“It doesn’t matter if I get my memories back or not, I know you: You’ll come find me again, you’ll come rescue me no matter what happens. You’ll come for me, and I’ll discover you all over again. I love you. I love you without the memories. I love you right now.” - Cassandra Clare, Born To Endless Night

I am not here for you to embellish your dreams upon, I am not a flawless individual. I am not a pastoral figure within an Arcadian landscape, I am not here to inspire your inner voyeurism. I am here out of my own action, to be standing before you is a state of unrest for me. I am going against my faith and my historic depths to be here. Do not tell me that I am as helpless as you, or that I am here because I am free; that you are imprisoned. I struggle for my moments of freedom, I have to act as an individual to create them. You have your privilege, you have your wealth and honour, and the only thing to hold you back is a fragile relationship built on bureaucracy. The world will welcome you. Yet, you are stagnant in your misery. You are on the verge of escape, yet refuse to open the gate. Instead you project passive dreams upon me, you expect my kind words to fulfil your happiness. But you will never be happy, and those dreams will never be met. Not until you step out into the land you have inherited. I refuse to allow it. I refuse to focus on your life, knowing that my only role is to fuel intangible, romantic notions. You have to act. You need to act. You must act.
—  Celestial Dynasty
Which is why Ain being infinitely kind and overprotective over Elsword stands out even more:
  • But didn’t you find it in the middle of a difficult battle? Good job, Elsword. 
  • (Attack…? What about the El Shard? Where is Elsword? There is no time. There’s not much until crashing.)
  • (Elf, magician… and Elsword.. I saved them all.)
  • The airship crashed, and I couldn’t find Elsword anywhere… Do you know how shocked I was when I followed the trace and learned that your unconscious body was discovered in front of the town?
  • Don’t be so hard on him. Maybe that’s just his way of learning things. Isn’t that right, Elsword?
  • (There’s no mistaking it. He is a being with the same root as I… Elsword will definitely try to find Lady of El and restore the El. No, he will never give up its restoration..)
  • (But Elsword is not strong enough. I have to help him..)
  • Don’t say that, Elsword.. It’s really complicated in here so just follow me. 
  • You can’t go ahead by yourself again, okay Elsword? You can’t be defeated by those things here. 
  • (If I can do it fast enough, then I can return to Elsword right away.) 
  • …? It’s my fault for not keeping up with the group, so you don’t have to be sorry, Elsword. 
  • They’re right, Elsword. You can’t take them on single-handedly! 
  • (I can’t leave Elsword here… I must help…!) 
  • (No, Elsword… I have to stop… but my strength…)
  • (Elsword… Elsword!!!)
  • That was close, Elsword! Please cherish yourself a little more. 
  • You’re doing great, Elsword. Keep it up just like this. 
  • I’m sorry I’m not much of a help, Elsword. 
  • (Elsword, if I was there, you would’ve followed it much easier.) 
  • (No… Elsword, you can’t trust that human… Only I can be your help…) 
  • (I must help… Elsword…) 
  • (Elsword… Are you okay without me? Don’t you… Don’t you need me?) 
  • Calm down, Elsword. You have to be more calm in situations like this. 
  • Haha, isn’t that Elsword’s charm? 
  • Don’t be so hard on yourself, Elsword… What if you get hurt. 

But he says shit like this to everyone else:

  • I’m not weird as much as you, Miss Magician. Haha 
  • (That’s true. The human magician girl is scary when she’s mad.)
  • (If the girl had her original power… Elsword might not be alive today.)
  • Your friends have various different forms, Mr. Half-Nasod. 
    Hmm? I didn’t say anything wrong: You’re half human and half Nasod.
  • Hmm? Is it weird? You looked a little old-fashioned so I called you that way (Mr. Ancient). You know, like the way you dress…