This is the last half of the finale! Albany NY goes hard with their fireworks. Epilepsy warning because it gets really flashy at the end– I know epilepsy only responds to a certain frequency of flashing but I’d rather be safe than sorry!

I we REMEMBER h͏͘͞į̀̕͢͝m҉҉
                                    But, h̷̶̨͟ę̢̛́̕ won’t came back
Not to our HOME

Ń̡̛Ơ̵̴͞T̢̛͡ ̷̡͡҉͝T͠O̸̴̧͢͡ ́͡͡҉̴M̴̛Ỳ̸̶͝ ́͏̡P̶̛͜R̴̢͜O҉͜P̧͘͜͢͜E҉́͜R̵͜҉T҉̴̢͢͜Ý̴̡͠


These are quotes from an article by Ashley Gallagher for BitchFlicks called “Strong in the Real Way: ‘Steven Universe’ and the Shape of Masculinity to Come”, as part of their theme week on Masculinity, which you can read right here if you find the gifs uncomfortable or just if you want to read a great article on Steven.

Stevenbomb 2.0 is over...

and what did we learn?

We learnt that Pearl is seriously not over Rose’s “death,”

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and forgetting, like all the Gems have at one point or another, that humans only get one life,  she was willing to put Connie in harm’s way to protect “Rose’s legacy*”.

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*Also, Connie most likely knows more about Steven’s birth/creation than Steven does now, so that’s gonna go great.

We learnt that despite the danger the Gems have already put the town in,

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 the citizens appreciate (or at the very least, ignore) their presence.

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We learnt that Peridot is alive and out there,

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 Homeworld doesn’t like/understand fusion, 

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and that Peridot is a little shit. 

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We also got a good look behind Garnet’s mirrored glasses, and we’re still not sure what we saw.

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We learnt that pure human/Gem fusion isn’t possible (or a least hasn’t worked yet), 

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that Rose wasn’t perfect

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 (and holy hell, neither is Pearl*),

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*although this level of asshattery isn’t unprecedented: Amethyst was similarly cruel in Maximum Capacity when she transformed into Rose.

and got some hints that Steven is feeling really out of place these days.

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We learnt that Steven has some issues he need to work out, including his desire for a normal life, his growing mistrust/confusion with Pearl, and Dogcopter spurning his adoration…

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We learnt Lapis and Jasper are losing themselves in their fusion,

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and that Malachite is REALLY FUCKING SCARY.

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And now, we wait.

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it’ll be like there isn’t a vengeful fusion boiling the ocean with hatred