epicrates cenchria cenchria

Sorry for the less than great quality, just wanted to show her rainbows :D She was starting to white wall because it’s getting late in the evening, but she’s so pretty after her shed. She was having none of it though. She kept trying to climb up my arm and I ended up cutting the video in half because she wrapped around my phone and I couldn’t stop the recording XD

casually tagging @i-m-snek because I feel like you might enjoy a distraction and a pretty rainbow boa c:

Name: Hex
Why is that your name?: Because it means to bewitch, curse or cast a spell on, and I look like voodoo magic.
Species: Brazilian Rainbow Boa
Morph (if any): None, I’m just a very pretty normal c:
Age: One year and two months old.
Height (at thickest place of snek chunk): Uhh… tiny still…? Half inch, roughly.
Length: about three feet, give or take. I’m very wiggly.
Weight: Too light for mom’s crappy people scale :(
Favorite marking: That one on the very bottom portion of her body in the picture, where it looks like her spots got confused~
Favorite food: Anything mommy puts in front of my face, I’m not picky.
What day do you eat?: every Tuesday, but I would happily eat more often.
Favorite hide: Why use those silly things made and bought for me when there’s burrow-able substrate?? I thought they were there just to look pretty.
Favorite activity: Swimming!
Least favorite activity: Being woken up when I fall asleep in my water bowl…
Favorite object: My water bowl.
Least favorite object: The feeding tub… I hate it and it’s boring, until there’s food it, anyway.
How awesome is your parent? Rate them 1-10: 10! She’s building me a huge new adult enclosure and she’s very careful with my humidity and temperatures so I stay as happy and healthy as a snake can be.
A little bit about me: I am the opposite of my older roommate (room, not tank-mate). I’m active and outgoing and I tend to greet you at the front of my tank when I think I’m going to be allowed out. I love to explore, and one of my favorite things to do is go to work with mom and hang out with her coworkers for a while. There’s so many things to smell there!