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Norms of Sexuality in Ancient Rome

Ok, so, after last night’s Doctor Who I’ve seen a bit of a fuss on the internet about Roman perceptions of sexuality, so I thought I’d make up a post on the subject, somewhat at the prompting of @tillthenexttimedoctor. Much of what will follow is actually based on research I did for a paper I presented this past February at the University of Tennessee, so some of it is my original interpretation, but the good folks at the University of Tennessee found it compelling enough, so I hope it shall also be compelling here. I should also note that some of the language in this post will be very frank and graphic, because the Romans were very frank and graphic.

1. Traditional Norms

Most people who seem to know a thing or two about Roman sexual attitudes are familiar with the traditional paradigm of masculine penetration we know from literary sources – Craig Williams, who literally wrote the book on Roman Homosexuality, is something of an expert on the subject. Among the Roman elite, it was perfectly ordinary for Roman males to penetrate younger men: what mattered was not the gender of one’s partner, but that the free Roman man was functioning in the penetrative role (Williams 17-18). These younger men were often slaves, and were probably often unwilling partners – that said, many of them may well have been free. The descriptions we have of male anal sex in Roman literature “evoke the physical realities of anal penetration” in such a way as to suggest that those writing may have had firsthand experience with being penetrated (Williams 31). This suggests that many of our elite Roman authors – Martial, Petronius, Catullus – may have found themselves on the receiving end of sex as youths.

As far as female homosexuality, we don’t have so much information. The Romans seemed keen to pretend that female homoeroticism simply didn’t exist. When they are forced to admit that it does occur, they quickly dismiss it as a Greek aberration or as a monstrous relic of the ancient past and denigrate its participants as not being “real” women (Brooten 43-44, 49). Plautus’s Truculentus is an early source for such ideas: Plautus makes a pun about the possibility of two women having intercourse, and masculinizes them in doing so. We also have one of the elder Seneca’s Controversiae which dwells on a case of adultery wherein a man catches his wife in bed with a woman – as Bernadette Brooten notes, the way Seneca portrays the affair masculinizes and Hellenizes the women involved, and treats the act itself as inherently monstrous and shocking (Brooten 44). From these and other examples it seems clear that, while male homoeroticism was accepted in certain forms, love between women was taboo in an official sense.

2. The Reality - Male Homosexuality

While the above is probably true for Rome’s upper classes, we actually have a decent amount of evidence from graffiti which suggests that for the average person on the street, there wasn’t much stigma associated with the gender and role of one’s sexual partners. I’ll focus on two examples, primarily, which serve to hopefully demonstrate my point. This first is a short graffito found along the wall of the palaestra, or public gymnasium, in Pompeii –  not so different from a lot of modern graffiti, this would have been more public than the sharpied phrases we’re used to seeing on the insides of bathroom stalls, and probably more equivalent to something scrawled on the wall outside a locker room.

It reads, in Latin: VII Idus Septembres Q[uintus] Postumius rogavit A[ulum] Attium pedicarim. My own translation of the graffito is: “On September 7, Quintus Postumius asked if I could fuck Aulus Attius in the ass” (CIL 4.8805).

There are a few things we can tell, right off, from this example: first, “Attius” and “Postumius” are the sorts of names which Roman citizens tend to have. We can’t necessarily prove this definitively, but at this time, in this place, I would be surprised if both of these men were not Roman citizens – one or both may have been freedmen, who were expected to participate in slightly more gauche behavior, but they would have been citizens nonetheless. Accordingly, for Postumius to fuck Attius – one Roman, citizen male having anal sex with another Roman, citizen male – would have actually constituted the crime of stuprum (Williams 130-131). It seems quite bold to not only proclaim a crime on a public wall like this, but also to name yourself and the object of your affections, if this is a crime that presented any serious danger to Attius and Postumius. The obvious takeaway, then, is that most of the people passing by would not have cared.

3. The Reality - Female Homosexuality

The second example I have is actually our only expressed example of female homoeroticism in graffiti at all, positive or negative. It is, in fact, a love poem between two women (Milnor 202). Because it is rather long, I will only include my translation, which reads as follows:

“Oh, if only I could embrace with my neck
your little arms and to your tender lips little kisses bear.
Come now, darling, trust your joys to the winds:
believe you me, it’s the nature of men to be fickle.
When often in the middle of the night I, forlorn, lie awake,
reflect on this with me: many are those Fortune’s lifted up;
these, cast down suddenly and head first, she overwhelms.
Thus, as Venus suddenly joins the bodies of lovers,
daylight divides them and…”
(CIL 4.5296)

The grammar of the Latin in this poem makes it exceedingly clear that its author is a woman writing to her female lover (Levin-Richardson 321-326): Latin, like Spanish, French, or German, features grammatical gender, meaning certain nouns are inherently gendered one way or another, and adjectives change form to match the gender of the noun to which they apply, and the author genders both herself and her addressee as feminine. It’s also, as a poem, just a little bit sexy: “Venus” is often a metonym for sex in Latin poetry, and the specific Latin word in line 3 which I have translated as “joys” is often a euphemism for the female orgasm. 

So we have this kinda sexy lesbian love poem, and there are two really important things about it: first, where it is. It is actually found neatly inscribed in very nice handwriting on a panel in the doorway of an upper-working-class house in Pompeii. Much like the above example, if this sort of racy lesbian love poetry would have been condemned in strong terms, it seems kind of radical to put it in your doorway as casually as a “Live, Laugh, Love” sign.

Secondly, we actually have an ancient reaction to this graffito: in a clearly different hand, someone has written “paries quid ama” below it. This seems to be a truncation of a line from Ovid, “paries, quid amantibus obstas”, or “wall, why do you obstruct the lovers?” The obvious takeaway is that this is an expression of sympathy – this is a quote from the story of Pyramus & Thisbe, a Greco-Roman version of Romeo & Juliet. The reality, though, is probably actually better: it’s a meme. There were so many love poems being written on walls in Pompeii that certain individuals may have taken it upon themselves to write such things as jokes, as if to groan and say, “Oh, not another love poem on another wall!”, something between a snarky Facebook comment and “Kilroy was here” (Milnor 198-99).

4. Conclusion

So, then, to the point of this post: Doctor Who. Season 10 episode 10, “The Eaters of Light”, featured Roman soldiers displaying a very casual attitude towards bisexuality and homosexuality, and actually seeing homosexuality as a bit narrow-minded, because it limits you to one gender. This does indeed contradict the norms displayed by the literary elite, but those are the norms of the elite, not the masses. For the kinds of average people who would have been ordinary Roman foot soldiers, like the characters in the episode, the evidence we have from their own hands suggests that what we saw in Doctor Who last night was probably pretty on the nose. Then as now, same-sex attraction was a reality encountered by the average Roman fairly regularly in daily life, and while they did have stigmas and prejudices associated with sexuality, they weren’t the same as ours, and, just like us, were probably not necessarily universal, anyway.


Brooten, Bernadette J. Love Between Women: Early Christian Responses to Female Homoeroticism. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2009. Accessed September 14, 2016. ProQuest ebrary.

Levin-Richardson, Sarah. “Fututa Sum Hic: Female Subjectivity and Agency in Pompeian Sexual Graffiti.” The Classical Journal 108, no. 3 (2013): 319-45.

Milnor, Kristina. Graffiti and the Literary Landscape in Roman Pompeii. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2014.

Williams, Craig A. Roman Homosexuality. 2nd ed. New York: Oxford University Press, 2010.

Pharaoh episode: the kids are in troisième, therefore 14 going on 15

Timebreaker episode: Alix is turning 15, in the same class as Marinette, further evidence that the kids are 14 going on 15


I feel like this Season finale got the same treatment as S2′s. Season 2 originally was not gonna be a cliffhanger cause as earlier stated (I remember them mentioning this in an interview but can’t find it), Dan and the others don’t like to do that. 

This season was originally going to be 14 episodes long. They only managed to get out 10 like last season. I am kinda disappointed but also like, I’d prefer that they take their time rather then releasing half-assed episodes. 

Thank you so much for your work, staff! Looking forward to that Season 4 in the future! <333 Do your best!

🗣Attention! Things got so crazy in the last arc of My Hero Academia! But the hype for Season Two is even more insane. We know you’ve been loving the same-day SimulDub™ which has been our hero project for the season. At first, we were only going to be able to bring you 6 episodes of dubs that air the same day as the subs, but studio BONES in Japan and our team at Funimation kept up the pace for a whopping 14 episodes!

The fan response was so great we plan to do more same-day dubs in the future. But for now, Episode 27 was our last same-day scheduled for Season Two of My Hero Academia, and we will be returning to our usual dub schedule of airing two weeks after Japan. Stay tuned for the Episode 28 SimulDub™ airing July 29th, only on FunimationNow!

PS: If you haven’t seen the new artwork for the upcoming arc – here it is!💥

Steven Universe asks to send to your pals
  • 1. Why did you start watching Steven Universe?
  • 2. What was the first episode you watched?
  • 3. Who's your favorite character?
  • 4. Favorite gem?
  • 5. Favorite human?
  • 6. Who's your least favorite character?
  • 7. Least favorite gem?
  • 8. Least favorite human?
  • 9. What's your favorite episode?
  • 10. Least favorite episode?
  • 11. Guilty pleasure episode? (an episode that you love, but everyone else hates)
  • 12. Favorite storyboarding team?
  • 13. Least favorite storyboarding team?
  • 14. List 3 of your favorite songs from the show.
  • 15. List 3 of your favorite instrumental songs from the show.
  • 16. In your own honest opinion, what was the single most hilarious scene in the show?
  • 17. In your own honest opinion, what was the single most horrifying scene in the show?
  • 18. Funniest episode? (not the same as #16)
  • 19. Scariest episode? (not the same as #17)
  • 20. Which fusion are you yearning to see the most?
  • 22. Any ships you'd like to see become canon? Or are you not that much of a shipper?
  • 23. Favorite fan artists?
  • 24. If you read any fanfics, favorite fanfic writer?
  • 25. What are your favorite fan interpretations of the gems?
  • 26. If you were a writer for Steven Universe, what kind of episodes would you write?
  • 27. Character(s) who you wish had more screen time?
  • 28. Any character(s) you would like to have a solo song in the future?
  • 29. If you were a part of the crewniverse, and you were given the choice to make a crossover of Steven Universe with any piece of media you'd like, what would you choose?
  • 30. Favorite fandom joke?
  • 31. Favorite fusion?
  • 32. Least favorite fusion?
  • 33. Favorite canon pairing?
  • 34. Name some headcanons of yours.
  • 35. If you had the chance to speak with Rebecca Sugar right now, what would you say to her?

anonymous asked:

Wait where does it say that adrien & marinette are actually 13? This is new info for me hahaha

idk dude, there’s a rumor (?) that they’re 13????? Like, I don’t think that makes much sense???  

Because it’s Alix’s 15th birthday during the Time episode, 

So by logic, that would mean the rest of the class is around the same age, 14-15??? 

Also, it was Adrien’s birthday in the bubbler episode, 

So he’s very likely to be 15 as well. But we only have one point of reference, so we can’t say much????

Oh, and don’t forget, in the Animan episode, it’s possibly revealed that Marinette’s sign is Leo, 

Marinette, why are you like this

…Which suggests her birthday was during the summer, and she’s also 15. And that she’s possibly older than Adrien shhhhhhh.

But again, we only have one point of reference, so we can’t say too much 


tl;dr: Don’t worry, I think that’s just a rumor

Things I would like to see in future SU episodes

1) Amethyst gets an eating buddy. Centi might be a good person for that, since it’s canon she likes to eat CHAAAAPS.

2) Steven starts un-corrupting gems, and we get more #friends

3) Opal gets some attention. Maybe even a mini episode arc that highlights how far Pearl/Amethyst have come. 

4) Famethyst is saved, and brought to earth. They drive Pearl a little crazy the first few days.

5) Jasper/Bismuth redemption. Ruby squad is still up in the air, for me.

6) Peridot gets her new outfit with a star. Maybe Lapis, too?

7) On a related note: Where is the Lapis song, damn it.

8) We find out what Lion is, what’s in the treasure chest, and more about the temple fusion.

9) CGs VS the Diamonds. Things go boom. Much action. Wow.

10) Vidalia punches Marty in the nuts.

11) Hashtag Let Steven and Connie smooch 2017

12) New fusions… Especially one with Peridot. Steven and the other gems, too.

13) The long awaited “How Pearl and Rose met” episode.

14) The also long awaited “How Amethyst was found” episode.

15) A group song with all the CGs! As in, they all sing together, at the same time, in harmony.

16) Shorty squad mischief.

  • Eddie and Adam said they had a plan for six seasons and hoping we continue on this new journey with them. (x)
  • We are not erasing the last 6 years; we are introducing new stories and characters. -Eddy Kitsis (x)
  • Lana loved playing both the evil queen and Regina at the same time.“we all possess this darkness inside us” (x)
  • S6E14 was one of Lana’s favorite episodes for Regina. (x)
    • Lana says episode 14 was one of her favorite episodes for Regina in terms of playing 2 characters at once. (x)
  • It took three hours for @LanaParrilla to change from Regina to the evil queen! (x)
    • t took 3 hours for Regina to change into the Queen. Lots of applause for @LanaParrilla and how hard she works! (x)
  • Robert: there wouldn’t be a lot of hope for Rumple to be a Savior. (x)
  • Robert really loves playing both good and evil rumple (x)
  • @YNB: “he’s just as dreamy up close!” About @colinodonoghue1 (x)
  • Colin wishes we knew more about Hook’s mom, which hasn’t been explored… YET. (x)
    • would love to learn more about Hook’s mum and explore that relationship (x)
  • “Hook is a complicated character & it’s been great to explore the relationships of the past and the ones to come,” (x)
  • A/E: saying gbye isn’t easy but this isnt the end of seeing old characters. (x)
  • Adam thinks the cast was the best on TV, and some of the former characters will pop up (x)
  • Some of the new cast is being introduced now: @DaniaJRamirez @andjwest @GabrielleAnwar (x)
  • And now we get to see the first scene of the new season! Grown up Henry is off to a new adventure! (x)
    • Opens with Jared Gilmore’s Henry leaving home. (x)
    • Henry on a motorcycle rides off on a magic bean portal (x)
    • Young Henry is saying bye to his mum, saying he will be gone for however long it takes to learn more about his stories (x)
    • Henry in alt Enchanted Forest on his motorcycle in another realm (x)
    • Time jump to grown up Henry racing through the woods, crashing into Cinderella. (x)
  • Reboot will have several different storybooks, multiple versions of characters (x)
  • Colin asks where Henry got the fuel for the motorcycle. Eddy tells him not to find plot holes! (x)
Complete Summary of All the points of the Sense8 Italia Podcast

I think I wrote down all but I might have forgot something - If I did I’m sorry! Things in the blankets are me, fran, talking

  • There is no plan for a third season, at least not for what the production knows. The special is meant to be a finale for both netflix and the production. If there is some kind of agreement between Lana and Netflix - the production doesn’t know about it. The final won’t be open (not open in the sense that it won’t leave a whole lot of plot unsaid - of course somethings won’t be resolved. I’m thinking a season 1 ending). Lana during season 2 was already planning on making just three seasons instead of the 5 original plan. She realized she could tell all she wanted to do in less time. (This goes accordingly with what Roberto Malerba said in May, that the 3rd one was probably gonna be the last one). Lana & the production tried to go at netflix with an 8 episode season 3 plan with the same budget of season 1 after the cancellation that took place on June 1st (the production, after months of green light from netflix, were warned a few hours before the official announce came out), but weren’t even heard. 
  • The shooting will start later this year (from october, if things go as planned) and the final product will come out in 2018. The first date planned was 31/12/2017, later moved at 14/02/2018 but it will probably be around this time next year (maybe an iconic 08/08/2018?)
  • Although they respect each other on a professional level immensely, Lana & JMS have two very different way of thinking. JMS was involved in Sense8 creation and first plan ( aka he knows the end of the show as when it was planned in 2014), but wasn’t as involved as in season 1 during season 2 and probably won’t be in season 3. All the spoilers coming out from him are to be taken as things planned at the very begging of the show or how he would have made them end. The death he spoiled (Will’s) wasn’t the same one Lana was thinking of doing. 
  • Lana is finishing the script as we are speaking - so not everything might be 100% in the finale: the location are gonna be london, berlin, paris + southern italy (maybe naples or positano, which are the best guesses). There is the idea of making another pride scene in one of this cities.  The crew isn’t planning (at least for now) to shoot outside europe. The budget will be as 2 episode of season2, aka it’s probably around 18mln/20mln dollars and will be about 2 hours long. 
  • In the original season 3 plan there were just 2 of the main 8 actors that didn’t want to sign, instead of the 4/8 that was shared. One of them was later convinced in an agreement that worked both for the production and them, the other one stayed on their choices to not sign. For the final all the 8 main actors agreed to do it and the contracts are just being negotiated.
  • Netflix won’t and will never sell or release Sense8′s rights. It’s their product and if it becomes very very famous with another company it will be really bad publicity for them. The show was watched 70mln times on netflix in the two years between season 1 and season 2 premiere and since the cancellation a lot of people started watching. Merchandising (from Funko Pop to DVDs) is being discussed but we don’t know for sure. There is to keep in mind though that if merch comes out it won’t have a “long live” seeing that (for now at least) the show won’t have a revival or renewal - in ½ years time those products won’t sell anymore. 
  • STORY SPOILERS: !!Seeing that Lana hasn’t finished writing this are to be taken cautiously!!! Another Pride & Orgy scene are planned, there will be new sensate births (AT LEAST ONE of the cluster will give birth) AND an actual (normal) birth, Kalagang moments in Paris. Apparently we will see Detective Mun & Puck again - and Puck’s asian cluster member will have an interesting role. 

With hindsight, Matthew Mercer is terrifying.  An hour into episode 14, Vax asks to insight check “everyone at the table” in council. Mercer comes back with “quick rising in tension, fear, and adrenaline… fear is the main thing you’re getting.  The stakes have just suddenly jumped for what they expected their morning to be, and they’re trying to wrap their head around it.“

Which applies fine to the rest of the council trying to deal with Sudden Evil Artifact, but at the same time, Percy’s sitting there processing the word “Briarwood.”  (And as per usual Taliesin Jaffe’s face is murdering my heart.)

I mean, if over the course of eleventeen rounds of editing, I had managed to write something with such a perfectly terrible double meaning, I’d be smug for a week.  Mercer improvised it live.  With a straight face.

anonymous asked:

What do you think of the finale? Did we have our expectations too high?

I’d say that we did not have them too high, in the sense of its a season finale. Of course we’re gonna be hyped like fuck. 

I thought the finale was… eh for a finale. But also, I don’t blame the staff. It originally was gonna be 14 eps. It got the same treatment like S2. S2 was originally not gonna be a cliffhanger cause Dan and Justin don’t like to do cliffhangers. But cause of production and time, they had no choice. Here is the same case. So I’m not angry. Not gonna lie, I am a bit disappointed but you know, season finale. Everyone always gets hyped up too much for those.

As a stand alone episode, fucking brilliant. I loved the fight scene so much. As someone who adores anime-fight scenes quite a bit, this one was pretty damn good for cartoon standards. Loved all the wacky inventions and destruction. 

I also love the fact that Rick is no longer in control of his family’s life. They’re starting to become more independent from him. GOOD FOR THEM. LIKE SERIOUSLY. THEY DESERVE BETTER. And Rick is getting his just desserts. >:D

David is 14 feet tall

 Hello esteemed Camp Camp fans.  I am here today to provide you with some information I have come upon in the newest episode on youtube.  Our lovely little david was standing in front of the children, and I realized he was over twice their height.  That got me to think, “Hey, how tall is David?”

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I have a 14 year old son who suffers from autism, he has terrible anger issues and also gets very upset at the same time. This has been getting worse as he entered his teens, with episodes becoming more frequent.

Around 6 months ago I woke in the night to hear him yelling out, woken from a nightmare leading to an episode, I hated these the most as I have neighbours who get woken by it. I went straight to his room and held him, trying to calm him down, saying soothing things, stroking his head while I hugged him, the usual stuff.

I’m not sure why i did what I did next, instinct maybe, I pulled my breast from my nightie and held it to his face, offering him my nipple. Pushing it to his mouth. Almost straight away I felt his mouth on me, gently at first then sucking a little harder.

After a minute or so I thought something like ‘what the hell am I doing’ but I could see it was working. I carried on talking to him while he suckled, holding his head to my breast. After what felt like an hour but was more like 10 mins or so, he was calmed down and lay down to sleep. I went back to my bed and lay there thinking about what I had done, how bad it was, my nipple still hard and feeling raw, but the worst thing was I was so turned on, i masturbated and cum so hard.

It has become more and more regular now, at least daily, and it feels so good having his hands and mouth on my breasts, the last few weeks I have started undressing fully for him, usually just wearing a gown around the house so when he wants me I can just take it off, I feel really sexy being naked with him.

Don’t care if anonymous or not.

What’s normal? A Dean/Cas mirror

This episode is so full of subtext about the themes of Dabb era I think I may have to write 25 separate posts on each moment / theme rather than one episode review cos my friends it is intense. 

*Imagines Andrew Fairy Goddabb waving his glittery wand all over the episode and season*

Key themes: Who we are is not what we are. There is no normal, it’s a social construct. Chosen family. Performing to a norm and repressing your true self does not lead to happiness. Honesty wins. Love is love. Romantic v platonic love. Humanity. Fatherhood…. subverting the pilot and linking it back to the start. I think I will just do them one by one :)

Themes One and Two: There is no “normal”, acceptance of differences. Chosen family & sadness turned to rage.

Exposition: Jack and Clark.

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1. There is no normal.

Police officer: “Weird.”
O Barker: “There’s no such thing as weird, everyone’s normal in their own way”
Clark: “Yeah, totally normal…”

Clark Dean Mirror Barker firstly establishing that he thinks there is such a thing as “normal” and Jack definitely falls outside this box, moving forwards until he’s sitting on the floor with him accepting he can do cool magic and eating candy bars with him.

*Tink stares into the camera*

Clark and Jack first meet in a fast food joint (!) where Clark (Dean mirror) tells us he is untouchable due to his parentage in a lovely echo of season 4/5 Dean when he first met Cas being untouchable due to being the vessel of Michael through his parentage.

He’s intrigued by Jack, kinda flirty with everyone, charismatic and Jack starts to learn about himself and humanity through his interactions with Clark. 

By the end:

Jack: “I like it, I like nougat!”.
Clark: “Dude’s magic”. 

Then continues to smile and sit comfortably with him until Jack goes nuts (nougat pun intended) due to Angel radio. He was however seemingly pretty chill about Jack’s abilities and thought it was kinda cool *insert Dean’s hey lookatmyboyfriendhessocool face*.

So Clark Humanity Barker helps Jack discover his own Humanity through candy bars (childhood) but he had to grow up fast… because the world is a dangerous place and he needed to grown up quickly and have a protector.

2Chosen family & sadness turned to rage.

Then we have this:

Jack: “That’s why I chose Castiel to be my father.”
Sam: “he’s dead.”
Jack: sad face that immediately turns to angry revenge. 

Where have I seen this before?! 


Both immediately after Cas’ death we have Dean falling to his knees in grief then turning into a hard angry face as he goes inside to shoot Jack in the face, then the same again after his prayer goes unheard, going from abject grief to rage.

Man this season is going to be EPIC. Subtext abounds and this is just one small snippet of the themes of this one episode!

Bonus: What episode do we think we will get an openly bisexual side character who’s a massive Dean mirror and we get Dean’s reaction to it? (Ie. not like Chuck who WE know about, but Dean doesn’t) I’m going with… by episode 14.

Bonus Bonus: Ok but I crack-postulated that Dean might even come out of the closet by the time Cas comes back in 06 because he’s so done with everything and feels like now is the time to be honest about himself because why not, everyone is dead anyway… and the freaking HONESTY scene with Officer Barker is just hammering this home to me right now and I don’t want to get overly excited but man… Dabb you have no chill, you’re writing fanfic and I don’t know how to separate wild speculation from realistic speculation now as he’s just validated our meta of season 12 and the consequent speculation within minutes of the new season and now there is actually a totally open path for this to happen (and how much else is left given we got so much already within the first 42 minutes of the season?!)   ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Full disclosure: I write this as someone who, up until last year, looked at the spinoffs and brushed them off as ‘silly’ or ‘not worth my time’ and just laughed at them without ever giving them a shot(save for GX). My general reaction to seeing that there was another series was ‘another one? really?’

So, with that cleared up,

Why you should totally give the Yu-Gi-Oh! spinoffs a chance.

So, you’ve seen the original series(which I shall refer to as DM(Duel Monsters) from here on out) and maybe you’re kinda curious about the other series, or you want to know what the buzz is about and if they’re really that good. But, which should you check out, there are 5 of them after all.

All of them, you should give them all a shot.

Le’s go down the list, stating with GX.

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

This is the one that’s the ‘high school au’ one.

This is your protagonist for 4 seasons(180 episodes)

His name is Judai Yuki. Probably the most normal and realistic looking of the ones on this list. I mean, brown hair and eyes, that’s pretty uncommon for a protagonist in this kind of anime.

He’s the protagonist a lot of people seem to refer to as the ‘annoying hyper one’. I blame the 4Kids dub* for this. Because, watching that, you wouldn’t believe he’s 15. Yeah you heard me. 15. A year younger than Yugi. He is most definitely not the ‘annoying and hyper’ one. 

He’s the only protagonist to have a confirmed end-game love interest(as in, he canonically ends up with someone), and they’re not female.

The show allows him to make mistakes and face the consequences of his actions, and they aren’t always pretty.

*I will probably recommend you watch the subs for all these. Because honestly, after DM (and ymmv on what you thought of that dub) I feel like 4K just treated the spinoffs as a joke. They butchered the hell out of them and you lose a lot. Unless you want to watch the dub and laugh at it.

If you’re fresh off DM, or hold that one dear and aren’t sure if you want to let go of the characters you love yet(and you don’t need to let go, you can love all of them), this might be a good place to start, because cameos.

Yup, see GX is set in the same universe/timeline as DM, just about ~7(10 in the dub) years later, so we get a few cameo appearances from past characters.

Pegasus appears in 3 of the 4 seasons, Yugi appears in the first and last episodes, Kaiba gets a few brief shots and Yugi’s Grandfather even gets an appearance dung the second season as a helper to the protags(which gives us a number of nods back to DM and Battle City in particular.

The foreshadowing in this series is, amazing, and the sort of thing you don’t catch till you rewatch it.

It is slow to get started admittedly, unless you like slice of life, then you’ll enjoy the early portions of season 1, because it has a lot of slice of life type episodes/episodes to establish the characters and the world before the plot kicks in.

If you can hang around until season 3 it will be worth your time. I promise. I can’t even compare it to anything in DM because, cripes it’s worse than season 4(the Doma arc) with how dark it gets. Season 3 is basically the embodiment of the ‘Break the Cutie’ trope. With ‘cutie’ being, that one up there.

Also, the character development in this series is phenomenal! Probably the best out of all the series.

So if you like DM and the characters and you’re not quite ready to say goodbye, this is a good place to start.

*I have a bit of a personal bias b/c this one is my favourite.

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s.

aka the card games on motorcycles one.

Yes, it’s a silly idea. But they pull it off enough well enough that you can look past it.

So, your protagonist for this 152 episode series.

Yusei Fudo. He is the oldest protagonist at 18.

Do not be fooled by that serious face, he is a massive sweetheart and very nice.

If you like action this is one you’ll like. If you enjoyed Kaiba you’ll probably enjoy Jack Atlas (the rival/Kaiba expy for this series). This one also has more of the ‘ancient magic from thousands of years ago’ that DM had. Except from Egypt, it’s from Peru, and involves the Nazca lines.

Unlike GX,which starts out slow and is very slice of lifey, this one just, drops you head first into the story, action right off the bat. You need to watch a few episodes to adjust to the vast difference between this one and the previous two.

You may have heard of the 10th anniversary movie Bonds Beyond Time, a crossover between DM, GX and 5D’s. Yes, that means that this too exists in the same time line as DM. Just, a few decades or so after GX (though it’s not clear how many). There’s no character cameos, but you do get a few nods back to DM, including a mention about Kaiba Corp as well as the brief appearance of an old duelling platform from season 1 DM.

This is also the first one to introduce a new summoning method(that isn’t Fusion or Ritual), called Synchro summoning.

The first season(up to episode 64, the end of the Dark Signers arc) is worth checking out at minimum and you can totally stop right there and not really lose anything.

The second season is, kinda clumsily handled. There was a massive controversy with one of the actresses and she was replaced and a massive chunk of the script rewritten due to said controversy and, it shows. Season 2 has more of the ‘slice of life’ episodes. And it has some fun mini arcs interspersed with the plot(like watching Jack fight the literal devil, and a wild west themed mini arc).

Again, I recommend the subs. The dub is, eh. The second season is just, bad because there are literally chunks of episodes, in the middle of arcs, undubbed. And the last chunk of the series isn’t dubbed, it ends something like halfway through the final arc. So subbed is the only way to see it through till the end.

So 5D’s is worth checking out for sure, or at least the first season and BBT.

Yu-Gi-Oh! ZeXal

This one seems to be a bit of a blacksheep in the YGO, it seems to be the one to get a lot of flack. :/

Anyways, our protagonist for this one. It is 146 episodes.

Yuma Tsukumo. Sweet cinnamon roll that must be protected at all costs.

Yes, he has weird hair, but so does everyone in this series so you’ll adjust(and some are even odder that his). Also please note he s 13, making him the youngest protag. So keep that in mind when judging his actions.

If you like DM, this is also a good one to check out for sure because of all of the parallels between them.

From the relationship between Yum and Astral and Yugi and Atem(amnesiac spirit tied to an artefact and host that is helping them recover their memories…), to ‘former bully turned best friend of the protagonist’, to something that happens at the very end of the series. It’s like a great bit DM reference, with season 2 being a massive GX reference.

It also has great themes on friendship, forgiveness, family, as well as never giving up and giving it your all. Yuma’s ‘kattobingu’ is silly but wonderful. Yuma is a ball of sunshine and happiness that eclipses everyone else on this list.

It’s plot is also an interesting thing, going from a seemingly clear cut, black and white situation where you go ‘they’re good and they’re bad’ to a very grey and muddied one where it’s really hard to tell who’s right and who’s wrong in the conflict and asking the question ‘is this really right?’

While there are no past character cameos, we DO get an episode with monster cameos from DM and GX(including BWED and Dark Magician, and Neos and Rainbow Dragon). If this is in the same universe or a different one from the previous three is unclear. Knowledge of them is not needed to watch and enjoy this one.

Like 5D’s, which introduces Riding Duels and Synchro Summoning, Zexal introduces us to Xyz Summoning and D-Gazers(the duels are projected into VR space that only those wearing a D-Gazer can see/interact with, and the trouble as a phone/communication device of sorts). It catches you up fairly fast on what both of these are.

Much like GX though, it starts off semi slice of life-y with plot, and then the next season hits and it goes dark. Really, really dark.

But it’s great.

Also, it has arguably one of the greatest villains in Yu-Gi-Oh!. Vector. Just, just Vector.

Think like Yami Bakura, if he were actually competent and thought his plans through and knew what he was doing. And more of a twisted, manipulative person. He’s a ‘love to hate him’ character because he is so good at what he does and fun to watch, but at the same time, the things he does are just awful.

And this one has some pretty good foreshadowing too-there s a line in the, second episode that suddenly makes sense when you get to season 2 and more is revealed.

So if you love DM this one is definitely worth checking out.

This one isn’t missing any episodes from the dub.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc V

This one is a bit longer than Zexal at 148 episodes long

This is Yuya Sakaki. You’ve probably heard people call him ‘tomato child’. Yeah, the hair is why. Also he is 14.

Again, like Zexal everyone has crazy hair, so he isn’t too unusual in terms of colour(I mean his best friend has pink hair).

This one is a bit different.

See, while you could watch any of the previous three in any order without having seen any of the others and they would still make sense, this one makes frequent references to GX, 5D’s and Zexal as well as using their summoning methods(Fusion, Synchro and Xyz). You don’t *need* to watch the previous ones to watch this and understand it, however you will get the tiny references faster if you do(which adds to the fun).

It is definitely a fun one to watch, taking all the liveliness that is duelling and doing something with it. Action Duels. So no more just, standing there shouting at one another. Now it’s running around, riding the monsters and shouting at each other.

So if you liked the action from DM, you’ll enjoy this.

And much like Zexal and 5D’s, this one introduces Pendulum Summoning as its new summoning method, while utilizing all the previous summoning methods.

One thing people like to point out is its deconstruction of many past YGO tropes(esp the ‘we duelled so we’re friends’ trope.) and it does, frequently. Also I think it’s the first one to feature a tournament arc, where the tournament doesn’t get finished. And female characters that DO shit and get shit done. And a lot of them too.

And yes this is the one with the guy and his lookalikes. Don’t worry, it’s not as confusing as it seems. If you can keep straight and past and present selves in DM, counterparts is a non issue(especially since they are introduced gradually so you get to know them).

The plot is kinda slow to get going, as it bounces between two main characters for the first while, yet still keeps from being boring, but once it hits, it HITS. Like, by episode 7 you know something is up and this is going to be more than just ‘duelling for fun’ and a rivalry between schools, and it goes from there. And then, for lack of a better descriptor, ‘shit gets real’ once you reach the 30′s.

And it’s all down hill from there.

*This one is my other favourite.


This is the newest one, hot off the presses (and only 6 episodes long at the time of writing)

Meet Yusaku Fujiki, 16 years old.

A bit of a loner, withdrawn and more or less friendless(a first in YGO). He’s also blunt and speaks his mind, even to the point of rudeness, even if unintentionally(he doesn’t know how to socialize all that well). He’s also a hacker.

But he has an alter ego, the vigilante duelist Playmaker. Did I mention he gets a transformation sequence?

Cause he does. The magical boy/magical girl jokes write themselves honestly.

(gifs by kaiba-cave – the gifs did not show up in the gif search unfortunately)

VRAINS introduces us to a new kind of dueling, VR dueling, where one logs onto the Link VRAINS (which stands for Link Virtual Reality Artificial Intelligence Network System) server to duel in the online world under an avatar(that usually looks/sounds different from their real world self). It also introduces Link Summoning to the game.

If you thought the Virtual Reality arcs in DM were something, VRAINS takes it up a level(also if you are at all familiar with the mobile game Duel Links, then the rules of the Speed Duels that are used in VRAINS should be familiar to you). I

All we know about the plot at the moment is that the world of Link VRAINS is under attack from a group of hackers called the Knights of Hanoi who seek to destroy it.

I’ve head comparisons made to .hack and SAO, but as I’venev seen eithe can’t vouch for them.

Also, if you like consistent animation quality, GX is the way to go, with Zexal and Arc V following close(VRAINS is looking pretty good to but only time will tell). No where near as many wonky episodes like DM had(Doma arc and Memory World Arc come to mind). Sure they have their off episodes in terms of animation(what doesn’t?) but not to the degree that DM had.

GX is fairly solid in terms of animation, especially in season 4 where it shoots up, a lot. While Zexal and Arc V are just, stunningly animated, and very bright and colourful (so when the animation dips for an episode or two you can tell).

5D’s has some good and some bad.

And the character designs, the character designs are fucking great ok? For all of them.

Where to watch!

Of course, the most important thing, after picking which one sounds interesting to you, is were to watch it.

I highly, highly recommend the subs over the dub(though you can watch the dub if you want, just take it with a grain of salt at times)

Of course, supporting the official release is best idea. Gx, 5D’s, Arc V and VRAINS all have official subs on Crunchyroll for your viewing pleasure, with VRAINS being simulcast! This means subs come up the same day the new episode comes out(every Wednesday). This is the first time it’s ever been done for Yu-Gi-Oh!

Ideally, this would be the way to go. However, CR does not have subs for Zexal(it does have the dub though so, maybe one day), and VRAINS is region locked in certain places(like Canada) meaning you will have to seek fansubs elsewhere. Gogoanime is my recommendation. Torrenting/downloading is the next best option.

If you want decent Gx fansubs, I recommend these ones.

All in all, they are all good, for various different reasons and definitely worth checking out, especially if you were/are a fan of the original. Or if you watched any of them dubbed and want to check out the uncut/unedited original versions, which are worth it.

Don’t just pass them over because ‘oh they’re spinoffs, they can’t be that good’. Actually, they can and are.

Oh boy, here’s the Cartoon Network schedule for Monday, April 10 to Sunday, April 16.

So yeah. Two day Teen Titans Go! marathon. That’s a thing. A lot of airings of Island Adventure too because there’s nothing kids love more than watching the same thing CN has aired 30 times before 9 more times.

Give me a break, CN.

Give me a fucking break.

New episodes this week:

  • Ben 10 - Series premiere and 3 more episodes Monday at 5:00p, 1 new episode Tues-Thurs at 5:00p
  • We Bare Bears - Mon-Thurs at 7:00p
  • Teen Titans Go! - Friday at 6:00p

Top 3 shows:

  1. Teen Titans Go! - 176 - 62%
  2. The Amazing World of Gumball - 40 - 14%
  3. Ben 10 - 24 - 8%

The top 3 shows are roughly 84% of the schedule.

anonymous asked:

Itachi--Izumi was mutual or just one-sided? Filler episodes don't help to figure out much

Naruto canon has this issue with its anti-villains/anti-heroes that it wants to have them be at one and the same time:

  1. cunning, perceptive, dangerous, masterful, direct, manipulative, expert liars, cold, without hesitation, merciless, and fully mature
  2. naive, gullible, innocent, ignorant, well-meaning, tender, emotional, traumatized, and immature

Basically when we’re meant to see them as villains, they’re the first, and when as heroes, they’re the second.

Even the way they’re drawn reflects this dichotomy. Both Itachi during the massacre and Obito during the Nine-Tails Attack are 13-14, yet they’re drawn as fully grown men–Obito’s mask aids in this, but look at his dimensions compared to Minato:

Originally posted by meezumaki

That’s an adult hand and an adult height. Not a 14 year old.

Ditto massacring Itachi:

Originally posted by samidare-doten

Does he look 13 to you? His head is bowed, yet he’s nearly as tall as his parents.

Yet in both cases, part of their supposed inherent goodness is a kind of sexual immaturity, being frozen forever at a naive and romantic pubescent attachment:

Originally posted by songofthemoon

It’s not an accident that “redeemed” Obito goes back to being a pubescent child:

Originally posted by whisperssandcheats

Basically, if you’re doing bad things, you have an adult body, and if you’re doing good things, you have a child body. In your shadow self, you’re a top-tier threat, able to lie without a flinch, manipulate nations, slaughter an entire ninja clan in one night, infiltrate an international terrorist organization, and go toe to toe with a godlike man; when you’re your light self, on the other hand, you’re helpless to deal with the manipulations of others, you credulously believe lies, you can’t hold your tears back, you’re just a lost little boy.

It gets weirder because for Itachi, when Madara!Obito and Sasuke are discussing the massacre, they’re talking about his evil actions anti-villain side, and thus they describe his relationship with Izumi in very adult terms: “he even killed his lover”. His lover?

Plus there’s the whole “he killed her first by putting her into a genjutsu so powerful that she lived an entire happy life before dying in his arms”. Uh. Ok? I have to say I think this power is bullshit. He’s able to do this and still slaughter an entire clan afterward with no noticeable chakra depletion–why doesn’t he use that jutsu more often then? He gives her 60+ years in simulation in a fraction of a second? Why? Oh it’s so traaaaaagic. No, it’s so bullshit. Why weren’t the rest of his clan worthy of happy deaths instead of a tanto across the throat?

I don’t object to his killing her first to steel his determination to go through with the rest of the massacre, but canon’s attempts to retcon his killing of Izumi into some kind of fucked up mercy killing just make me shake my head.

So, to get back more to the actual thrust of your question, I think canon intends ItaIzu to be mutual, but to be part of Itachi’s good side, and therefore borderline pubescent puppy love at most.