Man puts four snakes in his mouth

A bizarre video has emerged of a man putting four snakes in his mouth and holding them in there for several seconds.

The footage, shot last week in Goianésia do Pará, Brazil, shows Arteval Duarte putting a ‘chicken snake’, a 'Epicrates assisi’, a 'Coral snake’ and a Clelia snake in his mouth.

Duarte is a performer who has worked with reptiles for over 15 years and aims to raise awareness about deforestation in the Amazon.


Just a quick side-by-side comparison of two of my similarly-sized snakes. Sanji is closing in on 3’ now (the closest measurement I got is 2'8" but he was not completely straight and had his head lifted), and Nymeria is 2'2", but they can look very similar due to their differing body tones. In my hand, Nymeria looks bigger because of her greater girth and bigger head, but all stretched out on Nymeria’s tub lid, Sanji is obviously much longer.

DISCLAIMER: Both snakes are out of quarantine and are healthy, do not put two animals together that have not been quarantined. I also only had them out a few seconds for only these two photos total, so as not to stress them out (also keeping track of two wriggly snakes isn’t easy lol).