I really hope Dirk being part of the fight means he’s going to employ the help of his robots against Lord Jack. I don’t know about Squarewave, but Sawtooth definitely packs a punch. He may even send him to help with one of the other fights.

But I also hope they use Zillywave and Sawhoo.

Given that they’re made with the same cherub magic that made the other legendary cherub weapons and Lord Jack is arguably infused with cherub power, they may have an advantage over him. 

And I also hope Dirk finally uses his fancysantakind strife specibus.

And makes use of all the Zilly Santas they made too.

He could weaponize his entire sylladex with these things and just rap them out at LJ one after the other, like a silly zilly machine gun.

React-thoughts to the 5/27-5/28/2015 upd8 under the cut. PLEASE SOMETHING PLOT-IMPORTANT HAPPEN, or at least an interesting pesterlog. I feel like I’m starving here. *clicks link*

((POST-READ NOTE: I, er, can’t quite tell whether what happened was plot-important or not! o_O ))

((Edits added to the end since posting: Seven! You’d better give the end another read. Everything I can think of about the new Jasprosesprite^2 development is here.))

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