@amindamazed I’m responding to the meta you wrote here just a bit ago, because I just have a lot of questions (I really need to get on doing a rewatch), but this is mostly a venting post:

What I want to ask is, why didn’t Joan “deduce” somehow that Sherlock was on the edge of relapse for so long? Yes, he left for London, they were apart 8 months, and she probably burned her bridges with him in that time, only worrying about him relapsing for a matter of weeks (maybe a couple months) until she decided to stop considering him entirely, having learned from what happened with Liam. We can only infer what she thought during those 8 months he was gone. If she tried to contact him and he didn’t answer, that would be reason enough, but did she try to contact him? What did that damn 5-sentence letter say? Don’t contact me?

I have a lot of problems with the whole “leaving for London” arc. Mainly because like everything else, the show doesn’t really address it, the reasons behind it. There are passing mentions of Sherlock having a fear of change, but that’s not addressing the issue. I don’t understand the lead up to it in the first place. Did Joan just come home from grocery shopping one day and find his note? Did he give any hints he was leaving? He must not have. It’s a huge issue to me, that we don’t see the small details, the lead-up to that huge shitty move of his. Everything I understand about Joan and Sherlock’s friendship makes me feel that Joan would have known he was upset at her wanting to move out and would do something drastic. That she’d want to talk it over more with him and he wouldn’t be able to just lie to her face and say everything was fine. And over those 8 months he was gone, I don’t believe she would’ve just thrown any letters from him away at the get go—unless that 5-sentence letter he left was downright nasty. Joan didn’t strike me as someone who holds grudges. But maybe she really took her last interaction with Liam to heart and decided to burn her bridges with Sherlock immediately since he’d felt the need to do the same.

It’s easy, in hindsight, to look at Sherlock’s leaving for London as a very straightforward thing, but I don’t think it is. I just wish the show had addressed it more after Sherlock came back from London, but I’ll never be emotionally satisfied I guess.

But about the lead-up to Sherlock’s relapse, I can only conclude the show’s writers did not know how season 3 would end when they gave Sherlock that packet of heroine. Otherwise they might have given Joan something to do concerning a suspicion that Sherlock was closer to relapsing, a suspicion I think she should’ve had. She was a sober companion, his sober companion, for goodness sake! Wouldn’t she have been trained to notice small changes in behavior that might hint someone was closer to relapse than they were before? If the show had wanted to address it, they could have. But they had to have Sherlock’s relapse come as some surprise at the end of season 3 so I guess they didn’t want to.


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Probably because he doesn’t give 2 shits about his own children, dances and cheats with other girls, was never there at your fucking worst times, dumps his kids off at grandmas so that he can get drunk and say that you control his life?
If it wasn’t that he doesn’t physically abuse his kids, I would call him the worst dad in the history of fiction.


They’re both horrible people tbh


Mhuahahahahahahahaa!!! Ahahahahahhaha!!! MWUHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT’S GOOD TO BE ALIVE PEOPLE! XD A quick drawing for the “Star on Wheels” episode. This is what I wanted to happen actually lol… Enjoy! :3

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