they’ll be in their next year.

Adrien had a birthday in this season which means he either turned 14 or 15. I’m more inclined to think 14 since he’d be slightly over the age limit at the end of secondary school. It wouldn’t be unheard of to have an older student but this was one of the earlier episodes which feels like it could have been done to make him the same age as Marinette.

Conclusion: Our heroes are 14 (maybe 15 for Adrien) for the majority of season 1.

  • what she says:I'm fine.
  • what she means:in episode 14 of Osomatsu-san "Todomatsu's Line" when Todomatsu called Kara his number 1 brother and then Osomatsu his number 1 was it because Kara is his number one and Osomatsu is literally the first born so is the actual number 1 brother? Or was he just going to call all of them his number 1. Like how exactly was he screwing with them? Does Todomatsu actually love all his brothers equally? Does he really like Karamatsu???

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Have you seen spoiler about Stephen appearing on LOT with a goatee, one arm and Connor?! Connor won't be related to Oliver but what the fudge do you think is happening?

Yep seen it. I was thinking Connor would be his grandson, William’s son, but if they say he’s not related…. I would jump and say that maybe William isn’t his son but he did that DNA test before Barry traveled through time and it was established that he is Oliver’s son.

As to what I think is happening, maybe they need Oliver’s help to fight Savage 30 years later. Maybe Oliver hears that they’re in town and drops in to say hello.

I’m not sure how much they’ll give away about Oliver’s future since episode 6 will be around the same time as arrow’s episode 14 or 15, there’s a possible Olicity breakup and the age old question of who’s in the grave and where the fuck is the ring.

But whatever it is, and even though I’m not too happy about the one arm…I can overlook the whole goatee thing, I’m really looking forward to it.

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I'm really worried about Sam being alone with lucifer. He's clearly unaware for a while and then becomes the first to know about Lucifer!Cas, Sam must be totally freaking out when he realizes. And as usual, I'm torn between wanting nothing bad to happen to Sam and my love of h/c and Sam's pain and trauma being recognized. this season has given me such intensely mixed feelings >.<

Same! I mean, I see why it’s necessary to the plot for Sam to be alone with Lucifer!Cas in 11.14, and a part of me is really glad that it’s Sam who finally recognizes it’s not Cas, especially since he was also the first to mention his concern about Cas, but I mean… poor Sam. 

Turning a gun on Cas wouldn’t have even worked. Turning a gun on Lucifer!Cas, like he does in that screenshot… I really can’t see this going well. Then again, it’s possible that Lucifer talks Sam down or somehow convinces him that he’s actually Cas (or maybe just up and disappears in any of a thousand ways once he has what he needs) because the very next episode seems to be a MOTW episode that has both the brothers, so it’s unlikely that anything serious will happen.

Totally on the acknowledge Sam’s pain and trauma train with you, though, and H/C is basically the air I breathe. This season is definitely the season of mixed feelings. 

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Today I started watching miraculous ladybug out of curiosity, ended up watching 14 episodes, cried over fanart, found your The Ladybugs and the Bees fic because of some said fanart and finished chapter 11 around 2:45am. In one day I have plunged headlong into ladybug trash hell and I blame you. Also your writing is A++ and I can't wait to finish the fic when I'm fully awake 😻🐞

1. Welcome to the trash heap fandom, enjoy your stay!

2. I did that same thing (minus reading my own fanfic bc it wasnt written yet) about 2 months ago. ITS JUST SO EASY TO GET SUCKED IN WHEN THERES ONLY LIKE HALF A SEASON OUT.

3. Also I super love your url because im DEFINITELY ALSO NOT A THESPIAN (is totally a thespian.

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I was on the Steven Universe wiki chat earlier and we were talking about Miraculous Ladybug and someone was saying how it’s not going to become popular. So I went onto the Miraculous Ladybug wikia and saw that the average views for a new episode premiere is around 1.2 million views. That’s about the same amount of views per new episode for Steven Universe. So don’t go saying it’s not going to become popular when they have around the same views per new episode! 

I should also mention that the views per new episode of Miraculous Ladybug is for the English Dub. I don’t know how many views it has for the Korean and/or French Dub but I’m going to try to check.

Also, this isn’t related to my post, but I found a poll on Twitter that asked how old you are watching Miraculous Ladybug and most of the vote said 14-20. So if any one from my school happens to come across this post and says “Oh, Miraculous Ladybug is for babies” or whatever, remember I said that mostly 14-20 year olds watch it.

Moral of my post: Don’t judge a show by the plot/trailer or something.

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OUAT, 6, 14, 15, 16, 23 and 25?

6. Least favourite character


Although I’m not sure it counts, because he’s dead, but I don’t and didn’t like him. I shipped Swanfire for some episodes, up until he started treating Emma as a crazy ex. And then he spent the whole 2x22 telling Emma that she was just jealous of his perfect fiancé, Tamara, but then at the last minute he tells her he loves her. Sorry but no, he was being a dick five minutes before. That kinda did it for me.

14. Favourite Season?

Season 1

I liked how they dealt with ‘real life’ problems. Even silly things like Mary Margaret running late for school made it more relatable. And at the same time we had magic going on and it was just great. Although to be honest, when I rewatched it as an Evil Regal, it was quite painful.

Apart from that, I liked that it didn’t have the “split in two” system they use now. The other seasons always have a half I don’t enjoy as much, like 2A, 3A, 4A and omg wait, I can see a pattern.
Adam and Eddie need to get rid of this “split in two” system they have, or maybe just stop introducing new villains every half season.

15. Character you’d love to kill off?

I want them to kill someone, honestly anyone at this point; and I want them to stay dead.

I’m not talking about Killian specifically, because he’s half of my OTP and there’s no way I want him dead. But the whole idea of “dead is dead” lost its meaning, unless you are Graham (and that’s because Jamie Dornan won’t come back) or Neal.

But seriously, Killian, Rumple, Zelena; I’m not saying I want them dead, but I feel like bringing every main character back to life every time they die, takes the seriousness out of their death? I mean is there anyone worried about Killian not coming back to life? People might be happy or annoyed about it, but we all know they are not killing him forever.

Sorry, I drifted away from the question, but there is no one I actually want dead, all of them have great potential, even if I don’t like them.

Wait. Kill the Blue Fairy, that shady bitch is up to something.

16. Most ridiculous plot line?

The one I hated the most is Zelena’s pregnancy. I know it’s a drama, but they literally talked about it in like only two chapters? Why introduce it to the plot if they’re not gonna pay attention to it? Maybe it was mentioned in others, but they never really dedicated more than a whole episode to it. Everything seemed to happen “off-screen” and that’s not good enough for me.

Also the whole Camelot thing, I’m just hoping they’ll fix it in 5B, and I don’t mean one chapter where they fix everything, I want to see more of Guinevere. If not it’ll be a waste of potential.

And Will Scarlett is2g, they didn’t need to make him Belle’s love interest, why would they ruin his relationship with Anastasia?!

And I’m not sure if this is considered “plot line” but Rumplestiltskin being a hero? for like one episode? That was ridiculous. And how many times is he gonna lie to Belle? Can’t they find another way to show that he is the dark one? It just gets repetitive.

23. Character you loved that died too soon?


I didn’t LOVE him, but it was too soon. Although it was great because it was so unexpected! That’s what I mean when I want them to kill someone for good! I want the surprise and the angst and not that feeling of “all this pain I’m feeling is pointless because they’ll never kill X character for real” and trust me, I always feel the pain.

Also Cora for fuck’s sake couldn’t they have killed her half an hour later? Like seriously THEY PUT HER HEART BACK and Regina’s smile just killed me omg and then"you would have been enough" and BAM she’s dead.

But really there wasn’t a character I loved that has died or anything. BECAUSE KILLIAN IS COMING BACK TO LIFE OK.

25. How would you like the show to end?


After a narrator off screen says “And they lived happily ever after” a book -similar to Henry’s one- is closed; then you see a group of kids, and we realise it’s one of Storybrooke school’s classrooms. The same one Mary Margaret used to teach in.

The bell rings, the kids start to get out of the classroom and a male voice shouts “don’t forget I want those English essays for tomorrow!” the teacher starts to clean up his desk, and when he cleans the board we read ‘Mr. Mills’ on it.

We realise it’s Henry and think wtf, was it all a story for his pupils?!

Henry starts walking down the road and we realise he’s going the same way Regina did in “Welcome to Storybrooke” (when her days were always the same). Henry waves at someone and we realise it’s Archie.

He arrives to Granny’s and sits down on a table where a man is waiting for him “I’ve finished it, it’s done; I want to publish it”. We see the man’s face and it’s August. He nods and takes the book from Henry’s hands “I’ll see what I can do”. They both agree to meet soon. Henry leaves with a nod to Ruby, who is serving the table next to the door. He opens the door and bumps into someone.

It’s Killian. No pirate outfit. No hook. Henry smiles, apologises and keeps walking.

On his way we see Regina walking, cold face, chin held high, Henry moves out of her way because he knows she’ll keep walking in a straight line and he doesn’t want to be on the Mayor’s bad side (he’s been there more than once).

We see a sweet family of three, the boy can’t be more than 10, and we realise they’re the Nolans. Henry smiles at the boy, the boy smiles back, and the family keeps walking past him.

He finally arrives to his house, we recognise it as Emma’s.

He leaves his bag on the coach, turns on the radio and “Charlie’s girl” by Lou Reed starts playing. He starts preparing his lunch when we hear a knock on the door. He wipes his hands, turns the volume down, and heads to the door. Emma’s shocked face is waiting on the other side “Henry?” She whispers “Mom?” they stared at each other for a second, both in shock. Her for seeing her son all grown up, him for finally founding someone who recognises him. They hug each other and Emma tells him “We’ll find a way to fix this” Henry laughs nervously and answers “I guess Operation Cobra is on again.”

The end.

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Ok, 1) I LOVE EVERYTHING YOU SAID ABOUT IT BEING LIKE THE SAPPY FIC YOU NEVER READ AND WTF, BABIES? BLESS YOU. 2) Charlie was mentioned a few times in the show but was never shown. He was a delightful mystery, like the "Danny" Mulder and Scully called on their cell phones in the early seasons who we never met yet did favors like tracing phone calls, lol. He was mentioned in "One Breath" actually when Maggie talks about Scullkilling the snake. 3) I feel the same way about everything rly.

1) THANK YOU I have been in fandom a long time and scully calling mulder fox and talking about babies may be totally justified in canon but it sets off a klaxon in my mind of BACK BUTTON BACK BUTTON. Which is hard to do on a tv.

2) Thank you for your superior knowledge, 14 year old me would be ASHAMED of 29 year old me.

3) lets form a club of sad people who would like an episode of internal fbi bureaucracy and also maybe an expositionary counselling session. With many shots of skinner SIGHING MANFULLY over all the paperwork he has to fill out to make this all right.

does robots in disguise actually get more interesting or does it all follow the same “catch the baddie of the day” formula all throughout?


Series 1, Episode 14: Dreamy - Blue Fairy

The Blue Fairy has appeared in several episodes so far but I’ve been avoiding taking screenshots so far because… well… ugh… her outfit is just terrible. I mean it’s just so ridiculous and naff I don’t understand how anyone thought it was a good idea! I mean everyone’s outfits were pretty funky for the pilot - but then things improved for future episodes and I don’t understand why the Blue Fairy’s design was kept the same.

Her outfit looks like demented ballet dancer meets 80s prom. It’s like a craft project gone hideously awry!

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The episodes only make sense if 14-16 are reversed; also that way Adrienette won't be completely ruined for me just because Marinette didn't learn much about Adrien in Le Gamer. In reverse, her looks-based crush evolves into a brotp and she gets to know him better, and maybe she can even help the same way Nino does rather than idolize Gabriel Agreste.

Yeah maybe it would’ve made more sense for Kung Food to be after Le Gamer because of how comfortable Adrien and Marinette were together in Kung Food. Then Marinette went back to being more nervous around him. I think it could still work in the French order, though, because Marinette was probably only so comfortable with him because she was more focused on her uncle that episode. Plus, Adrien was going into Marinette’s room in Le Gamer, so it’s understandable that would make her more nervous. Marinette’s insecurity is what throws her off of a friendship with him all the time. She’s been getting closer to Adrien, and he considers her enough of a friend that they could probably easily hang out, but she’s still too self conscious to initiate it.

I don’t think her feelings for him are necessarily only look-based. It probably was at first, but she was really drawn in by his kindness, honesty, and intelligence. She still needs to know more about him, obviously, but I think that while you could say Marinette’s love of Adrien and Chat Noir’s love of Ladybug are superficial, that it’s actually built on something pretty stable: respect and admiration. Underneath it all, there’s just a need for the other to be happy. You see it when Marinette lets Adrien think her scarf is from his father, and when Chat Noir respects Ladybug’s wish to keep her secret identity secret. They’re both willing to put their own selfish desires aside to make the other happy, and I say that there’s nothing superficial about that at all.

Only Nino knows how lonely Adrien feels when his father neglects him. I think Marinette has at least noticed something is up, but Adrien is kind of a private person and so he doesn’t necessarily want her to know. She wouldn’t idolize Gabriel if she knew how much pain he causes Adrien, of course. But she’s SO into fashion that it’s not surprising that she’s a fangirl of one of the best fashion designers in Paris. When Marinette gets closer to Adrien and finds out his pain you can be sure that she’ll do everything in her power to help him, possibly working with Alya and Nino.

If I were being REALLY cynical, I’d ask “What is it about how Marinette feels about Adrien that’s unique instead of like the feelings of dozens of other fangirls?”

Hm, well most of the fan girls only know that he’s famous and attractive. Most probably think about how great would it be to date someone so popular because it would make others envious of their fame. I can’t ever believe that Marinette would care about fame. Especially not since she’s famous as Ladybug. It’s true that Marinette acts silly about her feelings for Adrien, and that can be compared to the other fan girls, but to delegitimize her feelings for Adrien is to sell Marinette short. There is no way she could be so infatuated with someone who hasn’t lived up to her high standards because goodness is very important to her. If Adrien hadn’t consistently proven himself to be kind, generous, just, and smart, I’m sure she’d drop him like a hot potato. Marinette has no tolerance for unfairness, selfishness, greed, or cruelty. That’s why she clashes with Chloe so much. She has no time for people who don’t deserve it.

I was 14 years old when I first saw The X-Files. It was my freshman year of high school and this strange new show had just premiered on Fox. I didn’t catch an episode until the middle of season one (Darkness Falls, you know, the one with the bugs) and after that I was completely hooked.

The X-Files was my beginning. I’d been a fangirl before, but The X-Files changed that, it was my obsession, my catharsis, I lived for Mulder and Scully.

I just watched the premiere of the new season, 20+ years later. At first I couldn’t do it, couldn’t make it past Mulder’s opening monologue, it was to much, I couldn’t handle it. I literally had too many emotions. But I finally made it through and saw an episode that took me right back to those days, gripped me the way it always used to do. I was 14 and 36 all at the same time, the adolescent and the adult screaming together. 

I love them so much. I’ve never stopped

The truth is still out there. And we’re gonna find it.

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same omg your taste in anime is FLAWLESS what should i watch now?

Puella Magi Madoka Magica! :D or Madoka Magica for short. its super cool and its also on netflix!! it lasts like 14 episodes i think?? And thank you ive been at this anime thing since 2011 i have a decent taste

Pretty Little Liars Season 6 Episode 14 Recap

Previously on PLL: Pepperdine fails to apply adhesive to an envelope. Lucas makes an appearance. Hannah wears a sleep robe outside the house. “A” hires a graphic designer and debuts a new logo.


Nothing is the same in Rosewood post demon-moji. The night before 6x14 opens was an unforgettable one for each of the liars. Most of them will remember that night as the night “A” came back to haunt them, while Spencer will remember it as the time she and Caleb danced the horizontal mambo for the first time. 6x14 opens up with a shot of Caleb and Spencer nekkid in bed post-coitus. The sun is shining and Alabama Shakes’ “Always Alright” is playing as Spencer gets out of a bed and glides across the floor to check her phone. She put it on silence so Hanna’s snapchats wouldn’t interrupt her and Caleb’s sexytime. Naturally, the one day she silences her phone, the world ends. I really loved how the scene was shot, especially the moment Spencer reads her texts. The shift in music and Troian’s expression really sold it.

Next we see Spencer late to an emergency meeting with the other Liars. Spencer makes up some terrible excuse for why her phone was off (yet she fails to explain her awful flared pants). They each say a line or two about how Sara Harvey is probably Amoji. Hanna loses focus and talks about how awesome NYC is because she can get Blue Bottle Coffee. How about it’s awesome because you haven’t committed any crimes there lately and you’re not a suspect in a murder trial? Oh and how about the fact that you’re not being blackmailed in NYC? They find out Alison has an alibi and that Hanna’s boss throws office supplies at Hanna.

Originally posted by times-new-romann

I still can’t get over the fact that they openly talk about Sara Harvey, who they think is a psycho killer and possibly Amoji, in the lobby of the hotel she’s staying at. We know “A” pulled off a bunch of technical feets in her day, you don’t think she could, idk, find a way to eavesdrop on your convo? Maybe they’ve just accepted that they can’t hide from “A.” Whateves let’s move on: ARIA’S CREEPY DAD IS BACK! Ok when anything sketchy goes down in Rosewood, Lorenzo should just arrest Aria’s dad, Ezra, and pastor Ted. 

I mean seriously, how many people have to get murdered in a church before anyone suspects him. The liars just figure Aria’s dad is having a romantic rendezvous with a yet-to-be-seen ladyfriend. Coincidentally, Amoji sends a picture message of a nine iron, the alleged murder weapon. Spencer asks the logical question: Does Ezra play golf?

We then launch into three subplots:

Subplot 1: Aria’s investigates the golf clubs

In order to find out if Ezra’s has any missing golf clubs, Aria needs to get into the loft while Ezra is out of town. The only person with a key is stoner Sabrina. Turns out she’s not just gonna give you the keys to her bosses’ place because you asked. At some point Aria convinces Emily to distract stoner Sabrina with her feminine wiles while she steals the key.

She gets in and realizes that Ezra has his full set of clubs. She gives the key to Emily to put back and Emily gets caught trying to replace it. Sabrina is hurt because she thought Emily actually liked her (which she does). Emily was reluctant to deceive Sabrina in the first place so now she’s kinda mad, but there’s no time for Emily’s feelings because Aria finds a voicemail from her dad on Ezra’s answering machine. She tries to call him and ask him what’s going on, but he’s in a sketchy car talking to someone just outside the frame. We also get a flashback to Byron and Ella (can we please get more Holly Marie Combs?) arguing. Byron says Charlotte would walk the streets of Rosewood over his dead body. So yeah, Aria’s worried her dad had something to do with this whole mess. Oh and turns out he’s the one missing a nine iron. Ouch. Not looking good for Byron.

Also in this sublot we see a creepy old postman outside of Aria’s window looking in at Emily. We’re led to believe he’s Amoji. Now we know what the old guy from the Six Flags commercials has been up to the past few years. 

Subplot 2: Spencer/Toby/Caleb/Hanna love quadrangle

This is the subplot that really made this episode. Last time we checked up on Toby, he was alone and building a house for a mysterious girl. We were led to believe he was hanging on to hope that he and Spencer would be endgame. Turns out, he’s dating the hot, badass, daughter of Mrs. Hasting’s political opponent. Ok yeah that’s a pretty crazy coincidence and it’s borderline Gossip Girl-level. Oh well, we get a ton of drama from this so let’s roll with it.

Spencer and Caleb agree that Caleb shouldn’t get his own place, which is code for “your sexy skills were adequate enough to keep boning on the reg, but not good enough to go any further than my barn for some ass.” Still, they are going full-on couple mode for this whole episode. Spencer makes a joke about couples kicking ass and staying together. She even gives Caleb the boyfriend treatment by deleting the text about her ex and hoping he wouldn’t find out. Aww that’s adorbz. Caleb and Spencer are so enjoyable to watch together that you forget that Spencer and Toby ever existed. I’m totally calling it now: Spaleb is endgame.

This is a teen show, so before any endgame couples have happily ever afters, we need some ex drama. Not only is Toby dating Spencer’s “frenemy,” a little binder told her Toby was planning to propose to Yvonne the day Spencer meets her. Toby chickens out for some reason (hint: spencer’s hot abs in the crop top she wore to visit him). Amoji fans the fire by sending a catty text to the effect of “he ain’t puttin’ no ring on your finger, honey.” Spencer and Yvonne have no real beef between them, which I really appreciated and I found refreshing. Spencer has a good thing going with Caleb and Yvonne is about to get engaged to Toby. Yvonne never did anything to Spencer and vice versa. No reason to beef. Now if Toby doesn’t propose because he tries to get back with Spencer? Then fine, claws out. I think the writers did a good job of re-establishing the chemistry between Toby and Spencer. I genuinely believed the two had some spark. Keegan and Troian have never really had enough chemistry for my tastes, but they were better this episode than I remembered them being.

What about Caleb and Hanna? Toby asks Caleb straight up if he’s still holding on to Hanna and he pretty flatly says nope. Hanna heretofore has seemed pretty over Caleb, though she’s understandably a little jealous that Caleb is dating one of her best friends who has always been, in addition to being hot,  insanely smart and accomplished. Maybe she thinks Caleb upgraded? Haleb shippers say that the fact that Hanna kept Caleb’s table and the fact that she’s jealous of how quickly he’s moving with Spencer are signs she wants to get back with him. In the real world, just because you don’t torch everything that ever belonged to your ex or you get a little jealous when your best homegirl starts dating your ex, doesn’t mean you want to get back together. In TV world? Jordan will somehow disappoint Hanna or he won’t be able to handle all of the shit that comes with dating a PLL so that relationship will be over and Hanna will probably make another run at Caleb.

Subplot 3: Hannah and the case of the disappearing security footage

Hannah admits to Jordan and to her mom that she stupidly erased the security footage to protect Aria. They both think it’s dumb. Jordan thinks it’s dumb and cute. Her mom isn’t at all amused. Of course there’s a backup copy somewhere because that’s how security works. Jordan comes in like a knight in shining armor to call Papi to call the lawyer who puts Lorenzo in check. Ok she actually doesn’t. Ashley takes the backup copy of the footage before Lorenzo and his goons can find it and prove that someone deleted the footage to protect Aria.


All of the subplots come together at Spencer and Yvonne’s publicity event, where Hanna and the non-Spencers (there’s a band name for ya) break into Ashley’s office to get the scoop on Sara Harvey. Turns out she’s not around and told her cronies to cancel all her meetings. The episode ends with the sketchy old guy leaving (dressed as Radley staff)  the Radley and getting into his car and REMOVING HIS FACE! SHOCKER!!! THE OLD GUY MIGHT NOT BE OLD! Alright honestly the facemask/makeup was so freakin’ obvious. How did nobody notice? Who is the manager at the Radley? Oh yeah, Ashley Marin, who is busy destroying evidence.

This week we had a really tight episode that let us focus on the love quadrangle, while still advancing main mystery. We didn’t have any Sara or Alison or Mona to eat up screentime. The Lorenzos, Jordans, and Ashleys of the world were only around for as long as they needed to advance the story. I also thought the acting was surprisingly good this episode, especially from Keegan Allen. He had so much camera time with Tyler and Troian, who are much better actors, yet I didn’t feel like he was overshadowed. Can’t say the same for Kara Royster, who plays Yvonne. I can take her or leave her at this point. Hopefully she’ll round into form as the season goes on.

My list of suspects after week 4:

  1. Byron
  2. Sara Harvey
  3. Ezra
  4. Alison
  5. Pastor Ted

Am not going to hate-shame anyone, but for whatever reason, my first six messages ever (all from the same person, who I’m assuming - or at least hoping - was hammered drunk) came today in the form of flamespraying me for talking shiz about Sword Art Online. This is hilarious to me, because have said on •multiple• occasion that the initial 14 episodes of SAO are up there with Cowboy Bebop and Gurren Lagann for my favorites in all of ever.

Why does this SAO hate exist? Why do SO MANY go so far out of their way to talk it down? Yes, I poke holes and fun from time to time, but even I get how great the original concept and the love story are. EPIC is the only word I know to describe it.

So stop emailing me with your ship hate and rice-paper thin arguments, we’re on the same team. Your friendly fire only makes you look inattentive and fascist!