Genus: Epicyon

(meaning “more than a dog”)

….a extinct genus of bone-crushing dogs that lived in North America during the middle Miocene to late Miocene. Like other bone-crushing dogs members of this genus had large teeth and jaws which were used to crush bones, as suggested in their common name. Members of Epicyon were a lot larger than other borophagines with some species  weighing over 370 pounds and were around the size of a bear. Epicyon was one of the last of the borophagines and shared its habitat with numerous other canids like Canis lepophagus, the first wolf.



Image: Doug Shore

Take heart, loyal ladies and gentlemen – for once again we arrive at The Queue, where your questions may be answered.

The header image isn’t Epicyon, but rather Borophagus, another species of prehistoric North American canid. The picture was a reconstruction by Charles R. Knight, who was one of the first and best paleoartists. Considering how he worked in an era when we still had some pretty huge misconceptions about prehistoric animals like dinosaurs, Knight always gave his paintings a sense of grace and life. Just look at that Borophagus he painted, at the winsome face he gave it. I’d love to see that in game.


I’m getting tired of legendary quests. Specifically, the grinding quests for stones or runes when it’s my alts doing it. It’s just too much wasted time in LFR every week when I don’t even need any LFR quality gear. My alts spend more time doing LFR than any other activity, and there is no way around it. It’s fine for my main who raids anyway, but nobody has time to do normal mode raiding with every one of their alts. If they made the runes and stones part give account-wide credit, it would be cool.

I’ll admit, I don’t even like doing it on my main, and I feel a little like the result is less legendary as a result. I got my cloak on my main and that was it – I did not care enough to ever do it again, even though I know people who did it on six, or eight, or more alts. And I doubt I’ll do the ring twice. I know that there were significant problems with older legendaries, because I worked on those – it took me years to complete my Warglaives and Shadowmourne, for instance – but there’s got to be a better way than collecting hundreds of drops from raids.

Making it account wide seems unlikely, though. I would personally be on board, but I don’t think Blizzard is going to go that route.


Am I the only one that wants more troll stuff? Not gonna lie, even though we’ve had a ton of troll stuff I find them a ton more interesting than the Orcs. Trolls are so diverse and their loa lore is pretty awesome

I very much want to see Zandalar Isle. Did it sink? Did King Rastakhan find a way to save it? I can’t help imagining that the Zandalari turned to the Old Gods and are now a race of aquatic mer-trolls living on the bottom of the ocean now. Or perhaps they dusted off the spells they used to survive the original Sundering and now Zandalar Isle is at the bottom of the ocean in a glowing magical dome. I definitely want to see more of these guys.

So yeah, I’m down with more trolls. We just got an entire expansion full of orcs.


Is there a way to report evil ads on the new site? I know some of them have the ability to report through Google AdSense, but I don’t always get the option. I’ve specifically disabled AdBlock for this site, but this ad won’t go away on refresh and has made the Queue unreadable without AdBlock.

Please report all such ads using http://ift.tt/17Ue2Ma

This is also the case for stuff like gold sellers. We do what we can to catch those ourselves, but your help is very welcome in these cases.


QFTQ: how do I get a garrison invasion to happen?  I got one shortly after I got to level 100, but haven’t seen one since.

First, I encourage you to think better of yourself. That name makes me want to make you some soup and tell you that you can and will improve.

Secondly, I tend to end up with three invasions by the end of the week just from doing the Garrison Campaign and the Apexis daily quests. My advice to you is to do those.


Over WoW’s 10+ year history, armor and character models have progressively improved.

My QftQ.. What do you want to see next in terms of character art?

Instead of the current reskin paradigm, I’d like to see new “chunkier” models for chest pieces and a renovation of the robe model for cloth, plate, and mail pieces (not just reskins of the same “dress” model).

Even more though, I’d love to see implementation of those accessory models the devs briefly featured awhile ago.  I think it would be a lot of fun to see some more class-specific flavor injected into our characters via an equipment slot that doesn’t necessarily need to affect game play (like tabards).

I definitely think we could see an improvement in chest armor (similar to how leg armor got improved in Wrath) and your other ideas are interesting. One thing I’d really like is if we could choose where our weapons sheathe – since we know that it’s possible for any and all weapons to sheathe on the back thanks to Monks, why not let us put them on the back or the side as we want? Some weapons look really bad at the hip.

LadyRhees the Dapper oTQ

With the advent of game time being bought ingame, I’ve seemingly turned WoW into a version of a job, to pay for itself. I have checklists to make sure all gold missions are sent out first, every Tuesday is Hire A Treasure Hunter Day, all mines and gardens have been upgraded and staffed if they weren’t already, previous small building choices have been replaced by JC for the daily that can net between 200-350g. All chars able to have Salvage Yards as high as they can get them to vendor/AH the loot plus gold from the junk. Now setting up a schedule per char able to clear old raids for cash n prizes. Have I lost my mind or am I doing a good thing shaving $30 a month off our RL expenses living on one paycheck?

This question, to me, has a very simple answer:

Are you having fun?

If you’re having fun, if this is still a game for you and you’re enjoying it, then you’re fine.

If you are not having fun, if this has turned into a second job and you’re on a gold generating treadmill for no real ultimate purpose, then stop. What good does it do you to have a year or two of game time paid for if you don’t enjoy playing? You’ll just end up never logging in, and all that time you spent generating gold will have been for nothing. Your time and effort is worthwhile, and the game will have cost you that.

So that’s my take on it. I have friends who love to generate gold and have paid for their accounts for a year or more and are thrilled. If you’re one of them more power to you.

That’s The Queue for today. Tomorrow, Liz Harper will be answering your questions, so you can rejoice that it’s much less likely she’ll go on a tangent about prehistoric animals.

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