with the house all quiet again after brief (but wonderful) visits from my brother and my grandma… i can finally get to work on another personal piece.

started with trad again for this one… super relaxing compared to when i have to digi-paint… but now that pencils are all done… OFF TO THE SCANNER FOR COLORING! :D

and you know how every artist has a favorite subject to draw/paint… well, mine are tel'quessir… :)


I think i may have the basics down pat.  Unfortunately, i didn’t have time to properly document my progress for this one, but it mostly involved layering highlights upon highlights upon highlights upon highlights upon highlights until you get the desired result.  Super happy with this! My first fully fledged digitally painted piece!  Maybe i’ll go with a full body next time… SUPER EXCITED!!!!

Oh yeah, and that’s Thranduil btw! XD

Super GIGANTIC image at my dA available for DL as always. :)


Well, hello there Isaac Clarke!  sorry, just had to do dead space fanart… i’ve been playing dead space 2 for the past week and have finished it twice now… so when i needed a new subject for paint practice, i made up my mind pretty quickly…

clocked at 12 hrs!  shaving it will become my first priority!  i think i’ll try something simpler next time… less stress, more enjoyment!

SUPER SUPREME-sized image at my dA available for DL as always! :)

WIP in between drawing submittals!

Just practicin’ mah pseudo-painting… I wanna get to that point where i can safely say to myself: “boy… that skin sure looks real enough to poke!!”

On a side note… I’ll bet you no one knows who these guys are… which is rather sad… i think i may be the only guy for miles who reads Thraxas.  A good book if you’re looking to pick up a high-fantasy/crime-noir novel.

epiclad said: you gotta have yourself checked stevie. that could probly be tuberculosis… i know, because i got it last year and the same thing was pretty much happening to me. I really hope I dont have TB :< Ill keep an eye on this and if it doesn’t clear up soon Ill go to the doctors. Glad to know your doing ok though now buddy :>