epiphany bee

So Miraculous Ladybug- So Chloe

It’s been confirmed in season 2 that Chloe (ugh) is going to receive the Bee Miraculous. And we’re all like, ugh. Chloe is the worst! Why is she getting the “Queen Bee” miraculous?! She’s already enough of a selfish brat! I was totally part of this bandwagon. But
We’ve got it all wrong.
Growing up in the Mormon church, being a part of it still, I have heard tons about new symbolism. Utah is called the Beehive State. Young women between 12-13 years old are called beehives.
I I don’t know why I didn’t realize this before.
Bees don’t symbolize royalty, or selfishness, or the “queen bee” persona- bees actually symbolism very important things:
Hard work
And teamwork.
All the things Chloe needs the most. And we’ve established with the other miraculous holders that the traits the miraculous symbolizes is what they need.
Chloe getting the Bee miraculous may not be such a bad thing; in fact, it could be the first step in her redemption arc.

Being a poet is just like being a stripper. We stand on stages, bare, naked, exposed; head, heart and soul. We let complete strangers, associates, friends and family see and feel parts of us we ourselves would normally tuck deep in far away dark places. We wear our heart on our sleeves, untailored and bare. We are real. We are love. We are pure. We are poetry. We are poets.
—  Epiphany Bee