The Arimarda was the most successful tank design produced by the Rossentian Empire. Early models such as the Ard. I and II were fielded in the early c.330s, but the Ard. III was the most prolific. First deployed in c.337, it fought alongside the FFV5509 Emperor in colonial armor units and served to compliment the much heavier Emperor. While the Emperor was shortly outclassed by other designs, the Arimarda proved a suitable platform for upgrades that kept it in the field for many years.

It was considered to be on relatively equal footing against the Koshyan Type-43, though the two would often leap-frog each other in the arms race of the 30s and 40s.

Pictured is the later Ard. III-L variant, used in the late c.340s. This model featured thicker armor, a new torsion-bar suspension design with interlocking road wheels, wider tracks, and a long-barreled 7.5cm cannon, among several other minor changes. The III-L represents the last major revision of the design that saw widespread use, though a subsequent model M variant was also designed and produced in small numbers; featuring further improvements to the suspension and drive-train. The III-M was never exported to Mhad Su Tarre, however, and was thus confined to Starys Mundus.

Though a dated design by modern standards, it is still in use by several smaller armies, especially in Calur, where it is often turned against the colonies it once defended.

Another side project I’ve been pecking away at lately. Decided to push the details on this one a bit further than my previous models (mostly in amount of stuff), the results of which I’m fairly satisfied with. The main area I’ve yet to make a lot of headway in is in detailing the tracks. Maybe next time, eh?