Presenting the new A&E original series Epic Ink.  The staff brings comics, cartoons and fantasy to life with unique ink ranging from portraiture to hyper-realism, to geek-culture mash-ups.

Watch the trailer and don’t miss the premiere this Wednesday, August 20th at 10:30/9:30c.

Original epic artwork done by the legendary Star Wars/Lucasfilm artist Steve Anderson!

Elvira receives first real tattoo on tonight's Epic Ink

On tonight’s episode of Epic Ink (which you can watch on A&E’s website), Elvira, received her first tattoo! Believe it or not, the Mistress of the Dark has never had a tattoo despite being at the forefront of horror culture for many years. There are probably millions of tattoos featuring her face and assets, but her skin has been untouched by that permanent ink.

She chose a cute skull with bat wings, the very same she wears in the Elvira: Mistress of the Dark movie.

Also in the episode, Living Dead Magazine’s own Deanna Uutela receives an Elvira tattoo! Miss Mandible and ZeeGee get tattoos in this episode as well. In other words, this episode is packed full of hot horror women. Go check it out!

Crushes turn to first loves.
First loves into sweethearts,
then to broken hearts,
before finding love again.

Then there are the epics.
The Helens and Paris of Troy,
the princesses and Prince Charmings of happily ever afters.
The loves that will gladly go to war.

Oh but then.

Then there are the externals.
The yins and yangs,
the other halves of each other’s souls.
The dark to the light,
light to dark,
grey to grey.
The ones who make each other better,
who are no long complete without the other.

And those were the kinds that started legends.

—  the kind of love that ended wars // e.q.

Epic Ink Shoot // Inked Magazine