I hit 500 follows! Thank you guys so much. I love all of you, mutuals and non mutuals! Special shout out to people who followed me since I first started this blog. (I’m so sorry If i missed any of my mutuals)

Sorry If I made any other mistakes, I did this in one sitting like a madman

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So this is actually a little late because I’m past 3k followers, but this still needs to be done as there are sooooo many of you that are just incredibly awesome! I love every single one of you and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

And thank you to the lovely drunkroosters for the amazing banner!

Rooster Teeth Official

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I GOT TAGGED! And I'm just bored enough to do this!

Rule 1: Post the rules
Rule 2: Answer the questions the tagger asked you then make 10 new ones (also tag the tagger)
Rule 3: Tag 10 people and link them to your post
Rule 4: Let them know you’ve tagged them

Thanks for tagging me darkgreenotaku. Was looking for an excuse to delay sleeping.

(1) Seeing as it is the holiday season, how are you celebrating? 
Whiskey. And Eggnog.

(2) What is the best gift you ever received?
Um, that one thing? With the stuff? How terrible am I that I can’t think of a great gift? I’ve gotten some nifty things, but nothing that jumps to my mind as the best.

(3) What is your favourite type of weather?
Cloud/Rain. Living in the desert, I don’t get much of it.

(4) Dogs or cats?
Both. But I own a dog. Shes an awesome, crotchety, old bitch.

(5) If you suddenly woke up as a different gender…how would you react?
Freaked right the fuck out. Then I would wonder if My body changed, or my consciousness jumped realities. I really hope the latter so I could just go about my day and examine the differences without people freaking out.

(6) What is your favourite holiday?
Um, Christmas? I guess. I like the season more than the day itself. People watching at the mall around this time is the best.

(7) What is the worst gift you ever received?
Fake shoes for your bed. Yeah, it was as weird as it sounds.

(8) Do you play any sports?
No, but I do enjoy screaming the word “SPORTS” anytime I’m at a bar and other people are cheering.

(9) What song have you been listening to on repeat laterly?
“Finale” by Madeon and “Let it Go” from Frozen. Weird combo.

(10) QUICK THERE IS A ZOMBIE IN YOUR ROOM. The object to your right is your weapon. How screwed are you?
It’s a chair. I’d still kick its ass.

MY Questions:

(1) If you could meet any fictional character, who would you choose?

(2) Favorite mall food?

(3) Any thoughts on the last movie you saw? [Don’t say the movie]

(4) How long have you been into your favorite fandom?

(5) Iron Man or Batman?

(6) Piece of clothing you don’t think you could pull off, but wish you could?

(7) Favorite thing to cook?

(8) Song that always makes you cry?

(9) Tumblr User you wish you could meet in real life?

(10) So… all of time and space, everything that ever happened or ever will - where do you want to start?

And I tag…. 4esd, livinginnightvale, epicteapot, bsrunners5452, laurenalexandra, madamsketch, pbsbb, melting-point-of-birds, lyriumdust, and shersherlockholmes