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Endurance: Mecha
a ‘the 100′ fic experience

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Endurance: Mecha - E08, Out on a Limb

Previously on… Endurance!

[Cuts to Raven competing in the challenge, falling on her butt halfway back to the bowl, water spilling everywhere]

Raven: This challenge sucks, Marcus!

[Cuts to Clarke as she runs to the basin, scooping up water and run-sliding back to her bowl. Just as she is almost to the end she slips forward, the scoop falling from her hands and her foot landing directly on top of it causing it to twist and her whole body to hit the ground hard. A short scream leaves her mouth before she’s trying to get on her knees, a tear leaking from her eyes she furiously wipes away]

Wells, from across the set-up: Clarke, are you okay?

[Clarke makes no response, grunting as she tries to regain her control and grabs for the scoop]

Bellamy: Princess, are you alright?

Clarke, speaking through a locked jaw: I’m…fine.

[Cuts to Clarke and Lexa on the log, sitting closely]

Clarke: Everyone else says you’re not here to make friends.

Lexa: I feel that way about most everyone here… [She pauses, but still looks like she has something to say]

Clarke: But?

Lexa: But not you.

[Clarke flushes, ducking her head]

Clarke, pulling her head back up: Lexa, I–

[Lexa cuts her off with a kiss, quick and chaste. Clarke lingers for just brief second before pulling away]

Clarke, shaking her head: Wait, Lexa, wait.

[Cuts to the Gathering Spot for the Samadhi decision]

Kane: Who will you be giving it to?

Wells: No one.

[Cuts to Clarke in bed, leg propped up with ice, Wells sitting beside her]

Wells: It’s ok, I just want you to get better. What did the doctor say?

Clarke, closing her eyes and emitting a groan: I have to sit out the next challenge.

Wells, soft: Hey, it’s ok, we’ll figure it out together.

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55. Invite to the Lion’s Mouth

tarmac bomb day 4 and we’re back into this notes drama