epicenter fest


Remember that time I crashed the stage during blink-182’s encore at Epicenter Fest 2010?? ;] @ 2:25 you can see me leap on stage.


@ 2:22 in this other video (click the link above), you can see me leap on stage and then get “removed” by security.

Basically I crowd surfed during “Dammit”. When security pulled me out of the crowed and over the barrier, I sprinted towards a big speaker. Then I climbed up on it and leaped on stage. lol. That’s the short version. Best moment of my life. 

External image

^^w/ my friends; a few songs before it happened^^

External image

^^Right after seeing a nurse and wiping off some blood ;]^^

External image

^^This was after it happened in front of the stage^^

External image

^^That night after cleaning up^^

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^^This was the next day after going to Knott’s Berry Farm^^

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^^Here’s an idea of how big the crowd was. This was actually taken the night before, during Eminem’s set, but the headcount was almost the same. ((I know you UK kids don’t think this is big, but it is!! lol. ;))^^

It was amazing but my head and back hurt for weeks. Worth it???….most definitely.

*No I didn’t get in trouble

*No one was mad

*I was escorted off stage and then backstage by security where they walked me to the medic tent or whatever

*The End!! ((basically))