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GoM+Kagami+Izuki+Takao+Himuro+Hanamiya painfully spoiling their s/o and being adorkable

(Doing only GoM + Kagami + Izuki because of the character limit)

Also, a little intro:
Looking at them with half-lidded eyes, he listened to them talking about their day. Getting distracted, he started to memorize every single aspect of them, their voice becoming a pleasant hum in the background. And like that, he got almost an epiffany of sorts; his ___ really was everything he’d ever wanted, weren’t they? Focusing once again on their ___ colored eyes, he decided to show them just how much they meant to him - not to mention he was afraid words wouldn’t do justice to his feelings.

Kagami the bae: his s/o stared with wide eyes at the table he had just finished setting, and the silence was starting to get on his nerves. He decided to invite them to a fancy dinner at his house, and the last thing he wanted was to disappoint them. His dinner table was filled with nothing but delicious cooking, the scent making both their stomachs grumble. There were things that obviously he had been working on since the day before, and that was obvious to see. Fixing their gaze on him, his s/o smiled sweetly at him, hugging him tight and kissing his lips. With a red face, he offered to feed them. Cuddling on the sofa later on, he kept showering them with kisses and gentle caresses, a soft look on his face and his embarassment forgotten.

Kuroko: every time he met them, he’d be holding a little gift. A flower he’d seen, a book that reminded him of them, a pen of their favorite cartoon character. Every time he gave them a little trincket with a small smile on his face, he couldn’t help but be fascinated by the way they got happy at even the simplest things. Never once did he fail in showing up in front of them without some gift, and when his s/o half-heartedly complained about it, he only chuckled. His sweet ____ was always on his mind, and he wanted them to always be aware of that.

Aomine: whenever they’re alone, he’d always make an effort to be caring. He’s fine with a little PDA, but he prefers to show his affection when they’re alone. He’d sneak in kisses to their neck and collarbone, often having an arm around them. He’s not good at voicing his thoughts, so him being so affectionate is really heart-warming to his s/o. Every once in a while he’d try to cook for them, but they always end up eating take out and laughing with each other.

Kise: hugging their body close to him, the blonde model continued to point at clothes and smile at his s/o, who gave their opinions on the articles of clothing he pointed at. On his arms, numerous shopping bags bounced to every step he took. Gently nudging them to check yet another store, he couldn’t help the feeling of pure affection that overcame him. His ____cchi was the most precious thing to him, and he wanted them to always be happy. Showering them with compliments multiple times, he only brushed off their attempts to leave the mall.

Midorima: both his and his s/o’s bags would always have little first aid kits. Mama!Midorima is a worrywart, and will refuse to let anyone treat his s/o’s injury if they’re not too serious. He will swiftly and gently take care of any bruises and scratches his partner might get. If they ask him very nicely, he might give them a piggyback ride back home, and would surely hover them for a while. Might become a little flustered trying to make sure his s/o doesn’t overexert themselves.

Murasakibara: his ____chin was way too thin for his liking. As such, there wasn’t a day in which he didn’t offer them half a dozen sweets, or made them some himself. More often than not, his s/o ended up with an armful of sweets whenever they met, and Mura wouldn’t be satisfied if they didn’t eat at least half in front of him. He wanted his ____chin to always be happy, and what better way to do that than making both their lives sweeter? Of course, cuddles afterwards are very important.

Akashi: spoiling his s/o rotten is already something natural to him, but every once in a while he’d go way overboard. They got hurt? A medic from the US is already here. They want to eat something sweet? A pastry chef from France is already preparing it. They want to do something different on the weekend? The helicopter is ready. Nothing is ever too much for his _____, and he makes sure they’re always happy and healthy.

Izuki: let’s be honest, Izuki’d be the adorkablest bf ever. He’d be that one bf who shows up to dates with a huge bouquet of flowers, who wins every single animal plushie for his s/o, who smiles like a dork everytime they compliment him. Most of all, I think he’d absolutely love to shower his s/o in affection, particularly when they’re alone. He’s also the type of guy who tries to do everything for his s/o, it doesn’t matter if they’re completely capable of getting a glass of water on their own.

epiffani replied to your post: I personally think you’re very pretty. & I’m not just saying this because everyone is beautiful blah blah blah, I really do think you’re pretty.

ok you are both hilarious AND beautiful. this is why i have a creepy crush on you. *flashes boobs and runs away*

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