The Beasts of Hogwarts:

Gryffindor: The Phoenix, whose song will boost the courage of any witch or wizard who hears it, and who remains incredibly loyal to its owner. 

Ravenclaw: The Centaur, who are often said to have an almost above-human level of intelligence, and who value honor to a near extreme level. 

Hufflepuff: The Werewolf, who gathers loyally in packs and, through no fault of their own, undergoes horrifying monthly transformations that separate them from their human selves. If isolated, they will hurt themselves rather than attack. 

Slytherin: The Thestral, who is arguably the most understood of all creatures, and is often linked with the Dark Arts, but are incredibly loyal and can easily discern friend from foe. 


Did you know….I’m still not over this one video
The editing is pure perfection
The Song choice is brilliant 

Song: Sasurai Goza Makura
Artist: V!Ctor10u$
Editor: Grable424