Lee Malia Signature Guitar - as requested!

Epiphone Limited Edition Lee Malia Signature Les Paul Custom Guitar 

[Source: zZounds]


Metal Epiphone Signatures - as requested! 

[From Top to Bottom] 
-Robb Flynn “Love/Death” Baritone Flying V 
-Zakk Wylde “Graveyard Disciple” 
-Ltd. Lee Malia Signature Les Paul Custom Artisan
-Ltd. Tony Iommi SG Custom Left Handed 
-Matt Heafy Les Paul Custom 
-Jeff Waters “Annihilation V” 
-Zakk Wylde Les Paul Custom Plus Bullseye


When I go on a road trip I always bring a guitar.  But not one of my expensive ones…that would just be dumb.  If it got stolen or damaged or broken I would be very unhappy.  Instead, I went out and bought this 2014 Epiphone Casino Coupe last year for 500 bucks (Canadian) and it has made the perfect inexpensive travel guitar.  light as all get out (fully hollow), and 339-sized, it is easy to carry around on the road.  It also plays and sounds surprisingly well considering how cheap it was.  And if it I lose it or it gets broken on the road, no biggie! 

Here are various shots of it on the road during my trip to Nazareth and Gettysburg Pennsylvania.  PS:  the big apple is in Canada…they sell (you guessed it…) apple pies!


Kurt Cobain’s 1961 right-handed Epiphone Texan. It is easily identified by the “Nixon Now” sticker. Contrary to belief, he did not purchase the guitar with the sticker already on it (first two photos & video show it bare in September ‘92). Kurt actually applied the sticker in July 1993. The guitar’s adjustable bridge was changed to a lefty flat-top bridge and a standard saddle. Earnie Bailey said this was one of the best-sounding acoustics he had heard, and was Kurt’s best. It was used during the “In Utero” tour on occasion as a backup to his Martin. The guitar is currently in storage in a private secured lot in Los Angeles.

First recorded use: September 26, 1992,  Castaic Lake Amphitheatre, Castaic, CA  

Last recorded use: February 24, 1994, Palatrussardi, Milan, Italy  


Nick Valensi Signature Epiphone - as requested! 

Epiphone Riviera Nick Valensi P 94 Korean Made 

[Source: North Shore Guitar & Amp Co.] 


This weeks #guitarlesson is the first in a series on Turnarounds, how to play and practice. This time a I VI II V.

Should be online Thursday ☺

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