Atem’s Birthday PT. 2

I just found more information on the Ancient Egyptian Calendar system.

The Season of Harvest consisted of four 30-day months after which followed a period of 5 epagomenal days, which brought the year to 365 days.[4] These months can be either referred to by number (months 9 through 13) or by names as follows:

According to the translated information from windyangel, Atem was born on the 3rd Harvesting month, 19th. I’m assuming that number means day 19 of the 3rd month in Shemu.

Anyways Ipt-hmt, or Epip/Abib is the 11th month in the Coptic Calender. Ironically enough, the Coptic Calender was based off of the Ancient Egyptian system.

So, if Atem was born on the 19th day of Ipt-hmt (Epip/Abib) that means his birthday in the Gregorian calender would be around July 26th.

Again, feel free to add more or correct anything in this post.