Genus: Epicyon

(meaning “more than a dog”)

….a extinct genus of bone-crushing dogs that lived in North America during the middle Miocene to late Miocene. Like other bone-crushing dogs members of this genus had large teeth and jaws which were used to crush bones, as suggested in their common name. Members of Epicyon were a lot larger than other borophagines with some species  weighing over 370 pounds and were around the size of a bear. Epicyon was one of the last of the borophagines and shared its habitat with numerous other canids like Canis lepophagus, the first wolf.



Image: Doug Shore

I fell in love with the epicyon and thought about having a fursona as one because heck yeah bone-crushing dogs!

I looked for some more information and the only thing that stops me is their head shape. I really, really want my main fursona to be wolf-like because I feel connected with wolves ya know? 

So I decided to sort of meet in the middle. 

This is Shikoba, a Dire wolf/Epicyon haydeni hybrid. Her appearence looks like the stocky dire wolf. She has the height and muscular build of the epicyon, especially with the jaw and neck muscles. She also has the strong teeth like the epicyon. 

Her colors and markings are subject to change. I realy don’t know what color scheme and markings to use for her yet. Guess whatever represents me?