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lu-waves  asked:

Would mind sharing some of your theories -hopefully some crazy theories- regarding Amuro/Rei?! Or just your opinion on his canon stance.

Rei Furuya is an ideal representation of ‘Chaotic Neutral’. His decisions and behaviour are, as a result, dispositioned to further his own agenda at the cost of or with disregard to others’ wellbeing. He is enigmatic (his every canon appearance demands a customary mouth-left-agape reaction), indulgent (he has so many auxiliary skills, which I am sure he gained just out of giving it a try) and ruthlessly individualistic (as he regularly undermines authority).

What is exceedingly interesting about his character is that even though he has three personas: Rei Furuya (NPA Rookie), Bourbon (Reconnaissance Agent), and Amuro Tooru (Sleuth Cafe Worker), one would expect him to behave differently in a given situation depending upon which persona predominates, however that isn’t the case with him. Rei’s behaviour and standpoint deviates ever so slightly across contexts and roles. Thus, his character, uniquely enough, breaks the literary stereotype by not conforming to the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde style of behaving.

Little is known about his familial constellation or whether he has any. It is unclear, whether he had some ulterior motives for going undercover or not. More often than not, Gosho is questioned about Rei’s foreign features and his extensive knowledge regarding genetics, which he admits is vital to the plot. These are the few esoteric points about his character.

When my imagination stretches my thoughts far enough, I begin to draw some conclusions from the ‘Wedding Eve Case’, and ‘Bourbon Arc’, in general. First, his fondest memories are with Elena Miyano, Wataru Date, Scotch, and to a lesser extent Jinpei Matsuda. He never reminisces about his own family. This makes me believe he was orphaned, probably when he was still an infant. 

Second, I am still unsure about the relevance of his appearance and knowledge about human genome and biochemistry. I am tempted to believe these points are somehow related. Should I mark it a coincidence that Shiho Miyano, also, has foreign features and is a trained biochemist? Maybe or maybe not. 

Well, as a random act I tried to find possible meanings of the name ‘Rei’. And, I wasn’t disappointed. In Japanese, it connotes 麗 or beautiful (self explanatory), 霊 or ghost (what he was called as Scar Akai), 零 or zero (childhood nickname used by Scotch and Elena Miyano; call me crazy but I sometimes think Patient Zero i.e. the initial patient in the population of an medical or epidemiological investigation), 玲 or exquisite (foreign features), 令 or order (serving NPA to protect law and establish order), 礼 or etiquette (remember how many times he apologised in his first appearance), 怜 or wise, and 黎, black or dark (serving the Black Organization; dark skin). 

The best part is that his name in Hebrew reads as ‘my friend’ or ‘my companion’, which I think Scotch, Date, and Matsuda would agree in spades.