Jo and her sisters are back working and going to school. Jo also has some colorful things to say about her Aunt March.

Midnight Witch - Episode 1 "Series of Strange Events" [Part 1]

Durarara AU Series

1999. New Years Eve. Everyone was bringing in the New Year - and the Millennium with style. Across Tokyo, people gathered, wishing their loved ones well. Smiles on their faces and cheers in the air. However, underground, just under the partygoers’ feet, only demonic growls could be heard and blood the only thing visible in the tunnels.

“Get back!” A female voice echoed in the tunnels, followed by occasional flashes of light. Aron Akimoto, businessman and crime master could recognise it as he followed the blood trails, noticing the red and black fabric littered on the ground. He wanted to be in the crowds, celebrating but he heard of his business partner’s betrayal and his wife’s kidnapping. He didn’t want it to be like this but he caused it. He created this world and he had to face the consequences. Suddenly he heard a scream and ran ahead, following the voice. “Help me!!” The growls became louder and the lights more frequent. His heart was in his throat, his palms sweating. Aron didn’t want to move but the voice was recognisable. It was her. She needed him. She was in danger. As another scream bounced through the tunnel, he turned a corner, frozen at the sight before him. A slimy, blood red monster was focused on a body, shredding the flesh before tossing the mounds aside. Muscle, skin, even clothes was scattered around it. The sight made him feel sick. Even the creature’s roar sent shivers down his spine as he held the gun up to shoot. The demonic character turned its fleshy head, letting out another roar before Aron shot it in the head. As it fell, he ran to the mauled body, carefully holding it up to his sight. It was her. Sarah Akimoto, his wife. Her head and face was still in tact but the rest of her was shredded apart by the beast, guts only held together by a few ribbons of skin. Aron’s tears slowly fell onto her soft cheek as he held her close for one last time. He didn’t care about her current state. He just wanted to be with her a little longer.

“This is all my fault.” He sobbed, turning his head to the red object in her hand. She knew he would want to keep it safe so holding her hand, he made his final promise before caressing the item in his hand. “I’m so sorry for the pain I’ve caused you, Sarah. I pushed you into this and now you’re gone. Well, no more. I swear that the demons will pay for what they’ve done. They will never harm us again, especially…” He held the object close. “Our dear Tsubaki… I promise you, Sarah. I will never let our daughter into this dark world. She’s all I have now…and I know you’d want the same. Fly to the sky…” Aron kissed her forehead and closed her eyes, saying goodbye to the love of his life. “…My beloved Midnight Witch…”

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anonymous asked:

Nac- wait, is there another episode before the finale? Is this year's finale later in May than it normally is?

This season has 23 episodes instead of the usual 22. Next Sunday, we’ll have the 21st, and then episodes 22 and 23 will be aired on the 15th of May!