Vidalia never had to live with this part.

Sure, when Sour Cream was born, Marty wasn’t around, but that’s because Marty was never a real part of Vidalia’s life.  She didn’t love him, he wasn’t interested in being a father, and so Vidalia had to be a single mom, sure (if Yellowtail hadn’t come into her life yet), but she didn’t have to deal with a big loss at the same time as getting overwhelmed with a baby.

But Greg did love Rose, and she did want to be a part of his life, and now she’s gone.

She’s gone.

She’s dead.

Greg’s not naive; he knows you can have more than one great love in your life, but…right here, and right now, that doesn’t change a damn thing.  His family is down by one, and she’s never coming back.

God, it hurts just thinking about it.


Out of all the reactions to THE kiss — Simon’s is still my most favourite. :) (Next up is Jace.)

Jughead and Fred Andrews in 112

As much shit is thrown at Jughead in Episode 12, and out of all the drama and angsty Jones Boys scenes, the saddest sight and scene to me is Jughead sitting on the stairs at the Andrews Home listening to Fred say how trouble just seems to follow the Jones family around. Maybe it’s just where it comes in the episode, but it just breaks my heart. Because it’s someone who he viewed as a surrogate father figure basically confirming his worst fears and insecurities. And he feels guilty for causing this rift between Archie and Fred which gets so bad that Archie threatens to move to Chicago with his mom. Jughead never wanted to be the source of problems between his surrogate family but it all just feeds into his feelings of unworthiness. And while I understand where Fred is coming from, to a point, in my head, my heart just kind of hates him at this moment.