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my first bias was yoongi (it's hobi now) and even though he isn't my bias now I have a story about him so hold on tight kids. he was my bias bc when I was in my emo phase I saw a gif of the dope video (the "enemy enemy enemy" part) and thought "omg!2!! he looks like gerard way!!1" because of his hair colour and clothing and then like a year later I had forgotten about it and I watched the dope video and it kind of hit me that it was him and (after I cringed for an hour) he was instantly my bias

lmaoo amazing this is so funny to me idk why but just the fact that something you had seen a year ago affected who became your bias? incredible

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also i’ve said it ten thousand times in the last two days but DOPE WAS SUCH A GOOD ERA

tell me about the moment you fell for your bias


So this is how dates work right