If you have epilepsy, seizures, or anything that can be caused by excessive light use, DO NOT WATCH STRANGER THINGS ON NETFLIX. It has a lot of flashing lights, strobe lights, and can cause episodes. Idc if you reblog this or not, but if you know someone that this can possibly happen to, let them know. It already happened to a friend of mine while she was watching it. 

*small edit: it’s a great show, so if you can watch it you should! If you’re photosensitive, please just be careful. It won’t happen to everyone.


During the evacuation in District 13, when everyone is decending the stairs, there is a very strong flashing blue light.

Please be aware of this if you’re seeing the movie and your epilepsy could be triggered by this.

The flashing ends once the 3 characters are through the doors (sorry, trying not to spoil too much as well).

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Obviously, this series means a great deal to me, and I needed to pay my respects with horrifying fanart.
oldsidelinghill: Thank you (and the rest of your fantastic production crew) so, so much for creating this series - I can only hope that someday, I’ll be able to produce or work on something as gut-wrenchingly beautiful as Over the Garden Wall. ;v;