Hand Crusher
  • Midoriya: haha hand crusher, hilarious
  • Todoroki: *in his mind* I'm villian for sure now I crush all my friend's hands
  • -after recovery-
  • Kirishima: Hey we heard about the incident how ar- why are you wearing oven mits Todoroki?
  • Todoroki: *sad expression* don't talk to me I'll crush your hands!
  • Tetsutetsu/Kirishima: Is that a challenge bro?

This past Friday there was a pre-screening event for episdoes 22-25 of Little Witch Academia and there was a talk show with director Yoshinari, producer Naoko Tsusumi and Akko’s VA Megumi Han. Someone talked about Andrew’s relationship with Akko and this is what they had to say. Ultimately not meant to be romantic with Megumi Han saying that she would prefer romance with Ursula and Diana instead.

Just posting this because people keep implying that one time they said they were leaving AkkoDiana to fanfics was some of endorsement for a relationship with Andrew.